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About The Company Database, by Michael Munkasey

Michael Munkasey's Company Information

Looking for information on companies listed on major U.S. stock exchanges?  Want to know when and where company XYZ was incorporated?  Perhaps even their TIME of incorporation?  Want to know when and on what exchange company GHIJ first traded?  Perhaps, even, their TIME of that first trade?   Want to briefly know a company's line of business?  Their correct corporate title (name)? Their trading symbol and exchange?  Then, look no further.   You can have access to such information now.

The Michael Munkasey company data base contains over 11,900 entries of public companies traded on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. Listings include both incorporation and first trade information. The company information is presented in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, which allows for sorting by any column of information in an easy and rapid way.  Typical entries show the company's active trading symbol, the exchange, the official name of the company, the date of incorporation (and time if available), the state of incorporation, the date of first trade, and time of first trade (if available), and a short history of the company's business, history, and trading activity.  

Here are two samples of the information you will find -- written out, as in the data base some abbreviations (all written out here) are used:

HPQ           N           Hewlett-Packard Company           elm           s
02/11/1998                  1600             DE           05/06/2002           0930           Ns

Designs, makes computer systems, printers, measuring instruments; Prior incorporation in: CA, 08-18-1947; filed with CA on 04-28-1998 that it is now a DE corp.; contentious vote to merge with Compaq Computer made on 03-19-2002; merger agreement was initiated on
09-04-2001; Prospectus outlining the merger was dated 02-05-2002; major merger official on: 05-07-2002, but the merger was effected on 05-03-2002; Os: HWP on the NYSE, first traded: 03-17-1961.

All dates are in shown in a Month - Day - Year format elm = the industry code for this company s = the incorporation data was verified by the state Ns = the trading symbol shown is a new symbol as the company traded on an Os (older symbol) before that Os = Old symbol - a prior ticker symbol but no longer in use DE = the state of Delaware CA = the state of California PN = Prior Name NC = Name Change FT = First Trade

The first date is the incorporation date (and time too!); and the second date is the first trade date (and time too) for the symbol HPQ on the NYSE.

Another Company: (this entry is shown closer to its actual data base format entry -- the abbreviations shown are correlated above -- without using abbreviations -- which are repeated frequently -- the amount of verbiage for each entry would really take up a LOT of room!)

ENA           A           Enova Systems, Inc.                ela               s
07/30/1976                     - -            CA        08/29/2006       0930         L

Makes commercial digital power management systems for controlling electric power; Os: ENOV on OtcBB, FT: 07-22-2005; Os: ENVA on OtcBB, FT: 10-11-2000; Os: ECAR on OtcBB, FT: (?); PN: U.S. Electricar Inc., NC: 10-11-2000

There are over 12,000 entries in the data base like these.

Each company is presented in a stylized format, along with the commentary and history of their stock symbol, merger, name change and similar activity.

Be aware though that company information changes rapidly.  Companies merge or go out of business, companies change names, companies change exchanges and trading symbols. There may be hundreds of such changes each month.  The list you received only six months ago may be as much as 40% to 50% out of date. The list you receive from me today is current through this week.  I maintain two sets of data: actively traded companies, and companies which are no longer actively traded on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ -- but which may be traded on the Otc.  These are kept separate for readability purposes. 

Michael Munkasey's work has been an invaluable asset to the astrological community.  In May 2008, Michael Munkasey received the Marion D. March Regulus Award for Discovery and Innovation and Research - an award that recognizes those who have developed new tools or concepts to advance the study and practice of astrology.

The Company Database,
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