Friday, October 29, 2010

USA Saturn Return

Aphorism for a Saturn Return
About every 29 years every chart suffers a Saturn return. The aphorism is that if you are on your correct path, you will feel as if nothing happened, if you are on the wrong path you will be kicked in the pants until you correct the errors of your ways.
In the USA Sibley chart Saturn appears in the 10th house stating that the business of America is business. Since the USA Saturn is in Libra, one of the huge advantages of doing business with an American corporation is contract law. Once a contract is signed the American contract laws apply to the business deal. These laws are pretty straight forward and easy enough for a college Sophomore to understand.

Saturn Returns Past
Saturn returns for the USA indicate a new business emerges after a period of business disruption due to the necessity of rebuilding the economy following a difficult change in methods of doing business. Whole business sectors fail, and whole new ones emerge.
Saturn will return to 14 Libra December 2, 2010, March 20, 2011 and August 21, 2011. In other words we will have 9 months to straighten out the business of America and find new ones where we can invest our time and cash. Previous Saturn returns were October 1981 (PC's appeared), September 1952 (home appliances), November 1922 (autos). None of these are particularly memorable years except they are a time one innovation spawned a plethora of inventions. Suddenly a new machine became available to ordinary Americans and new businesses prospered. Of course the buggy whip, wash board, and white-out businesses failed, but new businesses took their place.

Future Ideas
Staring in November it is important to follow every news source for innovations. Follow the Penny Stock news, and the companies filing for IPO's. Neptune will sneak into Pisces in April 2011 stirring change in things ruled by Pisces. Check the Textbook for Financial Astrology for lists of these things.
Change will happen and small investments can pay off. Cash/gold have been king for the past two years because intelligent investors have been sitting on the sidelines anticipating the change. Sources for electric power is the obvious one at the moment. However there are quite a few others including new materials for shoes, simplified water purification, and innovative methods of agriculture production.
Investors with long range goals need to be as alert as ambitious entrepreneurs. This site is particularly interested in new businesses and we will report on ideas as they appear.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the NYSE, for the month of November, 2010.
November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE
 Click image to view full size calendar.

November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Astrological Calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of November, 2010.
November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE
 Click image to view full size calendar.

November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the ASX, for the month of November, 2010.
November 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX
Click image to view full size calendar.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

November 7 Neptune Direct

Throughout the Textbooks for Financial Astrology I discuss the deceptions of Neptune identifiying its aspects to various planets as a Red Flag. These deception are usually very costly and cruel. The Sibley chart for the USA has the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius and during the past few months Neptune retrograde has passed over this critical point. Neptune is now stationed at 26 degrees Aquarius and during the next two months Neptune will turn direct and pass over this point in the USA national horoscope for the final pass.

As Neptune turns direct it will reveal one deception after another.
Swindles will be revealed. Thieves will be arrested. Liars will be caught. One economic bubble after another will burst. And you thought the bail outs were enough economic chicanery for one decade. Neptune direct will allow its creative side to find excellent answers and hopefully allow the problems of deception on the American public to be solved.

2009-2011 The Bubble Bursts and bursts and b u r s t s
Two Big Banks J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America are part of the Dow and their charts are in The Textbook for Financial Astrology . Big Bad Banks and some smaller ones have deceived their customers and their investors. Not good for a business dependent on the concept of 'trust' The public has been hoodwinked by the banks and mortgage companies at every level. It is an impossible mess. The contract laws meant to protect the investor on both sides of the equation have been flagrantly violated.

Neptune's final pass November 2010-April 2011 means that the public will finally know what is happening and how various banks intend to fix their problems. The deceptions have been cruel to yield hungry investors looking at mortgage backed securities as a safe investment and average folks who wished to secure their retirement with home ownership. The USA Cancer Sun explains why these citizens cherish their home. This pass by Neptune over the moon has stirred the emotions of the populace.

A quick look back in history tells us that Neptune was discovered by astronomers in 1846 at 26 degrees of Aquarius, the position it now occupies. The previous pass of Neptune over the USA Moon stirred the emotions of the public in various forms of land grabs. In the USA Gold was discovered in California, railroads were starting to crisscross the country and the Mexican-American War was being fought.

Uranus and Jupiter in Aries
Maybe their transit of Aries will help the bankers clean up the mess with some unusual pioneering ideas. They are ready to spend a few months together in Aries. However, experience tells us that when they are together in this sign, ' A Bubble Bursts'. Problem is there are a lot of candidates for bubbles. There are 25 Dow stocks with planets in early degrees of cardinal signs. Currently the bond market has expressed an interesting in bursting its bubble. Next in line is the commercial real estate business, and right behind is currency, and agriculture. Almost anything could happen. Fasten your seat belts.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning October 7, 2010 - Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook by Kaye Shinker
The New Moon is in Libra. The Sun will enter the sign of  Scorpio15 days later on October 23rd at 8:35 am EDT.

Best Wishes and Happy Solar Return to early Scorpio Suns
and Libra Suns born October 7 through October 22nd! 

Our Libra friends are working very hard evaluating their assets and liabilities and are finding new ways to save money and cutting expenses where ever possible.  Librans see Saturn in their Sun sign as a personal challenge to maintain a thrifty lifestyle.

Our Scorpio friends can expect their new year to start with opportunities to earn some extra cash from their various projects. Events send them to new projects/jobs that require quick thinking and disciplined management of their time and labor. 

Both Sun signs realize it is time to work hard to preserve useful material possessions and to dispose of those that have lost their value. Now is the time to find investments with a reliable yield and take the time to study them. 

This Month For Libra
Venus the ruler of your Sun sign is retrograde. This means “no shopping”. Stash your Cash and do things that are basically free. Study the Internet with the goal of finding ways it will benefit your year ahead. Saturn transiting your Sun sign for the next 2 years means your middle name is “work”. Make sure your investments pay a reliable dividend. Set your goals and enjoy each accomplishment. 

This Month For Scorpio
It is time for you to take charge. You are the boss. The month ahead will give you the energy to get things done for yourself and others. Now is a good time to remember your managerial skills and use them in your work place. Follow your investments daily but avoid day trading. Your piggy bank is hungry, feed it.

If your birthday falls within the dates that Venus is retrograde this year, (October 8 through November 19) you will have Venus Rx in your Solar Return.
Deanna Rose discusses Venus through the houses in your Solar Return chart in her book, Easy Predictions with Solar Returns.

On the web site you will find the article, Venus- Money in Your Chart. Be sure to read it for directions on How to Construct an Astrological Treasure Chest. 

More for all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site.

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The New Moon in Libra

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:

The New Moon in Libra, October 7, 2010 at 2:44 pm EDT Washington, D.C.

The Libra New Moon appears in the 9th House (refer to chart)

This is a Super New Moon putting a great deal of pressure on those sectors of the markets that provide education, publish books, and provide long distance transportation for the travel industry.

Saturn appears in the 8th House
Discussions proliferate on insurance and taxes. There are plenty of proposals of ways to improve insurance and maintain reasonable premiums. Taxes are the main topic of conversation with a plethora of suggestions as to ways to make them lower.

Mercury appears in the 8th House
Government will join the discussions of ways to return the excessive cash on the balance sheets of USA based corporations. The death tax may be settled and discussions will continue on other taxes. Voters are listening to eighth house issues death, taxes, accounting, and insurance. All others are not important. This position of Mercury indicates a change in political leadership in the legislature. Electors will favor the non incumbent.

Venus appears in the 10th House
The chart of the Equinox continues here putting an emphasis on the feminine leaders in corporate USA. Female leaders will find the environment very favorable for increasing the profitability of their organizations.

Mars appears in the 10th House
Mars here indicates increased covert military activity. Male corporate leaders will be aggressive as they promote their industry. Mars is at home in Scorpio, therefore we will tend to chose investments that are aggressive and likely to earn a nice return.

Pluto appears in the 12th House
Scandals and crimes will bring down the leaders of prominent institutions as well as businesses. Police and other investigators will gain recognition for arresting criminals both white and blue color. Whistle blowers will explain the corruption they see to concerned citizens as well as reporters. Corruption in charities, hospitals and prisons will be exposed.

Neptune appears in the 1st House
The public is confused by a lot of the rhetoric. They feel like everyone in charge of government and industry has lied to them. They will vote with the ballot and the pocket book. They are unhappy and ready turn everything upside down.

Jupiter appears in the 2nd House
It has the power to increase the value of stock, bonds and commodities. Folks are earning extra cash in interesting places. The job market will improve as employers are finding they need to fill more orders than they anticipated.

Uranus appears in the 2nd House
Strange happenings are in the market place. Investors and traders will sense that there is a something dishonest happening but they are not able to identify exactly what it is. Entrepreneurs are finding very unique ways to capitalize on the internet by adding subscription services. Web site owners are impressed and sign on to the new ideas.

Kaye Shinker

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