Monday, April 27, 2009

The Revolution in Personal Transportation

Will We Rescue the Car?
I asked an elderly friend if she could remember what it was like when automobiles began to take over the economy. She explained that it was very difficult for folks who delivered products with horse carts and mechanics like her dad had to adapt to a new business.

Economic Woes Repeat 
The economic woes of the Auto industry dominate the headlines.  They dominate the discussions on the net and even of folks waiting in line for a burger at Micky D's. What will replace these venerable icons of personal transportation and freedom of movement? Pluto in Capricorn is changing business models with dramatic intensity just as it did at the beginning of the previous century when it entered Cancer. Would you have purchased stock in the strange new company General Motors in 1916? It has Pluto at 4 degrees Cancer.

Once upon a time at the turn of the last century Pluto entered Cancer and the automobile was invented. Buggy whip makers went out of business. Horseshoer's had to learn a new trade and construction engineers studied Roman roads to design highways and bridges that held the weight of ten ton trucks. Dozens of companies formed to manufacture cars, trucks, and all of their component parts in order to provide all of us with personal transportation. By the way more than 50 of these companies still trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Will Folks Invent a New Economy?
Once upon a time as a matter of fact January 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn and the entire economy once again began to change. But what is this creative new invention?  Will we find it soon? Clues will be revealed throughout 2009 as the world economy grasps the creativity of the Aquarius Neptune expanded by the Jupiter conjunction and revealed by Chiron.
Chiron the centaur is half man half beast. He is the maverick, the teacher and the healer. He says step outside the box, learn everything possible about the topic and then use your knowledge to fix the problem. It appears he is set up to help us through this economic transition.

It is a Tough Transition
This is the beginning of the economic revolution. We need to survive with creativity and ingenuity and some good old fashion intense study. It is time to do your homework, and the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune conjunction is yelling in all caps. Jupiter the salesman is expanding the lessons of Chiron the great teacher. Chiron is methodically explaining how to heal Neptune's chaotic behavior by tuning into Neptune's creativity and ingenuity. 

At Astrological Investing we are offering classes at a reduced rate to help you decipher the conjunction and then participate in this extraordinary new economy as it develops. Jupiter and Neptune will meet three times during 2009. 
The Textbook for Financial Astrology  explains how to use astrological timing to start your own or a clients business.  Using the horoscopes of successful companies the text illustrates how to apply the aphorisms of business astrology. These charts also give you astrological clues as to what to look for as companies meet the various challenges in today's market. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preparing for Marathon Economics

 Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus and Neptune: Planets of Economics

Jupiter and Neptune applying to a conjunction are pushing the Bull's Marathon down Wall Street. They are pushing the pace. Since January 2009 they have been training together in the constellation Aquarius.  The next four months feature two major aspects aggravating the markets. Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Neptune at the end of May and again in July favors the bull. Saturn moves to an opposition with Uranus in August and favors the bears. These outer planets have made oppositions then conjunctions to each other with the result that our economic life total chaos. You can blame these planets for the whole up and down mess. 

One more tiny aspect. Uranus and Neptune in an exact semi-sextile in June, and the Mississippi River overflows whenever these two planets make any sort of an exact aspect. This could be very aggravating to the commodities markets

Recession Marathon at Halfway Mark
The recession marathon started about 18 months ago and we are just about at the halfway point. It is time to grab a big bottle of ice cold water and take some long deep breaths. It will be August 2010 before we feel comfortable with the worldwide economy. July 26, 2010 is the final opposition of Saturn and Neptune. At that point we will be used to the idea that another industry is a candidate for bankruptcy court.  

? How to Spend the Time Profitably.
Success running a marathon requires training. Success in every financial market is best achieved by training, but training using real money can be very expensive. Therefore everyone recommends "do your homework and study the charts" Since I'm an astrologer I recommend that you read my books and study the ephemeris. I also recommend that you take classes and learn the various aphorisms associated with the study of the current positions of the planets.

An example is Mercury retrograde. Student astrologers learn the Aphorism " Mercury retrograde is not a good time to buy or sell high ticket items, but it is an excellent time to repair things and read." Research, read, review, rebuild are some of the actions we need to use during this period of time. 

The next question then is what to do with your investments/cash during the next 15-18 months. My suggestion is to start your training for the marathon with the study of basic Financial Astrology and practice using these astrological principles along with the various technical tools available to investors and traders. Suggested technical providers at the website

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fiscal Cents

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning April 24, 2009 Happy Solar Return to everyone born under the sign of Taurus!

Advice on Savings - not just for Taurus! If you have put off starting a savings account, The best time for doing so is May 2, however anytime between April 24 and May 6 is OK. This will give your savings account a Sun in Taurus which is excellent for putting money in and keeping it there.

May 7-30 Mercury is retrograde. If your birthday falls during the dates that Mercury is retrograde - May 7 through May 30 - expect to spend the year ahead doing everything twice. During Mercury Rx the most useful way to spend your time is to repair stuff, recyle stuff and reduce your stuff. It is also a good time to declare recess, and rejeuvenate in another region of the country. When shopping, if it costs more than $15 you shouldn't buy it; but if you do, save the receipt.

On the web site you will find two articles: Money in Your Chart; and Jupiter and the Money In Your Chart, Part II of Money in Your Chart be sure to read them.

This Month For Taurus

Open a savings account between the 22nd and 30th of April. Put in your surplus funds and start a new change jar. Those of you born after May 6th will have Mercury retrograde in your Solar Return, therefore expect to do everything twice during the year ahead. If your new business is discouraging, don't give up; dig in and evaluate how you appear to your customer.

Read the rest of Kaye Shinker's monthly Fiscal Cents report at - Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and success that you will find during the month ahead.
We suggest that you also read your Ascendant, ( Rising sign) as well as your Sun sign.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Even Science is Getting Into the 2012 Act
by Kaye Shinker

Space weather forecasters have determined that 2012 will be the Solar Maximum and therefore the earth's electrical grid is in danger of a meltdown due to Coronal Mass Ejections. It is true and it has happened before. The most dramatic case occurred in 1859 when a solar flare lit up the sky and then melted telegraph wires.

I'm sure more stories like this one will appear throughout the Internet as well as mainstream print media.The media must rush these stories because it appears they do not look at the graphs provided by Coronal Mass Ejections usually occur within months of a solar minimum. An astrologer looks at the charts for these events and can see that Jupiter is on the way to making a conjunction with one or more of the outer planets.

Astrological Investing will keep you informed via the New Moon Newsletters and Blogs. The next three years are filled with danger signals as the outer planets move through a series of conjunctions and oppositions. During May 2009 the Mercury retrograde period includes conjunctions of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. This three week period signals some very difficult planetary configurations with a history of creating solar storms. Solar Flares often miss 'target' planet earth, but every one is worthy of our attention.

The Astrology of Solar Storms
Historically Jupiter and Neptune conjunction with Mars square the conjunction signals damaging solar flares. If you follow the graph of the Sun Spot cycles you will find that Jupiter is in the same sign as Saturn or Neptune at the height of sun spot activity. Usually Mars is square the conjunction.
May 27, 2009 Jupiter and Neptune are making conjunctions squared by Mars. The first conjunction is often very difficult. The retrograde conjunction happens July 20th with the heliocentric conjunction September 19 near the equinox and the last geocentric conjunction on Dec. 21st on the solstice.

Recent Signs of Astronomical Pressure
The power of both planets moving toward a conjunction has so far ignited two volcanoes with significant ash plumes. There are also three volcanoes threatening to erupt. Ash fertilizes the soil where ever if falls but also creates additional rainfall and cool weather.
The ash from a volcano damages mechanical objects. In Alaska the folks protect the engines of their cars and machines from the ash fall of the Redoubt volcano by encasing engine parts with pantyhose. Geomagnetic storms are not so easy. They destroy the circuits that operate communication devises, satellites and electrical systems. Various studies of Sun activity suggest remarkable Solar flares will melt the component parts of electrical systems.

I lived in Alaska 10 summers and was fascinated by the bright auroras therefore I researched the astrology, science and mythology of Sun Spot cycles as well as Solar flares. I have lectured on this topic for quite a few groups. If you're interested in the topic contact Astrological Investing. I intend to add a few minutes on the topic to my current scheduled lectures.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

May 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Ny, NY

May 2009 Astrological Calendar for New York
Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
NYSE, for the month of May, 2009.
Click image to view full size calendar.

May 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of May, 2009.
Click image to view full size calendar.

May 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia

astrological calendar for Sydney Australia
Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
ASX, for the month of May, 2009.
Click image to view full size calendars.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taxes and Day One of Your Company

"In filing my taxes this year I am being informed that it would be in my best interest to file my trading activities as a business. I am wondering when my business might be considered day one? Jan 1, 2008? or the day I file my taxes in 2009? or? If its 09 the best I could do is file after Venus goes SD. Thanks Rick

If, when filing taxes this year, you decide to declare your trading activities as a business - what is your new business' natal chart?

Good question! Is it the date and time you file the taxes? No!

In the Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book I, I discuss a number of astrological considerations when selecting a date to start a business. However a lot of business start before you read the Textbook. How do you decide the time and date the business started?

The rule of thumb is when you collect the money for your first sale.

Rick, one of my excellent students, thought of a very tricky question to figure, especially when you started trading you weren't officially "trading as a business". But it's actually the very same principle I discuss in my Textbook.

If you sold something and the money was put into your account on a certain date that is the beginning of the business that you are paying taxes on. If the new business is starting in 2008 then you will use the start date of the first day you were paid for the sale of something in 2008. It does not matter when you bought the object for sale. What matters is when someone paid you for the object.

Rick checked through his trades in 2008 and found the very first profitable trade. We calculated the chart and he agreed that it seemed to describe his business.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 21st: Wish for Your Hearts Desire

Venus conjunct Mars square Pluto April 21 7:19 PM EDT

The few days before the New Moon could bring your hearts desire. However be careful what you wish for because this conjunction will have great mystical qualities and the square will challenge your control.

This is a very rare moment in Universal Time. 
Swipe a clean sheet of paper off your printer and write down your hearts desire. Remember your angels are sometimes a bit dense. They are as distracted by your brain hopping from topic to topic as you are. Now go ahead and read the next few paragraphs. 

Venus and Mars are in the final degrees of Pisces as the transiting Moon first makes a conjunction with Uranus. Her message from Uranus is that it is OK to get out of the box. During the next 14 hours she will apply to a conjunction with Venus then Mars. This should give you plenty of time to think about your hearts desire and clarify your wishes to your angels. It’s OK to grab a few more pieces of paper off the printer and maybe another pencil.

April 21st and June 21st Circle the dates on your calendar

Usually the hearts desire conjunction of Venus and Mars occurs about once a year. Always an excellent time for wishing. On April 21st Mars crosses over Venus. She’s just resumed direct motion and Mars catches up with the very slow Venus and moves right on by.

Venus retrograde has changed this dynamic this year. You have two chances as Mars and Venus come together. After the first conjunction Mars takes off like a bandit while Venus is just regaining her balance after moving stationary direct. June 21th Venus has regained speed and passes Mars. 
I cannot find a similar instance of this double conjunction in the ephemeris. 

4:30 AM Field Trip April 22 

The universe will provide an excellent sky show. You have to be up early to see this. Wednesday morning April 22, the annual Lyrid meteor shower will send a stream of shooting stars as the earth passes through the comet dust. Simultaneously the Moon will cause Venus to vanish as she passes under the crescent Moon.
Wishing on a star can happen with every meteor shower (several times per year) whereby if your patient you can sit on your porch all night and wish until you run out of wishes or fall asleep.
It's OK to make some shooting star wishes. Just be careful to consider yourself first before you consider what is valuable and how much energy you are willing to exert to obtain your wish. The Moon will help you add all of the emotions required to accomplish your wish.

Angels understand pictures.

Many of us are better at describing our desires with pictures as opposed to words. Click through to my article Money in Your Chart . Here you will find directions for making an Astrological treasure map about two-thirds down the page. There is no time like the present for making one of these charts.

April 21st wish for your entrepreneurial hearts desire.

If ever there was a moment in time to begin to take the chance of becoming an entrepreneur, NOW is it.  But be careful what you wish for and be careful what you give away. But just in case you make an error or two June 21st is your second chance to correct any mistakes made on April 21st.
Astrological directions for starting a business, The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 

Sun in Taurus - Holy Cow!

"The cows are our friends, they give food, they give strength, they likewise give a good complexion and happiness," said Gautama Buddha
icon-Taurus April 19th is Orthodox Easter. Throughout the Orthodox Christian world Easter tables will offer various delectable dishes, inspired by certain traditional Orthodox recipes. Easter lamb is, of course the quintessential dish. However, while they celebrate Easter and feast on lamb, this day marks the arrival of a Bull....the Sun's entrance into the sign of Taurus the Bull at 6:44:24 pm.

For a chart set in New York at 6:24:24 pm, Libra is rising and the Sun in Taurus is in the 7th house. Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra is in Pisces, exalted, and she rules the chart! What a glorious day to celebrate Orthodox Easter.

We wish all who celebrate a Joyful and Happy Easter.

Patient, and practical Taurus, the Bull has immeasurable energy but is slow to act and capable of waiting a long time for plans to mature. Never try to push a Bull around! He can be obstinate, some may say stubborn (!) and terribly enraged when pushed, although he is an amenable creature when appealed to in the right way.

Those of us who are born under the sign of Taurus, or live with someone born between April 20 to May 21 (dates depend on the year and adjust for the calendar correction for Leap Year) understand how necessary it is to appeal to Taurus the "right" way!

The symbol for Taurus is a full Moon (a circle) which on top is placed a crescent Moon (for the horns). The Moon is exalted in Taurus because the bull symbolizes fertility, as well as stability which is extremely important for the Moon.

The New Moon in Taurus is Friday, April 24 at 2:46. Astrological Investing will post Kaye Shinker's New Moon Predictions on that day as well as Fiscal Cents, a monthly sun sign forecast that gives predictions for the month beginning on each new moon. (Our subscribers receive these reports earilier, and if you would like to read them before the new moon, please subscribe to our newsletter.)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Astrological Investing - Site of The Week!

Astrological Investing has been featured as the Site of the Week at Here is what astrologer Paul Wade said: "As I write it seems many don’t have the cash to invest anymore, so clearly those that do must be more careful than ever. Here’s a site established to explain how astrology helps investors reach the right decisions, with lots of information for the casual surfer and with more available after you complete their free registration."

So, okay...for those who do like to play the market, and have the cash - Just a reminder about the markets - When Venus changes directions there is a reversal in the market momentum 80% of the time, just as there was (if you look at the charts)when Venus turned Rx.

We are at the end of the Rx period, with Venus stationing direct today.

I am expecting a brief decline, followed by a rally up ever mindful that we are still within a Bear Market multi-month rally that started when Venus stationed Rx.

When Mercury changes directions there will be volatility at both of the stations, May 7, stationing retrograde - May 30 stationing direct.

Given the long term outlook of the planets for 2009, one could use any rally to take profits and acquire cash...still not trusting any rally and keeping close watch and/or use stop losses.

For more in depth information about the astrological outlook for the stock market read Randall Ashbourne's The World At Large, January 2009 where he states:

"World stock markets remain trapped within a Bear market which currently seems unlikely to finish or find a final “bottom” before 2010 at the earliest."

He gives us key dates to watch that likely will coincide with key reversals in stock markets in the next few months - June 6 & 26, July 8 to 15

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Venus Direct

Venus Direct April 17,2009 3:24 p.m. EDT

Venus is now stationary and will hover at her station, 29 degrees of Pisces, until she turns direct April 17. Venus is exalted in Pisces and so she is quite comfortable and generally speaking making all of us feel attractive, confident of our abilities and actually nice to our friends and neighbors. It is a case of the world feeling like it is doing what it is supposed to do. Rescuing Captains, chasing pirates, letting leaders rant, and sharing the good news of Spring with the neighborhood. Venus in Pisces is very benevolent. Enjoy the moments.

Financial Markets and the Venus Station at 29 Pisces
In the financial markets a Venus station is the indicator of a reversal. Usually it takes about a week before the impact is noticed in the averages. If we look at the Dow Industrials, 29 Pisces falls in the ninth and the emphasis is on foreign markets and shipping. Folks abroad just can’t help looking at the Blue Chips and saying, it looks like they are behaving and some are actually earning money. Traders are looking at foreign stocks and saying there are some great opportunities in the emerging markets. Traders looking at transportation Blue Chips are saying, we could actually see some mergers. Maybe the shippers will find some economies by cooperating. Maybe if they work together they could eradicate pirates and bring down their insurance premiums.
? Other Markets ?
Techie folks at the NASDAQ are saying wait a minute, what about security issues? You all are looking at the world through rose colored Pisces glasses. The traders in London agree and say there is money in insurance. Remember that is how our exchange started. These traders start looking at the insurance companies that insist on high tech surveillance and say look we can make some money here. The folks at the Tokyo exchange agree.

Let me explain the charts I’m looking at in The Textbooks for Financial Astrology I have charts for the various exchanges. Venus will be at 29 degrees of Pisces for two weeks. In the Dow Industrials chart this degree is in the 9th house. In the charts for the FTSE and the Tokyo exchanges 29 degrees Pisces is the 2nd. Think about shipping and making money and who is going to make it. A short term trade is possible, if you are alert and watching April 21st when Mars and Venus make a conjunction. A long term investment would need a few passes of Venus over Pisces. However the return would possibly out pace government bonds.

This is a fun way to look at the overall markets. It only takes a few minutes to check the charts of the various exchanges. You are looking at the degrees of a planet’s station. Saturn will be next at 14 degrees Virgo.

OK Spring is in the air. Say nice things to your friends and neighbors. Take a moment to stop a smell the flowers.
Kaye Shinker

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rollercoasters on Wall street

Financial Astrologers have real numbers to use when they research the effects of planetary motion. The next two weeks have several interesting planetary patterns. Mercury is sextile Neptune which suggest that messages are scrambled. Pluto turned retrograde April 4,2009 and his change in direction usually reverses the markets. Sun sextile Jupiter has a reputation for pushing up the market indexes, but it is exact on Good Friday and Passover. 

Then on April 15 Tax day Mars is conjunct Uranus in the morning and none of us will feel confident that the answer to two plus two is still four. In the afternoon the Sun will sextile Neptune assuring all of us that two plus two is five. 

April 17 we are exhausted and finally Venus turns direct  80% of the time when Venus changes apparent direction the market goes in the exact opposite direction it had established earlier in the week. The following week is a roller coaster ending with the New Moon and Mercury square Neptune the Red Flag aspect that warns you to double check the truth of every message.
Take a peek at my article
I just posted it on our website, Fire Engine Red Flags.  Know that Venus was Retrograde for 40 days therefore at every level folks made organizational mistakes. The Toxic asset program is just one blatant example. Goldman can buy Citi's toxic assets and then sell them back to Citi. All of these assets are now backed 85% by the government.  It is so exciting riding the Roller Coaster on Wall Street. Every new government program has to have a loophole somewhere. Wall Street fellows love detective work.  

I make notes all over the Corporate charts in Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3.  They are starting to look like my road map for the City of New Orleans. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool! Venus Rx T-Square Pluto, Moon

Expose Yourself to ArtSorry... It's not so funny for you who may have a natal planet or point at 3 or 4 Cardinal in your natal chart!

The Moon changes signs today as she ingresses into the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer. At 6:06 pm EDT today the Moon will exactly oppose Pluto in Capricorn and together they will form a T- square to Venus retrograde at 4 Aries.

Venus rules the value of stocks, and the market is surely in for a bumpy ride.

The day begins with Moon square Uranus at 1:48 am, then a trine to Neptune at 5:03 am before she goes Void of Course during the NYSE trading hours. The first aspect she makes after her entrance into Cancer is the opposition to Pluto, then an exact square to Venus at 7:28 pm EDT.

Unpredictable market fluctuations occur during Void of Course Moons, and it is never a good day when Luna makes such harsh aspects. I imagine overnight trading will react from the T-square as well. And since we are half-way through the Venus Rx period, it is expected that the market will continue this pull-back that began last Friday.

About the photo -
I was always sure that the photographer who shot this photo had something completely different in mind, but back in the early 80's when I saw the poster hanging on display, all I could see when I looked at it was Pluto exposing himself to Venus! I cracked up laughing at the irony, and felt compelled to purchase a copy for myself.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered the real story behind the photo... and a regular Venus Retrograde experience to discover the history of a piece of "art" that one has owned for a while!

It is an actual photo of a popular political figure from Portland, Oregon. Bud Clark, who served as Mayor of Portland from 1985 to 1992, and was known for his eccentric behavior. Expose Yourself to Art was taken and widely distributed before he ran for Mayor; however the poster did nothing to deter his winning the election. He astonished the incumbent, Frank Ivancie, who had not taken Mr. Clark seriously as an opponent. Ivancie mocked Clark saying (his) "only claim to fame is exposing himself to a downtown statue."

According to the photographer, Michael Ryerson, who took the photo, "Bud was very active on the Venereal Disease Action Council, and he wanted to make a poster drawing attention to their cause. The Council had produced a T-shirt to promote awareness in the high schools, which at the time had an alarmingly high level of this problem. It was titled "Zap the Clap," which was on the T-shirt he was wearing (under the overcoat.)"

Although the poster now hangs on an attic room wall, it once hung in my bedroom. I can't remember if Venus was Retrograde back when I decided it needed a spot on my bedroom wall, but it must have been. The rule we astrologers give to our clients who are interested in decorating their homes is to never buy anything during Venus Rx, because you have a good chance of buying something that lacks good taste.

Still...I think it's funny.