Friday, November 27, 2009

Federal Reserve and the Dollar

Will the dollar continue to fall in value as measured against other currencies?

Currently the metals are moving up in price faster than the dollar is declining in value.  

Will the metals move up or have they reached the point of a bursting bubble? It depends on who is buying with which currency.

The Sun of the Fed is conjunct the Dollar's Mars.  Pluto's current transit has both in trouble simultaneously.  Whenever the Fed tries to give the dollar some energy by running the printing presses then the public loses its temper with the Fed.  

Current transits of Jupiter and Neptune are forcing the Fed to examine its motives and research its own receipts.  Maybe the call for transparency is needed. 

Throughout 2009 we have had repeating aspect formed by Pluto entering the sign of Capricorn moving from zero degrees to 3 degrees Capricorn. While transiting these degrees, Pluto made a conjunction with the Dollar's Mars, the USA Federal Reserve Sun and the Jupiter Mars conjunction for the Central Bank of China.

The Chinese Central Bank was established Dec 1, 1948.  It has Mars and Jupiter conjunct at 3 degrees Capricorn.  Pluto stationed and moved retrograde transiting 3 degrees Capricorn during March, April and May of 2009.  Does it seem like we are moving into a similar conundrum?  The aspects are repeating themselves.  During this period of time the dollar moved up slightly against the Yuan, Yen and Euro then resumed is precipitous fall once Pluto fell back to two degrees Capricorn.

Will the debt pressures from Dubai snowball over the final weekend in November?

Headlines seem to predict that the pressure is really on this week-end for the Federal Reserve to defend the dollar since oil must be purchased in dollars.  However, Pluto is trine the dollar's Uranus suggesting that some very strange undercurrents are threatening its status as a world currency and the aspect that follows is Jupiter trine the Sun which is the aspect that was exact April 20, 2009. Toward the end of April it appeared that the dollar might recover. It appears that the Federal Reserve has one more arrow in its quiver and could accomplish the task. The arrows name."Contract Law" the reason the US maybe able to retain its leadership role in the world economy.

However, is this a temporary hiatus for the dollar?

Yes! Values continue their trend down against all currencies, however the dollar seems to be under the most pressure. Jupiter and Neptune made conjunctions to the US dollar's Pluto. This aspect repeats May and July conjunctions to its final exact conjunction Dec 20, 2009. (Charts for Gold, the Federal Reserve, the Euro and the dollar are in The Textbook for Financial Astrology books 2 and 4). From the point of view of the dollar, it is losing value and unable to buy as many Big Macs abroad as it could just two years ago.  

What's the problem?

Jupiter expands and those areas represented by Neptune( oil, debt and deception).  Both are in Aquarius.  Technology is exposing the deceptions as well as the over expansion of debt. The dollar's Pluto will be hit by this conjunction causing increased awareness of the international debt crisis and the dollar denominated price of oil. 

Back to China

China has lots of US dollars and spends the dollars buying oil and metals. The lower the price of oil etc. the more China can buy. At some point they will run out of room to store their raw materials. China will stop spending money on raw materials and start buying debt securities.  Could they bailout Dubai? They might. 

Saturn square Mars in April will be the catalyst to re energize the dollar and let it climb out of the Doldrums.  (Follow the link to the blog concerning the dollar.)

My suggestion:  If you like the product, buy the stock.  If you are trying to play the currency markets, I have a horse I'll be happy to sell you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goldman Offering Charity Loans to Small Business

Remember the old saying "If it sounds like it is too good to be true, then it probably is a scam."  

Read the Scorpio New Moon 2009 predictions and every other entry predicts a scam.   Day one into the New Moon and the Federal government appoints a group to investigate scams.  Barney Frank introduces legislation for internet gambling.  Goldman Sachs introduces a scheme to help small business people become successful. They promise to loan 500m to small companies that seem promising.

Neptune opposed Mercury

Our stock club has learned from experience to look for Neptune's aspects. Therefore, we look to see if transiting Neptune will make an aspect to Mercury. Squares to the incorporation or IPO's charts planets are awful, oppositions are not good for price and conjunctions, and sextiles and trines are warnings. The best thing to do is just to move on to the next stock on your list.

In the case of Goldman Sachs, the eclipse falls on Uranus in the IPO chart (May 4, 1999). Statistically this suggests a 50/50 chance of a fall in price; and if you were looking to buy the stock for the long term you would probably skip it for now. Not worth the risk until the next eclipse in August when you might catch a low.

For example: In 2007, the IPO chart for Goldman Sachs had transiting Neptune sextile Mercury in April and May. This was followed by a $50 decline in price that ended August. The Neptune aspect was not exact but was followed by transiting Saturn trine Mercury, and the Moon. According to the ancient astrologers Saturn aspects are not profitable.

March 8, 2008, transiting Neptune made an exact sextile to the IPO Mercury with the price down $100 from its November 2007 high. Will transiting Neptune effect the price of Goldman Sachs shares with a further price decline?

Goldman's Incorporation chart

It is time for a closer look. The GS incorporation chart is July 21, 1998.

The opposition of transiting Neptune to the GS incorporation Mercury began March 10, 2009 and will end January 11, 2010. Goldman Sachs could begin another price decline. However, there are some excellent Jupiter aspects to the Venus of both GS charts in late 2009, and early 2010. Sometimes Jupiter bails the company out of problems, or sometimes he just expands the problems. However a run of good Jupiter aspects in 2010 could push the price of the stock higher.  Look closely at the Incorporation chart and the solar eclipse opposed the Sun as well as Urnaus moving to a conjunction with the incorporation Jupiter.

If you are an investor this would probably be enough to convince you that should Goldman make a few changes in management then it would be an OK stock to pick up on a low. If you are a trader you would need the dates that all of these aspects are exact. If you are a small business interested in their loans you would be wise to hire several lawyers to read the small print in their loan contracts. Goldman's chart shows that they plan to make money in 2010.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The New Moon in Scorpio November 16

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:

(The New Moon is in Scorpio, however the Sun moves into Sagittarius five days later, November 21, 2009 at 11:22 pm. Best Wishes to all Scorpios still celebrating their Solar Returns. ) Read your financial horoscope in our monthly Fiscal Cents predictions.

New Moon in Scorpio 2009The New Moon appears in the eighth house -November 16th (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4, page 30 will help you interpret the new moon for your own country)

The New Moon in the eighth means that the concentration of the public is on insurance and taxes. It is the reaction of government to add more taxes when they have a shortfall in their collections. The public sees the problem as if you don't have a job, you cannot earn any money to pay the taxes. This quiet boycott is cutting into the projected collection of tax revenues. The same is true with insurance. There is also a problem of leadership passing away. No one is available to explain how to get things done efficiently or to encourage managers to help the employees do their work.

Mercury in the eighth house
Folks are concerned with the laws that require unexpected taxes when dealing with gifts and inheritance. The world wide web is helpful but others will require detailed advise to solve the problems. Doctors, lawyers and accountants will find that their services are in demand.

Venus in the eighth house
Venus is very intense in Scorpio and insists that you consider thrifty purchases with your earned income. Problem is that a great deal of energy is required to earn the income needed to pay for purchases, and thrifty takes time and thought. Folks are silently rebelling against certain taxes by boycotting items that require excess taxes. Fewer sin taxes are collected when fewer items are sold.

Pluto in the tenth house
Executives and government leaders are in the midst of some awkward situations concerning the management of their assigned projects. Pluto is square Saturn, therefore suggesting that leaders are stuck on the issue of finding experts for advise. Professional advisers are busy helping their friends and neighbors and explain that they are not available to help corporate or government leadership. The public's perception of their work is that they have no concept of a budget. Leaders are striving for absolute power and finding folks not very cooperative.

Jupiter in the twelfth house
Jupiter is in the final degrees of Aquarius and in the twelfth house. Scandals concerning fraud, embezzlement and secret detention prisons will scandalize various governments and institutions. Officials will be exposed for their heavy expenses and ludicrous book keeping. The internet will help bring the performance of these officials to the attention of the public.

Neptune in the twelfth house
Fraud is in abundant supply. Information concerning the mismanagement of the receipts of supposedly respected charitable institutions overwhelms the public. Scandals concerning the administration of services meant to help the poor, handicapped and minorities proliferate. Donations to these charities diminish quickly.

Uranus in the tenth
Innovation is a key word with Uranus, and management will have the opportunity to reform their actions. People are extremely dissatisfied with the performance of their leaders, but are willing to listen to announcements and disclosures that promise improvements. Governments seek to console the populace by adding more controls that promise to reform the administration of public institutions.

The best example of the changes brought by Uranus in Pisces is the creation of a whole new business model for the sale and distribution of music. This holiday season will spell the end of music sales through traditional venues. Creative folks at every level have seen massive changes concerning the sale of their products. Content providers, whether writing fact or fiction, must adapt to the same drastic changes that are very obvious in the field of music.

Expect that Uranus will do the same to manufacturing next year when he starts his transit through Aries starting in June, 2010.

Mars in the fifth house
Mars in Leo will create some wonderful new games and toys. Mars here puts a great deal of stress on entertainment venues. Audiences are very tense and not easily pleased by the actors, musicians and sports teams they paid to amuse them.

Saturn in the seventh
There are opportunities here to solve some international problems using diplomacy and talking one on one. The conflict is between the need for fair treatment and the desire for power. Folks are dissatisfied with current conditions and look to their leaders for answers to their difficulties. Few leaders are available to help.

Kaye Shinker
Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at

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Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning November 16, 2009 - Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook
by Kaye Shinker

Happy Solar Return to all of our Sagittarian readers! (The New Moon is in Scorpio, however the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21st, five days after the New Moon. Best wishes to all Scorpio's still celebrating their Solar Returns.)

Advice for everyone - not just for Sagittarius! November 26th is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday. For fun, I thought I would suggest a Thanksgiving dessert for all of our USA friends. Everyone else? Throw a dessert party and invite a Sagittarius.

During the past few years I have encouraged every Sun Sign to save some money, limit their trading with excellent stops and to develop hobbies. It is time to think about taking some profits in order to build you stash of cash. Bargains will begin to appear before the December New Moon.

If you live in an area that could possibly have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, or tornadoes, it is a good idea to be ready with your favorite emergency supplies and a box for your computer and important papers.

Here is the prediction for this month for Sagittarrius: Pecan Pie is your desert, but you will only eat a sliver. Share the rest of the pie with your best buddy. There are some interesting new partnerships forming, take advantage of every opportunity. If you have some commodity stocks, watch them carefully and put your stops close to the price you paid.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

December 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
NYSE, for the month of December, 2009.December 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Click image to view full size calendar.

December 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Astrological Calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of December, 2009.

Click image to view full size calendar.

December 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
ASX, for the month of December, 2009.December 2009 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX

Click image to view full size calendar.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can Planets influence human Life?

Leah ask, " In what manner do planets influence human life?"

The short answer

Mercury retrograde is always the astrologers best example of how muddled brains all over the world can get.  The best current example is the TARP program passed by the Congress and signed into law all during a Mercury retrograde. I discuss this phenomena in my Textbooks for Financial Astrology Book 1 Lesson 2.  Your average student astrologer will probably have a long list of Mercury retrograde events.  Most are pretty funny.

The long answer starts here

You will read in your General Science books that the planets move along the ecliptic around the Sun because of centrifugal  force and gravity.  


The planets are kept in their place by electrical forces.  You will learn about this theory as you grow older and are able to understand Quantum Physics. In the meantime scientists debunk astrology by referring to the idea that the magnetic power of a planet is not sufficient to influence the body of a human or an animal.  However, electrical forces do have the power to influence the cells of your body and the synapses in your brain. 

Happy Solar Return

On the day you were born a pattern was set. Every year the Sun comes to the exact same position as it was on the day you were born.  Transiting Sun is conjunct Natal Sun. So much energy focused on that particular day of the year can make you depressed. So we fix it by giving you ice cream and cake and sometimes we invite your friends over to sing songs and if you are really lucky an astrologer will read your solar return. Easy Predictions with Solar Returns is the best book on the astrological book shelf for interesting, fun and accurate readings of a Solar Return. 

I love the book and use it all of the time.  In fact it makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your favorite students of astrology.

Other Intense Planetary Conjunctions

You get used to the Moon since it returns to its natal position 13 times per year.  Mercury returning to its natal position can often produce a really great idea, Venus can bring a note from an old friend and Mars can make you super energetic when they return to the position it occupied in your natal chart.  Trouble with these planets is that they do not abide by the business calendar we use every day.

Jupiter returns to its natal position about every 12 years. You have to watch carefully for this event and usually something really nice happens around that date.  However, wonderful things happen to us every day so Jupiter transits can't get credit for all of them. You need to watch for the sextiles, squares, trines and oppositions of Jupiter and Venus to planets in your horoscope chart, you can anticipate that they will bring some special gift your way.  Of course some gifts are from your angels a gorgeous Moon rise or a beautiful Sun set or in my old neighborhood the Aurora Borealis.


About every seven years Saturn really whacks you and pushes the book of life right in your face and says study up. Saturn is the planet brings astrologers clients. No one can explain your lessons or understand your Saturn transit better than an astrologer.  

Saturn can be just down right mean. He can take away your love, your money and your health and throw it in the trash.  He refuses to return it until you learn your lesson.  Saturn wants you to learn your lessons and learn them so well you won't forget. Right now Saturn is opposed my Sun and I am learning to live by my wits and write lengthy prose to a young astrologer named Leah. Saturn forces you to get up and get your act together. 

The other planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto affect you and your peers about the same way. You all get together, call it a study group and learn your lessons whether you want to or not.  


Then there are eclipses. They interrupt or rip the electrical field that protects the earth's atmosphere. In 2005 there was an eclipse visible over New Orleans.  In August everyone there learned a lesson as did the folks who were devastated by Rita. The eclipse of July 22, 2009 could be seen by folks in the Philippines and in India and China.  It is their turn.  The eclipse of January 2010 also will be visible in that area.  Astrologers have know about this phenomena for probably at least 10,000 years.  Mark Twain wrote about it in his book A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.  Thus the aphorism Knowledge is Power.

Everything I mentioned above influences companies large and small.  You can read about them in the Textbook for Financial Astrology. 

You didn't want that long of an answer  Sorry

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Euro vs Dollar

Folks have been asking me about the Dollar and the Euro and what will happen to either one when traded on the open market.  Currency traders make money in factions of a cent and the discussion below gives you the general trend for each currency.  Travelers need to know how the currency they earn stacks up against the currency they need to use in another country. 

Traders: The general trend for the Euro is increasing value until mid January and then get out of the trade.  The general trend for the Dollar is also up but do not buy any contracts expiring in July.  
Travelers: Pay for your trip as much as possible in the currency you earn. Have fun!  The best souvenirs are great photos.

The Euro's birthday is January 1, 1999 at 12:00 am. Frankfort Germany. The chart for the Dollar's birthday is October 15, 1974 9:00 am? Philadelphia, Pa.  Each currency is trying to win the Black Gold medal. Charts and discussions are available in The Textbook for Financial Astrology

The week of November 8 the Euro has the advantage with Saturn trine Neptune followed by Jupiter trine Mars. The markets imagine that they see a fair and equitable structure backing the Euro. They see a great deal of energy backing the currency and the possibility that it will be the preferred paper for exchange of natural resources.  

Venus makes a conjunction to the Dollar's Neptune.  The dollar has earned some imaginary value through exports of the creative new component parts for electronic gear. Neptune has been  conjunct the dollar's Pluto since 2008. This very long transit assists the increasing power of computing industry still in early development. Therefore the dollar has supplied the leverage that mitigates the immediate needs for energy sources.

From the New Moon to the Full Moon December 1st the Euro stabilizes and keeps its value as the European banks refill their reserves.  Although Uranus will station close to the Euro's Jupiter it will only have the effect of forcing the computer maintenance workers to put in endless hours of repairs, refurbishing and installing machinery at the Euro's central bank buildings.

The Dollar takes advantage of the quiet and begins to increase its positions. Jupiter is trine the Dollar's Sun expanding its influence as a valuable paper for trade.  This aspect is followed by the exact conjunction of Neptune to Pluto the export platform that has kept the Dollar's underlying value above 70 cents.  Mid December Jupiter makes a conjunction to the Dollar's Pluto and the real trade value of the Dollar is favorably assessed.  Jupiter sextiles the Dollar's Jupiter and the Dollar's reputation continues to improve until January 11th when Jupiter makes a square to the Dollar's Saturn.  

Accounting tensions concerning fair trade come to the attention of traders. These tensions resolve with Jupiter sextile the Dollar's Mars, opposes Uranus and trines Neptune and Mercury.  Until February 26, 2010 it appears that the dollar puts up a good battle against the other currencies based on its inner strength and the value of exports sold in dollars.

Mid December the Euro has Saturn conjunct its ascendant keeping it close to home while Pluto square the Ascendant continues to force the Euro to think about its trading power.  Jupiter and Neptune trine the Euro's Moon helps the public realize that the Euro is a valuable currency to exchange for material resources, especially computing devises used for commerce.
The Euro recognizes its trading power in commerce when on January 13 Pluto makes a conjunction with the 4th house cusp. However, the eclipse is conjunct the Euro's Venus and its value could plummet quickly.

The results of this skirmish:  Dollar 2, Euro 3.  The Euro has an excellent defense but the Dollar's experienced traders are keeping an otherwise weak offense working with extreme dexterity. The battle will heat up in the Summer when the Dollar's Moon is hit by an eclipse.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Question #2 from Nora

Here is Nora's (our young student) second question.

2. For someone who knows nothing of the topic, what would be the best way to approach an understanding for astrology? 

Observation is the best way to learn anything. Observation becomes experience. Every experience becomes your truth. You learn that all the looney birds come to your place of business during the Full Moon. Your favorite policeman eats lunch at your favorite restaurant every Full Moon, because he has the day off.  Soon you begin to draw a conclusion that the Full Moon has a special significance.  You read that surgery during a Full Moon is not a good idea, because the patient tends to bleed excessively. Then you read that women who are not on the pill have their period during the Full Moon.  It doesn't take long to gather a bunch of observations and some conclusions. 
Pretty good Eh?

One day the Chicago Tribune failed to published the horoscope column in the daily paper.  That day still holds the record for the largest number of phone calls complaining about the newspaper's content.

Usually people read their Sun Sign horoscope on the web or in the newspaper.  Usually they say my schedule says nothing like that will happen today and usually it doesn't.  It is very difficult to predict for one-twelfth of the world's population. However some astrologers are very good at Sun Sign astrology and Rick Levine who writes for AOL is one of them.  

Another way to approach the topic is to talk about nature.  There are wall calendars (usually the ones that contain advertising for your local hardware store)that mark the  best days for fishing or for planting vegetables.  Those days are not chosen at random or by magic. They are determined by the sign the Moon is transiting. Farmers and fishermen actually pay attention to them.  
The Old Farmers Almanac is based on a secret formula according to their publisher.  If you know astrology you can decipher much of the formula.  Farmers use the Almanac to plan their crops.   We castrate our animals who need it when the Moon is in Sagittarius because they will bleed less.  We double check with several calendars just to make sure of the date before we call the vet to do the operation.  

Traders on financial markets trade by the phases of the moon. Full Moon sell, New Moon buy.  I usually write about that phenomena. I talk about the research on the topic in my Financial Astrology Textbook. Wall Street traders are not going to talk about buying or selling according to the moon when interviewed by the newspapers or on TV because that would cut into their profits if everyone did it.  But enough traders do know this little secret of the universe that the blips up and down are small.

There are lots of fun books for folks interested in beginning astrology and free websites that will calculate your chart.  However the best way to convince yourself that astrology works is to have a professional read your chart.  One of my friends went to an astrologers convention and had every astrologer she could find read her chart.  That is a pretty expensive way to convince yourself that astrology works, but today she is one of our finest astrologers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Relationship Question

On the blog I will share the answers to questions asked by a young student.  Huge volumes have been written on each of her questions. 

 First question: How can one predict the nature of a relationship using astrology?

There are a number of ways depending on the type of relationship under investigation. People like each other for a number of reasons that you can identify quickly by putting together the horoscopes. Often you will find Sun signs next to each other get along very well. For example: an Aquarius likes Pisces folks and Capricorn folks.  Moon signs have to match by element for folks to have affection for each other. A person with a Moon in Gemini will adore a person with a Moon in Libra. 

But in order to have a real sexual attraction with someone that lasts for more than a week Mars and Venus for each horoscope have to match by element.  If someone has a Mars in Aries and they meet a person with a Venus in Sagittarius they will find an attraction.  Will it go beyond 'you are cute'?  Only if the Suns and the Moons also get along and then their Mercury's actually say "Hi."  
Now there is something called soul mates. This is indicated by the sign of the North and South Node.  If all of the above come together and the nodes are in the same sign you have a relationship that could become anything from a business partnership, best friends, or a marriage.  

You often find best friends are about the same age meaning that their nodes are in the same sign, If their Suns are next door or in the same element and their Moons are also in the same element then you have a long term friendship. 

Relationships also work in financial astrology
I belong to an Apple users club that started in July 2007.  Its Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Mercury of Apples IPO (the date they offered their stock for sale).  The club also has Mars conjunct the Jupiter of the date Apple Computer was incorporated. One member of the club was hired to design applications for the I phone during the past year.

My stock club has the Sun in Cancer. We reluctantly sold our stock in Barnes and Noble which had a Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer. We made an excellent profit at the time.  It was hard for the group to sell it because we loved their stores. However, Amazon was a threat and we decided to invest in their company. We won't have any trouble selling Amazon since its Incorporation and IPO do not have any Cancer planets.