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Before Winter and Summer Solstice and the Spring and Fall Equinox I write an article that will be a general overview for the next three months of the economy. Often the events I forecast occur before the event is detailed in the news. You will read about an event several weeks later. For example: The Fall equinox 2010 below, Corporate and government managers left their jobs in droves however they did not formally leave until the beginning of the New Year.

Entries from Sept 20, 2010

Moon in the 10th House

Women in high office will suffer the wrath of the public. Many will lose their elections and many will lose their corporate offices. The public insists on a clean house and they will achieve it either in court, at the ballot box, or in the board room.

Jupiter in the 10th House

Men will also suffer from the public outrage. Corporate officers will be dismissed quickly and their golden parachutes may be less golden than in previous years. Financial reporters will have a difficult task keeping track of the changes and pundits will not be able to type fast enough. In a number of cases retirements will occur first. Changes in management is often difficult for the price of an individual stock.

Uranus in the 10th House

At least all of the changes in government and corporate leadership will be sudden and interesting. If you check the lessons in the
you should be able to anticipate these changes. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct and ready to start reorganizing the corporate board rooms and government.

New Moon Forecast

Members receive these about a week before the New Moon. Since statistically the New Moon says it is a time to buy stocks I try to forecast the trends for the month ahead.

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Uranus appears in the 6th House
Technology creates the opportunity for 'wildcat' strikes that surprise authorities.
“Buyer strikes” will organize quickly and as a result become extremely effective.

Fiscal Cents

This is my version of a monthly Sun Sign column for each Zodiac sign. I try to give you suggestions concerning money management that I think you will actually do. If I say open a savings account I check for dates when the Moon is in Taurus. I'm also suggesting that you might have a rainy day ahead and there is nothing like having money in the bank to help out.

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This is our library as well as our archive area. The search box is a handy way to get around. We will write about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto making sign changes. Also you will find handy little articles that apply to your own natal chart. The New Moon Newsletter has a link to the Venus in your chart article, but there is also an article about Jupiter and Eclipses to your natal planets.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

February 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the NYSE, for the month of February, 2011.
Click image to view full size calendar.

February 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Astrological Calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of February, 2011.

Click image to view full size calendar.

February 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the ASX, for the month of February, 2011.
February 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX
Click image to view full size calendar.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Signs not Constellations

Nothing has changed.

You can change the name of the street but the house hasn't moved. In fact nothing has changed about an individual horoscope or the indication of the skills on an individual investor according to the placement of the planets on their date of birth. Changing the name of a constellation or adding another changes nothing but the street map. ( I used to be a printer and we loved it when the city changed the names of streets. Our company was inundated with all sorts of new orders to replace maps, business cards, stationary)

In fact sometimes I wish the astronomers would rename all of the constellations. Horse is much easier to spell than Sagittarius. However I'm afraid that astrologers would stick to their 2000 year old tradition and I will continue to misspell Sagittarius.

Financial Astrology
is based on the position of planets. We just want to know the exact distance between planets and the sign of the zodiac where they may be found. Our study is based on a Zodiac of Signs.

Astrological investing is based on the position of the planets at each moment in time. Our study is based on a Zodiac of signs, not a zodiac of constellations. We use the signs as a handy reference map to decipher the location of planets. We need to know the measurement of degrees between each planet from the point of view of our position on earth. For example: Right now,
Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in the 'Sign' Pisces. However, if you wish to find Jupiter and Uranus with your telescope then you will need a current map of the constellations. For financial astrologers the Zodiac signs are like a street map. We use the map to tell us the distance (measured in degrees) between the planets.

Its All in the Aspects
In Financial Astrology we use today's planetary positions to help us determine how the market indexes will move. Jupiter and Uranus have been very close to each other since June. Each time they have been together during the past 100 years the Dow index has gradually moved up.
We have discovered many other useful aphorisms. For example when Jupiter moves through the area of the sky we call Pisces; the price of fuel increases. We have also discovered that companies who have incorporated between February 20 and March 20 usually earn higher profits when Jupiter moves through that portion of the sky named for the sign Pisces.

Accuracy Counts
Financial Astrology relies on the accurate measurement of the degrees between planets. Experience has shown that certain relationships between planets may have a positive or negative effect on the Dow or other indexes. Experience has also shown that the current position of a planet will also effect the price of an individual stock and even the health of a company.
Available on our website you may purchase my Textbook for Financial Astrology. The book explains exactly how we work with planets and signs.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Barrel of Oil $100+ ?

Gasoline: $5 a gallon
A favored headline scare tactic of financial news reporters. The article reads that if the price of a barrel of oil continues to increase at the current rate, in only a few weeks the price at the pump will be 5 bucks. Surely the current price trend will continue with speculators adding a dollar or two per day to the price of a barrel on the NY Comex spot market. They continue that if the rate of price increase continues, it means you will pay $3 then $4 then $5 per gallon. And of course this could spark a double dip recession, higher unemployment, and thin new car sales.

Their story is true
Every current driver remembers every detail of the story. They experienced the problem in July 2008 with $145 per barrel the high for oil on the spot market. They remember how to consolidate shopping trips, minimized vacation miles, car pool and refused the temptation of mini-mart snacks. In October 2008 a surplus of supply sent the price down to $77 per barrel, but in the mean time speculation on the oil markets and mortgage market initiated a great recession.
The question then becomes, will it happen again? Will price move in a straight line up to $145. Will OPEC quickly add to the supply of oil and prevent another skyrocketing increase at the pump? We do know for sure that OPEC does not favor selling fewer barrels of oil.
I thought I would take a look at the chart for the date OPEC's first official meeting, Sept. 14,1960 9:00 am GMT in Bagdad.
In July 2008 OPEC had T. Uranus opposed its Sun and Saturn conjunct its Pluto but in October T. Jupiter made a square to Venus then a trine to its Sun. Jupiter sees to increase the supply of oil. These aspects will not repeat.
The January 4, 2011 eclipse falls on OPEC's second house Saturn. It means they will negotiate every deal and allow the buyer only a minimum profit. They will systematically account for all of their assets and try to be thrifty with the distribution of oil. An eclipse is in effect for at least 6 months and during this time T. Saturn will make a conjunction twice to OPEC's Venus. On Nov. 27 during Saturn's 1st conjunction to Venus prices moved from $83-$87. Then Jupiter took over with a square to itself and prices moved from $87-$91. This will happen again March 30 and Aug 22.

It seems Saturn slows the pace of increased prices for OPEC. Jupiter increases supplies of oil suggesting that the price per gallon will move up slowly during the next six months. Ingenuity is required if we are to avoid spending extra income on transportation.
Consider these next few months an opportunity to reorganize how you spend your travel time and hopefully natural gas or electricity will become your fuel of choice. T. Pluto opposed OPEC's Moon (Jan. 30-May 5, Dec 3- Jan 30, 2012 and May 11-Oct 25) will probably inspire everyone to make the changes required.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning January 4, 2011- Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook by Kaye Shinker
The New Moon is in Capricorn. The Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius on January 20th at 5:18 am EST.
Happy Solar Return to late Capricorn Suns and early Aquarian Suns! 
Happy Solar Return to Capricorns, born between January 4 and January 19, who have taken control of their personal finances and have accumulated their rainy day funds. Continue to put your funds to work and use your extra cash for wise income yielding investments.
And Happy Solar Return to Aquarians, born between January 20 and February 1, who need to pay close attention to their personal transportation and make sure they have alternative choices. It is also important to make sure your communications equipment is working properly and efficiently. 
Both signs need to keep both eyes open looking for ways to earn extra money, Late Capricorn needs to put at least 10% in a personal savings account. Early Aquarius needs to take care of their personal transportation and communication devises.

This Month For Capricorn
Your investment funds will pay dividends, therefore be sure to reinvest them wherever possible. Right now you are adding cash to your portfolio, therefore accumulate, accumulate. 
This Month For Aquarius 
Your creative ideas are ready to burst forth with all new ways of communicating ideas. Be sure to monetize them and add the funds to your new savings account. Continue to research and maybe add something new to your portfolio before the end of the month. Be sure to repair your personal vehicles.

Advice for everyone - During the next five months I encourage every Sun Sign to take control of your personal environment and reclaim your power. January 14th and 15th are good days to open a savings account to deposit the extra funds you earn this month.

Household Hint : Thrifty is the new status symbol!

More for all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site.

We suggest that you also read your Ascendant (your Rising sign), as well as your Sun sign on our web site - to read your sun sign's forecast on our web site go to:

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Be sure to read your horoscope to find out what is ahead for YOU and your finances this coming lunar month! Click here to read Astrological Fiscal Cents.

The New Moon in Capricorn

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:

The Capricorn New Moon,  Solar Eclipse appears in the 2nd house (refer to chart)

At 13° 38' Capricorn, the eclipse is in the middle of the sign of business and government. Many new business will be formed during the next six months replacing some rather old ones. Ways of acquiring earned income change. New styles of banks, brokerages, financial services will be created and attract new customers away from old institutions.

These new businesses will develop and prosper with sweat equity and their own cash. Their business plans will be filled with unique ideas promising to deliver quality products, maintain cash on the balance sheet and execute honest contracts with customers. Now is the time to begin new business ventures.

Kaye's predictions for the month and the full  interpretations for this New Moon chart can be read in  this month's New Moon report.  Read the report in it's entirety at 

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