Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the NYSE, for the month of January, 2011.

January 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE
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January 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Astrological Calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of January, 2011.

January, 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE
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January 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney

January 2011 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASXAstrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the ASX, for the month of January, 2011.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Solar Explosions

September 2009 my article predicting solar storms during 2010 appeared in Llewellyn's Sun Sign annual. My research on the appearance of difficult solar activity indicated that a gathering of difficult planetary aspects often set off solar storms that would create beautiful auroras and problems for the electrical grid. A copy of the article Sun Spot Explosions is available on our website.
Everyday of 2010 I included in my morning check of weather, news and sports. Nothing unusual appeared on their site. A few sunspots appeared and disappeared. Filaments appeared and disappeared.
NO Solar Explosions

July and August 2010 presented astrologers with 13 interesting planetary phenomena. All of us looked at it from our particular point of view and made predictions. Mundane astrologers looked at the problems with the Euro, political protests in various countries, stock market activity and nothing seemed very unusual. I was convinced that this string of phenomena would be some sort of solar storm and expected to see a huge number of Sun spots appear along the equator of the Sun. I expected them to erupt and cause all sorts of havoc around our solar system. However, as Spaceweather reports they did not realize the magnitude of the eruptions until they analyzed all of the data from their various solar instruments. Finally on Dec 13, 2010 the article link above appeared in the official science media.
"On August 1, 2010, an entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnetism snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space. Astronomers knew they had witnessed something big."

Again December 7-13. 2010 I expected that the Heliocentric planetary phenomena would cause major disruptions on the solar surface. reported Coronal Mass Ejections however these particle sprays went up instead of across the planetary plane.
Space science expects the sun spot activity to increase during 2011 and 2012 peaking in 2013. A smaller grouping of planetary phenomena occurs in June and July of 2012. Therefore I'm expecting 2011 to be rather quiet on the surface of the Sun. However, experience has taught me to keep my eye on Spaceweather. Sometimes our Sun acts like Uranus.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning December 5,  2010 - Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook by Kaye Shinker.

The New Moon is in Sagittarius. The Sun entered the sign of  Sagittarius November 21st at 5:15 am EST.
Happy Solar Return to Sagittarians born between December 5 and December 20
and Capricorns, born between December 21 and January 3rd, Happy Solar Return!
Sagittarians will be the happiest people on earth this month. They have packed their book bag full of interesting new ideas and are ready to enjoy every gathering with fantastic new creative projects. Sag’s are inviting everyone to visit their garage or spare room to check their ingenious creativity. 

Early Capricorn’s pay attention to your Sagittarius buddies. You might make a profitable investment. What ever you invest in be sure you have a majority control as well as control of the cash flow.

Both signs need to evaluate their personal library and share the books you love as well as the ones you no longer need. Late Sagittarius will happily share their ability to create fun events. They will enjoy entertaining their friends with intellectually challenging games.  Early Capricorn's are challenged to use their abundant energy to help others and give away their surplus. 

This Month For Sagittarius
Shopping will be a dangerous sport after December 10th.  Get ‘er done. Have a great a holiday party and enjoy all your friends. It would probably be a good idea to move your funds into high yield stocks before December 10.  You will be very busy throughout December and trading requires focused concentration.

This Month For Capricorn
You are in charge and your leadership skills are in demand. This could be a month when you will actually earn a bonus. Make sure you invest the funds in blue chips that pay dividends.

If you were born between December 10th and December 30th, you will have Mercury Retrograde in your Solar Return. If your birthday falls during the dates that Mercury is retrograde, expect to spend the year ahead doing everything twice. During Mercury Rx the most useful way to spend your time is to repair stuff, recyle stuff and reduce your stuff. It is also a good time to declare recess, and rejeuvenate in another region of the country. When shopping, if it costs more than $15 you shouldn't buy it; but if you do, save the receipt.

Deanna Rose discusses Mercury through the houses in your Solar Return chart in her book, Easy Predictions with Solar Returns.

On the web site you will find the article, Venus- Money in Your Chart. Be sure to read it for directions on How to Construct an Astrological Treasure Chest. 

More for all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site.

We suggest that you also read your Ascendant (your Rising sign), as well as your Sun sign on our web site - to read your sun sign's forecast on our web site go to:

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The New Moon in Sagittarius

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:

The Sagittarius New Moon appears in the 9th house (refer to chart)
The New Moon at 13° 28' Sagittarius, December 5, 2010 12:36 EST Washington D.C.
The New Moon promises everyone an opportunity to travel and make new friends around the world. Trading with folks will be interesting and profitable. The holiday season promises to help you organize your philosophy. Books will be the best gift this holiday.

Legal and Judicial activity abounds on Wall Street. New laws and rules are issued by government agencies keeping the legal departments of financial firms very busy. Most of the legal issues probably require mediation. Rules changes will keep programmers busy and managers busy explaining the changes.

Everyone else will organize celebrations and find inexpensive ways to entertain their families and colleagues. This holiday season is perfect for relaxation and good fun.

Mars appears in the 10th House
Emphasis is on the Chief Executive Officers of all companies. Many will find it convenient to retire and change their life style.

Mercury appears in the 10th House
Scandals abound keeping reporters very busy and writers outlining their new book. New MBA graduates could find these scandals an employment opportunity.

Pluto appears in the 10th House
Government leaders will attempt to exercise additional controls on financial institutions. Since Pluto entered Capricorn they have been striving for additional power and authority forgetting the many unintended consequences. Government and other authorities will succeed where they can exercise their taxing authority. 

Neptune appears in the 12th House
Charities are riddled with scandals. Contributions will diminish and many charities will threaten to fold. Whistle blowers who work in important institutions will take to the web and protests will continue to be organized.

Jupiter appears in the 1st House
Folks will enjoy the energy of Jupiter as he brings prosperity and success. Employment will increase and business will find interesting new products as well as new customers.

Uranus appears in the 1st House
Folks take seriously their disagreements with regulations and legal authorities. They will display their outrage with boycotts. 

Saturn appears in the 7th House
Trade with other countries will be difficult and aggravating.

Venus appears in the 8th House
Tax revenues will increase due to higher employment and a better business environment. Local Governments will benefit with higher sales tax revenues.

Kaye Shinker

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