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Australian Dollar

Travis asked about the future of the Australian dollar AUD in relationship to the US Dollar USD.  

The Australian dollar became official Feruary 14, 1966 and I gave it the time of 12:00 pm half way through the business day which is what we do in financial astrology when we do not have an exact time. When you see 12:00 pm on a chart it means pay attention to the planets and their aspects and ignore the houses.  The capital of Australia is Canberra

For the history of the AUD verses USD I used the statistics available on the web site  Fortunately the historical chart of the exchange rate between the AUD and USD tracks the currency for 20 years. and gave me the opportunity to check 

Here is a brief history of the AUD verses the USD.

In 1972 it cost 84 Australian dollars to buy 100 US dollars. In 1982 the dollars were par. In 1992 it cost 136 AUD to buy 100 USD and in 2001 it  cost 194 AUD to buy 200 and in 2002 it cost 184 AUD to buy 100 USD.

When the AUD began its Sun was at 24 Aquarius where Jupiter is currently transiting and it had a stellium of Mercury Mars and Saturn in Pisces. 

At the moment it costs 110 AUD to purchase 100USD. The question is will it take fewer AUD to buy USD or more and how will Jupiter influence the exchange.

1982 Par  Jupiter in Scorpio trine the Pisces planets

1992 Jupiter in Virgo opposed the Pisces planets

2001 Jupiter in Gemini conjunct the AUD’s natal Jupiter

2002 Jupiter in Cancer trine the AUD Pisces planets 

It appears that Jupiter produces too many AUD in relation to the USD.

Trend for Jupiter transiting Pisces

Jupiter was in Pisces in 1986 when the AUD was allowed to float. That year it cost 150 AUD for 100 USD and the following year 1987 the AUD was 143 to 100 USD. Therefore the AUD gained in value and then stabilized from 1988-1997.  In 1998 Jupiter returned to Pisces and the AUD was 159 to USD 100 and continued to deteriorate until 2001 when Jupiter returned to its natal position in Gemini.

Now we have a pattern for Jupiter in the chart of the Australian dollar. Jupiter trine its Pisces stellium or conjunct its natal Jupiter tends to produce too many Australian dollars and therefore they lose their value when used to purchase US dollars.

Does this help the Day trader?  It gives the trader first the overall trend and then it tells him that an aspect of transiting Jupiter to the chart of the Australian dollar will tend to increase the number of AUD it takes to buy a USD.

Research using Jupiter Transits

Here is the page I used

during November and December 2009.  Here are the steps we need to consider.

1. Jupiter is applying by transit to the Sun of the AUD. Therefore trades could exceed fractions of a penny.

2. Jupiter made the following aspects on trading days when the moon was not void of course.

3. Now we need to know did the AUD go up from the day before or did it go down 



Nov 3 Moon square Jupiter   .902 day before it was 900 therefore up

Nov 5 Moon trine Jupiter  .905 up

Nov 9 Moon opposed Jupiter .919 up

Nov 10 Sun square Jupiter .926 up

Nov 13 Moon trine Jupiter .930 same

Nov 16 Moon square Jupiter .934 up

Nov 18 Moon sextile Jupiter .931 down

Nov 23 Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus square Jupiter  .915 same

Nov 30 Moon square Jupiter .907  up

Dec 2 Moon trine Jupiter .919 up

Dec 11 Moon trine Jupiter  .914 up

Dec 14 Sun sextile Jupiter  .913 same

Mars Dec 20 and Mercury rx Dec 26 

Dec 28 Moon square Jupiter

Dec 30 Moon trine Jupiter 

The overall trend is that it takes fewer AUD to buy USD right.?

But we know that Jupiter will leave the conjunction to the AUD Sun. Will this trend change?

The next outstanding problem for the AUD occurs in 2010.  In January the AUD chart shows its Capricorn Venus will be hit by the  Eclipse.   The Central Bank's Capricorn Sun (January 14, 1960 at 10:00 am Canberra) will be hit. The January eclipse will be visible in Australia. 

I discuss the power of eclipses to the charts of exchanges, nation's event charts  and stocks in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.  

Note the previous blog has a chart for the USD.

USA Dollar

Shanghai Daily offered the opinion that there are not enough dollars in the world to buy U.S. Treasuries.  This is probably truer than anyone would like to admit. The reason Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct the Dollar's Pluto.  I've mentioned this a few times on our blog stating that it is probably a huge problem for the value of the dollar.  

During the past week the value of the dollar has increased several cents against the Euro. Which would make sense with Jupiter applying to a conjunction to the dollar's Pluto therefore increasing the power of the dollar.  Neptune conjunct the Pluto of the dollar gives the illusion that the dollar is powerful. When Jupiter leaves the conjunction in early January it will square Saturn then oppose Uranus. The 2009 year end expansion of the value of the dollar will come to a screeching halt waiting for news of an international dispute to send the illusion of its value up again as Jupiter makes a trine to Neptune then Mercury. 

However Neptune remains within the conjunction of the dollar's Pluto allowing the illusion of its power as the world's reserve currency in tact. Another way of expressing Neptune's influence would be volatile evaluations of its power resulting in chaotic trades in the currency markets. Gold, T. Bonds, and equities would be seen as safe havens and their valuations would increase.
The Illusion of Mortgage Backed Securities
The only comparison available would come from the opposite transit of Pluto conjunct the Neptune of a particular stock. One dramatic instance is the over leveraged bonds sold by Bears Sterns.  Bears Sterns was unable to cover the rapid requests for redemption of the bonds they packaged. The firm was sold to J.P. Morgan.
March 17, 2008 J.P. Morgan Chase purchased Bears Stern for $2 per share.  The Incorporation chart for Bears Sterns (Aug. 21,1985) has Pluto conjunct Neptune on that date.  Astrologically the energy sounds like it is the same Pluto and Neptune are together creating the illusion of power or giving power to an illusion.  A few financial companies organized in 1985 have survived but their stock prices are in the single digits. 

It is interesting to contemplate the possibilities.  

Thursday, December 17, 2009

January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
NYSE, for the month of January, 2010.January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for NY NY, The NYSE

Click image to view full size calendar.

January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Astrological Calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
FTSE, for the month of January, 2010.January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for London, England, The FTSE

Click image to view full size calendar.

January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX

Astrology calendar showing the day and times of planetary aspects for the
ASX, for the month of January, 2010.January 2010 Astrological Calendar - Transits for Sydney, Australia, The ASX

Click image to view full size calendar.

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Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning December 16, 2009 - Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook
by Kaye Shinker

CapricornHappy Solar Return to Capricorn Suns. If you are a Capricorn Sun, life is really a challenge to keep in proper order.

And Happy Solar Return to late Sagittarius Suns. If you are Sagittarius, you have been having a lot of fun!

Advice for everyone - not just for Capricorn! During the past few years I have encouraged every Sun Sign to save some money, limit their trading with excellent stops and to develop hobbies. Since it is the holiday season you might take some of your spare cash and spend it on items that will help you earn money on your own. For example: My son the farmer bought a new plow, and I bought a new printer. Mercury is retrograde from December 26, 2009 through January 15 2010; therefore, to avoid mistakes and returns of merchandise, make your purchases before December 26.

A lunar eclipse with a super full moon foretells earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, or blizzards in your neighborhood. It is a good idea to be ready with your favorite emergency supplies and your box for your computer and important papers.

This Month For Capricorn

You could probably use a new hair style and some new clothes; you might like to join a health club too. Be sure you have a good supply of vitamins. It is time to make sure you are the best you can be and able to make an excellent first impression.

Capricorn, we suggest that you also read your Ascendant (your Rising sign), as well as your Sun sign on our web site - to read your sun sign's forecast on our web site go to:

For all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site. (Remember to also read your Ascendant, or Rising sign, as well as your Sun sign!)

If you would like to receive your financial outlook before the next New Moon, please subscribe to our newsletter

The New Moon in Sagittarius December 16

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month.

The New Moon is in Sagittarius, however the Sun will ingress into Capricorn five days later. (Click here for Kaye Shinker's Winter Solstice report which examines the economic trends for the following three months.

Happy Solar Return Capricorn! And Best Wishes to all Sagittarian's still celebrating their Solar Returns. Read your financial horoscope in our monthly Fiscal Cents predictions.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2009The New Moon appears in the First House, here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:
(Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Book 4, page 30, will help you interpret the new moon for your own country)

It is hard to imagine, but generally speaking, the USA feels self confident and happy, healthy and wise. Negative folks will be told to get an attitude adjustment. Folks are euphoric. They feel like they have come through a troubled 2009 and are looking forward with optimism to 2010. They plan to enjoy the holidays and the time off with family and friends and everyone has a few extra gifts neatly wrapped for an unexpected guest.

Folks are happy and very appreciative of nature's bounty. They are full of energy and ready to enjoy their favorite winter games. Wherever they go, there seems to be a party. Energy levels are high with good songs, good stories and plenty of jokes. Take lots of pictures.

Pluto in the First House
The best time to announce difficult economic news is during a holiday season. The public has been hoodwinked and is very suspicious of authoritarian type proclamations. Therefore, even fully documented announcements are seen as fear mongering.

Mercury in the First House
Quite a few folks have invented themselves out of economic problems by striking out on their own. Some of these activities are promising. The Initial Public Offerings market is a busy place as successful companies see the week before the holidays as an excellent opportunity to sell a portion of their enterprise.

Jupiter in the Second House
Financial institutions are quietly returning profits to their shareholders and employees. They are able to make secure loans as the nation finally understands that adding taxes does not increase revenues. The electronics industry has been able to export their wares with increased success allowing profits to return to the parent companies.

Neptune in the Second House
Fraud and dishonesty are lurking behind the scenes. The trend of paying cash for purchases will continue as people avoid adding new debt. Theft of secret formulas and patents becomes a problem. Hackers are found stealing trade secrets just for the glory of being caught. Loan-sharks will make headlines.

Uranus in the Third House
Wet weather, especially west of the Mississippi, is a problem. Communications will tend to snarl and delays will be felt everywhere. Vehicles of every sort will find unusual ways to break down adding to the general cost of personal transportation. Parts supply shops will be busy as a result.

Mars in the Eighth House
Here Mars is all about using energy to deal with death, taxes, accounting, and insurance; in other words, paper work. Every category is asking people for more energy than they believe should be required. Sitting down, filling out forms, and writing the same information over and over is a royal pain. Mercury is retrograde until the next New Moon so this is as good an excuse as any to file away all of the paper work that is driving you crazy.

Saturn in the Ninth House
International shipping will find pirates require some drastic new defense weaponry. International courts of justice are under attack. Treaties and agreements between foreign countries will blatantly treat each party unfairly. There is a point where fairness is required when currency is exchanged. These exchange rates will be a major topic of discussion.

Folks will find it hard to believe that we are supposed to be celebrating religious holidays that proclaim peace and freedom.

Venus in the Twelfth house
Charity that is tax deductible will flow, increasing the treasuries of institutions with a good reputation for distributing their donations. Institution's financial position will improve as a result. All have had a great deal of problems balancing their budgets, and donations are coming from some unexpected sources.

Kaye Shinker
Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at

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Jupiter in Pisces

January 18, 2010 Jupiter moves into Pisces  This is a short visit.  He enters Aries June 7, 2010 returns to Pisces September 9, 2010. He returns to Aries January 22, 2011

My optimistic view is the nursery tune Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Jupiter means an abundant supply.  During most of 2009 he transited Aquarius.  He produced an abundant supply of electronic stuff.  Therefore the prices for electronic stuff plummeted.  It did not mean that all Technology type equities lost value, it meant that the best of breed gained value and their competitors lost value. 

The markets world wide get very nervous when Jupiter changes signs.  The problem is that the public changes its mind about what it wants.   December 2009 Jupiter was in Aquarius. The public wanted anything and everything that they could recharge or plug into the wall. There were plenty of items. The companies who produced popular items found the price of their stock increased. Apple computer had the most popular items and in 2009 the price of their stock increased 100%. Remember when you wanted an I Phone last year? Dell’s offerings were less popular therefore their stock price increased 10%.

Which Pisces type equity will win the battle?  

Pisces is all about fuel and energy. Jupiter is all about an abundant supply. Jupiter’s previous transits of Pisces were 1962,1974,1986,1998.  Price of gas adjusted for inflation was $1.34 in 1974, $1.42 in 1986, $1.40 in 1998, and  12/10/2009 $2.79.  Price will go down? The 1973-4 Oil Embargo ended in March of 1974 several weeks after Jupiter entered Pisces.

What energy do you plan to spend money on this year?

When Jupiter changes signs the emphasis of favored market sectors switches. In January 2010 markets will start the year by being very nervous even when Mercury turns direct on January 15.  It will probably be February before the traders adjust to the sector change. Usually one or two sectors related to Pisces will begin to appeal public and then the stock traders. Gas, oil, drugs could be the first to gain popularity.  In the Textbook for Financial Astrology I discuss all of the economic sectors ruled by Pisces.  Each Textbook gives you additional information on Jupiter transits.

On page 33 Textbook One I start you off with some of the areas of the economy ruled by Pisces.  Think about some of the industries involved in these areas.

Pisces rules some scary things that can become treacherous when found in abundant supply. For example: illegal drugs, alcholoic beverages, crime, and prisions. Imagine an abundant supply of drugs with very thin profit margins. Imagine an abundant supply of alcholic beverages and cheap wine. Chronic unemployment can increase the crime rate and therefore the number of prison inmates.  Unemployment will attract entreprenuers in these areas and law enforcement will have some real problems keeping up with people who are unable to pay for their additctions.

Pisces rules chemicals, oceans, and surplus materials 

Pisces also rules fantasy, photography, dancing and film.  Look out UTube. 

As for a surplus of fish. You knew I would finally get around to FISH Eat them while they are cheap.  Fish oil will keep you heart healthy.  Rejoice all the good for you diet food and what do you know, there will be an abundant supply of hospitals. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Learn Financial Astrology

News analysts and reporters have reported numerous scandals and Ponzi schemes throughout the past few months. They summarize the reports with the warning that you must make your own decisions, remember to be diversified and if it SOUNDS too good to be true it probably IS.  Strange that the 'mainstream media' has ignored many of these scandals preferring to report on scandalous behavior of sports/pop icons.

The Astrology

Current transits for the world are Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Neptune and Chiron. In addition Neptune is transiting the USA Moon (public)  until February 2012. Neptune is allowing the public the opportunity to be very susceptible to fraud, and deceit. Saturn on the other hand is forcing transparency as it travels past the USA Neptune over the top of the chart and on to a conjunction with the USA Saturn in 2011.  The USA 4th of July chart has suffered since November 2008 when Saturn applied to the USA Neptune and Neptune applied to the USA Moon.( July 1979 and July 1980 were the previous transits of Saturn to USA Neptune.) 

The world is euphoric because of the conjunction. Americans are even more euphoric than the rest of the world since the conjunction is applying to the Moon of the 4th of July chart.  Optimism prevails throughout the stock market and even the dollar has gained a bit of public confidence. 

The exposure of scandals are just getting started. Saturn is at the top of the USA chart. The accounting departments of American businesses are attempting to gather cash to keep their companies out of debt. They are cutting inventories, laying off workers, selling subsidiaries and spinning off parts of their companies.  This is the role of Chiron who is also transiting the USA Moon.

Like to Learn More?

Check out my class offerings.  I use the Chat room format which gives you plenty of chances to make sure you understand the concepts and the aphorisms of Financial Astrology. Starting date Dec. 13, 2009

Scattered throughout the various New Moon and Ingress reports The Textbook for Financial Astrology.  I wrote the Textbook for traders, investors and astrologers to enable each to use the information provided by the cycles of the planets to make intelligent decisions when purchasing various investments.  Read each New Moon report carefully as Saturn is approaching Libra announcing changes in the Dow, the New York exchange and the NASDAQ.


 I mention at the bottom of page 1 in Book 1 of Textbook.

"Most of us start investing because we have earned enough money to put some away in an IRA or Keogh or other type of retirement account.  What ever happened to the high interest rates on a Certificate of Deposit--nice, safe,?no-brainer??  Suddenly we?re required to make a decision  There are so many options.  Do you buy stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?  If you study the business section of the newspaper, the advertisers and writers have millions of suggestions for you.

Who ever told you you were too stupid to manage your own money. If you are clever enough to make the money then you are clever enough to manage your own investments.

If you are clever enough to earn a good living with a little bit left over to invest, then you are should be clever enough to take care of your own financial accounts. You pay your bills and shop intelligently then you are smart enough to learn the material in my Textbook.


It is a tremendous leap of faith to write a check and allow an adviser to invest your hard earned money in the risky business known as the financial markets. .   

If you have learned the foreign language known as Astrology, you are undoubtedly astute enough to learn and comprehend the language of financial markets.  If your are able to learn the foreign language known as Finance, then undoubtedly you are astute enough to learn and comprehend the language of astrology.

My Textbooks take you through both languages step by step.  I am always happy to answer your questions and classes are available.

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Astronomy and Astrology

Leah's Fifth Question

How does astrology compare to astronomy?

This one is easy.  Astronomers and astrologers look at the sky and say Whow .  Astronomers go back to their lab and grind another piece of glass so they can see it better.  Astrologers go back to their books and say what does it mean and how can I relate this to everyday life.

Astronomers  count and measure and count and measure and explain to the public what they see or don't see.

Astrologers count and measure and count and measure and interpret what they see.  They explain from experience how what they see has influenced the past and how it might influence the future life of humans. 

During the past week Scientists have been taken to task for fudging the data used in their statistics.  They have rearranged data to fit their theory of rising global temperatures. The public kept saying this is not our everyday experience.  We are wearing more clothes not less. Finally they were caught with their E-mails down. 

The public trusted their analysis was correct, however they manipulated their data and lost their public trust. 

Their failure was to not take into consideration the power of the SUN. 

Right now I'm watching the Sunspots. We have had 780 days of no Sunspots and that means in Alaska no colorful Auroras. To the Eskimos that means no caribou for supper this winter.  To the weather historian it means colder weather.  To the astronomer it means send up another space probe and see if there are any spots on the other side of the Sun.  

We could be ready to enter an Mini Ice age with cool weather dominating the Northern Hemisphere in July  and the Southern Hemisphere in January. 

Astrologers write you a note everyday. It is called Sun Sign astrology. We remind you that the primary power in our solar system is the SUN. 

And just to help you out a little bit on the fiscal side of your life, I write a monthly column called FIscal Cents.

Also we add to our offerings concerning the power of the SUN a gem of a book called Easy Predictions with Solar Returns