Friday, October 29, 2010

USA Saturn Return

Aphorism for a Saturn Return
About every 29 years every chart suffers a Saturn return. The aphorism is that if you are on your correct path, you will feel as if nothing happened, if you are on the wrong path you will be kicked in the pants until you correct the errors of your ways.
In the USA Sibley chart Saturn appears in the 10th house stating that the business of America is business. Since the USA Saturn is in Libra, one of the huge advantages of doing business with an American corporation is contract law. Once a contract is signed the American contract laws apply to the business deal. These laws are pretty straight forward and easy enough for a college Sophomore to understand.

Saturn Returns Past
Saturn returns for the USA indicate a new business emerges after a period of business disruption due to the necessity of rebuilding the economy following a difficult change in methods of doing business. Whole business sectors fail, and whole new ones emerge.
Saturn will return to 14 Libra December 2, 2010, March 20, 2011 and August 21, 2011. In other words we will have 9 months to straighten out the business of America and find new ones where we can invest our time and cash. Previous Saturn returns were October 1981 (PC's appeared), September 1952 (home appliances), November 1922 (autos). None of these are particularly memorable years except they are a time one innovation spawned a plethora of inventions. Suddenly a new machine became available to ordinary Americans and new businesses prospered. Of course the buggy whip, wash board, and white-out businesses failed, but new businesses took their place.

Future Ideas
Staring in November it is important to follow every news source for innovations. Follow the Penny Stock news, and the companies filing for IPO's. Neptune will sneak into Pisces in April 2011 stirring change in things ruled by Pisces. Check the Textbook for Financial Astrology for lists of these things.
Change will happen and small investments can pay off. Cash/gold have been king for the past two years because intelligent investors have been sitting on the sidelines anticipating the change. Sources for electric power is the obvious one at the moment. However there are quite a few others including new materials for shoes, simplified water purification, and innovative methods of agriculture production.
Investors with long range goals need to be as alert as ambitious entrepreneurs. This site is particularly interested in new businesses and we will report on ideas as they appear.


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