Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Idiot & The Moon, Compleat & Utter Lunatic Idiot's Guide to Trading Stocks

Author of The World at Large reports for Astrological Investing, Randall Ashbourne, a former journalist and political strategist turned stock trader, has written an eBook designed specifically to help new traders find their feet – or burned out traders regain theirs.  Randall's book combines years of trading experience with a keen understanding of which technical tools work, as well as some unique astro-trading discoveries.

Randall is a dedicated student of astrology, has used astrological techniques combined with technical analysis as a stock market trader. His background in journalism made him well equipped to research and write, a talent that he used much to the wide approval from readers of his World At Large reports,  a previously posted weekly technical marketing report written for Astrological Investing.  Since then, Randall has been heavily engaged in trading the stock market - as well as researching and refining methods to increase profitability.

Readers and subscribers who have been with us back when Randall wrote the weekly reports, remember Randall's other widely read and highly regarded articles on our web site; two of his most popular, almost timeless and definitely worth re-reading, are: The War of the Gods , and The DOW Theory.  Though written several years ago they are filled with helpful knowledge of how the markets are influenced.

On a personal note, Randall shared his trading techniques that he outlines in his book with me approximately 6 months ago; since then I have been using these techniques in my trading.  His new book, titled, The Idiot & The Moon, Compleat & Utter Lunatic Idiot's Guide to Trading Stocks is now available in our Astrology Shop.

This is a short and simple, yet serious book that promises to increase your profitability and reduce your trading losses using a unique trading tool he calls "The Idiot".  This book explains a simple method that will tell you "precisely what to watch for so you can let your profits run safely and exactly when you need to cut your losses and get out fast." ( Randall Ashbourne) 

 Randall's Idiot is nothing less than brilliant!  

It has been an incredibly accurate and predictive tool for trading and I would NEVER buy another stock without using these techniques! - Marley

Readers interested in Randall's trading techniques will be intrigued by his latest article on our web site, Moods of The Mood - in which he states, "Trading the mood swings of the monthly Lunar cycle will produce three-to-six times the profit of a simple, buy-and-hold strategy. I know that’s a dramatic call, but I intend to prove it... (read Moods of the Moon)


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