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The New Moon in Sagittarius, 2011

Astrological Investing will be in transition for a period of time due to the sudden passing of my dear friend and business partner Kaye Shinker. Although we worked together preparing articles and newsletters, Kaye was the creative author of the New Moon newsletter and Fiscal Cents. Most of the articles and blogs written for the web site and the blog were her writings. However, before her passing she had prepared the November, and December New Moon Newsletter, and Fiscal Cents, which I will share with you today and in December.  Additionally, Kaye had written the Winter Solstice for 2011 and the year ahead for Fiscal Cents which will be posted on the web site in December.
Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at
New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; below is some of what Kaye Shinker predicted for the month ahead.
New Moon in Sagittarius, Nov. 25, 20111 :10 AM EST
The New Moon appears in the 3rd House (refer to chart) Non USA members can set up a New Moon chart for the capital of their country. Textbook 4, page 30 of the Textbook For Financial Astrology, will help with interpretation the New Moon chart. (Note the house position of the New Moon in the chart in the capital of the country.)

Solar Eclipse at 2° Sagittarius
The event is visible from high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere and includes southern South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania and most of New Zealand ( NASA Eclipse web site.) These areas will feel the effect of the eclipse with increased geological activity and severe warm weather storms. Expect political change and unrest in this area. An eclipse seems to create a rip in the earth's magnetic field in the area where the eclipse is visible, therefore expect increased atmospheric activity.

Sagittarius New Moon
The focus of the Sagittarius New Moon is make sure that every vehicle purchased is covered by warrantees, and every educational opportunity is worth the time and energy required. Mercury is retrograde in the New Moon chart, therefore avoid purchasing big ticket items. It is also a good idea to save all of your receipts.

Super New Moon
The Moon is perigee or at its closest point in its orbit around the Earth. Super Moons often predict natural disasters such as severe weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity. Richard Nolle created the term "Super New Moon". Click through to his article and explanation of the term.

The weather forecast is grumpy. It is time to find your umbrella and boots or muffler, gloves and earmuffs. Now is the time to purchase a battery backed up surge protector and a generator.

Moon phases (for our subscribers who trade using phases of the Moon)
New Moon,  November 25, 2011, 1st Quarter Moon, December 2nd;  Full Moon, December 10th;  Last Quarter,  December 17th;  next New Moon, December 24, 2011.  (Read Randall Ashbourne's article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle

November 24 - Mercury retrograde at 20° Sagittarius
Yesterday Mercury turned retrograde, therefore it is an excellent time to schedule vacation. Adventures are promised, but be sure to pack any carry-on luggage carefully. It is important to double check all appointments as well as times and dates for Holiday parties. Holiday gift shopping needs to be accomplished prior to the Mercury retrograde station. Mercury direct occurs December 14. Shoppers will find excellent bargains. Retail stores will be required to make drastic markdowns as folks naturally have difficulty deciding the exact item to purchase during the three weeks Mercury is retrograde.

It is best to avoid purchases of items over $20 while Mercury is retrograde. It is not a good idea to sign contracts, or purchase big ticket items. it is a time to do things that start with “re” . Example: read,recycle,repair, restore. During a Mercury Rx the markets slide up and down only to return to where they started 90% of the time.

Interesting note concerning the 2 degree Sagittarius eclipse: (Read The Textbook for Financial Astrology II, page 83.) The aspect pattern for the Dow Industrial Index is a kite. The Sun is the head of the kite, therefore the Dow is always trying to soar higher. The tail of the kite is the Moon, therefore the kite sometimes catches a downdraft and its flight path dips and dives. The Dow Index has the Moon at 2 Sagittarius. Expect the Index to dip and dive throughout the year ahead. Also expect a change in the mix of stocks in the Dow 30.

Companies with planets at 2 degrees Sagittarius will find the next year challenging.

December 10 - Lunar Eclipse at 18° Gemini
( NASA Eclipse web site.) Lunar eclipses are fun to watch. I consider them to be far less difficult than Solar Eclipses. As to markets they are usually non events, however combined with Uranus direct it could be a very exciting day with weather problems changing family celebration schedules. Keep your cell phone charged and handy.

December 10 - Uranus direct at zero Aries
Uranus direct does not indicate a change in market trends. Seventy-five per cent (75%) of the time the markets obtain a balance and do not move either direction for the few weeks surrounding the station point. However, this station is at the Aries Point simultaneously with the Lunar Eclipse. Fortunately December 10th is a Saturday!

Erratic weather is a problem, therefore the commodities markets will find traders anticipating short supplies of all items traded - particularly metals.

December 14 - Mercury direct at 3° Sagittarius - YEAH!! SHOPPING!

Jupiter trine Pluto at 5° Taurus / Capricorn (continuing)
Jupiter began an applying trine with Pluto starting with the Fall Equinox. It will end with the Spring 2012 Equinox.

Everyone will strive for personal success. Agriculture and Business will find plenty of work with energy to accomplish the goals they set. Business in emerging markets will remain successful throughout this time period.

The exact aspect marks an up market and the midpoint of an extended period of buyouts, mergers, and mega deals.

It is also a warning of bankruptcy among various financial institutions. It is very important to check the debt obligations of equities on your list of possible investments. Folks need to repeat the mantra "Cash is King" when judging investments and managing their own budgets.

The Sagittarius New Moon appears in the 3rd House (see chart above) The New Moon in the 3rd focuses attention on vehicles, elementary education, and neighborhoods. Folks are thinking about keeping their vehicles in good repair and considering whether it is cost effective to replace them. Neighborhoods are concerned about the quality of elementary education and will begin to organize ways to improve their schools. Internet sites that offer solutions will be popular. Labor and management find agreements difficult to obtain. Local government and medical institutions are particularly vulnerable to labor disputes.

Mercury appears in the 3rd House
The focus is reviewing transportation requirements and repairs of current vehicles. Neighborhoods are devoting their attention as to the best use of their tax dollars on elementary education as well as local transportation. Folks are evaluating the costs involved with their telephones, cable and internet contracts. They will prefer to pay less. Print publishers will find bankruptcy a viable option.

Venus appears in the 4th House
Events at home are the preferred way to celebrate this Holiday Season. Businesses that cater to home parties will be busy. Folks who are shopping for a new home will find an excellent selection of properties and friendly mortgage payment options. It is wise to not sign any paperwork before December 15th.

Mars appears in the 12th House
Employees in government, charity and the medical industry find working conditions difficult at best. Scandals continue to plague the industry adding to the number of job openings at the management level.

Jupiter appears in the 8th House
Tax collections improve and it appears that the insurance industry could earn a profit. CEO's and political leaders are retiring from their positions. Markets are volatile during this Mercury rx, then improve slowly as the month ends.

Click this link to find out what Saturn in the  2nd House, Uranus in the 7th, Neptune in the 6th, and Pluto in the 4th house have in store for us this lunar month!

The New Moon forecast gets updated on the day of the New Moon on our web site. The next New Moon will be: New Moon in Capricorn, December 24, 2011.

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