Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trading the Moods of the Moon

As Randall Ashbourne mentions in his eBook, The Idiot & The Moon, astrologers have been aware of the effects of the Moon's moods for a long time.

We have seen short-term price highs occurring in the financial market with New Moons.

Yesterday the DOW briefly passed 13,000 for the first time since May 2008. The day after the New Moon we have begun to see things in another light! Stocks closed lower Wednesday for the first time in four trading days.

The Moon begins to grow, shedding new light upon us. We see in this new light that there are challenges to face. We are no longer under a hopeful spell and full of optimism. Optimism begins to fade.

Today, the day after the New Moon, it was quite choppy trading in the Pisceans waters! Oil prices swung back and forth, and equities either stalled or remained in negative territory. We wonder, does our economic situation warrant such highs? Apparently we are not sure, and so it shows.

There is so much risk out there. And, as astrologers we understand cycles, transiting aspects, and the whole concept of "as above, so below". But something so simple as knowing how the 28 day cycle of the Moon can affect the financial market is, well… simply too simple – even for us! We can be disbelievers as much as the people who scoff at astrology! How can it be that simple?

Readers of The Idiot & The Moon, when they try Randall's method of using the Moon phases with a filter he calls The Idiot, (because it is so simple!) are impressed. They not only prove it to themselves that it works, but some readers have even found interesting and more profitable variations using the Moods of the Moon and the "filter" Randall reveals in his book.

What is wonderful is that they are so pleased with the results they share it with us.
And, as astrologers, we definitely should not only take advantage of our understanding of astrology, but be willing to share this knowledge!

Here's a letter from a reader that Randall received just the other day and sent to me to share with you:

" Hello Randall,

"…I like the simplicity of the phases of the moon and I couldn't believe it could be so easy. So to prove it to myself I constructed a spread sheet starting with selling 1 share of SPY on Dec 30, 2005 and continuing with the pattern of selling 1 additional share on Q1, buying 3 shares on FM (to get long 1 share), buying 1 additional share on Q3, selling 3 shares (to get short 1 share) on NM .... I entered the prices of the opens and the closes on my spread sheet to see if there might be a small advantage to trading the system on the opens.

To my amazement the system does work, but you knew this already. What I also found was that by entering trades at the opening prices you would have out performed the trades entered on the close of the day, except in 2006. From Dec 30, 2005 until Feb 7, 2012, trading 1 share of SPY, the system profited $207.78 using opening prices and $160.53 using closing prices. And in 2008, when the system trading the closes showed a small loss of -$6.50 per share and the opening prices showed a profit of $42.80 during the same time period. " JM

Randall's reply to him was, "… I'm glad you've found the information useful and, having proved it for yourself (not to mention finding an even-more-profitable tweak), I hope the combination of some of the simple methodologies outlined in the book help you make future dreams come true. Warm regards and best wishes" – RA 

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