Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heads Up! Venus Rx May 15

Venus goes retrograde on May 15, five days before the new Moon Solar Eclipse.  Venus going retrograde often coincides with a market reversal when a cycle crest or tough is due.   

The markets have entered an ever- changing climate of unpredictability now as the impact of  the station of Venus retrograde begins to have an affect. On the day of Venus retrograde world markets will be extremely volatile.

Since Venus rules money,  don't be caught by surprise if the  Federal Reserve Board goes back and forth on decisions made.  World leaders and global banks will revisit and reevaluate past polices. When monetary policy changes occur one should not be surprised to see reversals in interest rates, currencies, and the stock market.  
 Venus rules values, and when retrograde it is not the best time for mergers, acquisitions, new business partnerships, social events, and weddings.  Nor is it a good time to purchase high ticket items.

In the market Venus Rx coincides with reversals.    Have firm stops in place - this is an extremely volatile time in the market!

June 5/6 - Transiting Venus crosses over the face of the Sun!More than a century will elapse before the next transit in 2117. You might want to go outside and have a look!  After that, there will not be another Venus transit crossing the Sun until 2117 (December 11).


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