Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mercury musings

by Marlene Pfeifle

Mercury is RX and nothing can be assumed. Even astrological expectations!
Randall Ashbourne's Eye of RA report for the week beginning July 15 discusses "Targets for the Top of the Bull Market," and that the normal Mercury Retrograde spurt-and-reverse cycle has not played out. He reminds us that astrological expectations never over-ride technical conditions.

Markets are usually volatile during Mercury Rx, and Mercurial Mishaps may occur to shake up the market. It is a time when normal price support and resistance lines fail. Randall discusses the technical conditions in his weekend report.

Upcoming this week is the powerful Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine, July 17-19.

Additionally, on July 27, 2013, as the Moon transits Taurus, another powerful and very rare astrological pattern called a Grand Sextile, or Star of David, will occur. A sextile is an astrological pattern that presents us with opportunities - this Grand Sextile should highlight the influence of two very powerful Grand Trines.

I wrote in my New Moon newsletter that this upcoming Grand Trine between Jupiter-Saturn-and Neptune by itself, is fortunate, and should add a stabilizing effect for businesses in the gas, oil, and chemical sector - Jupiter and Neptune have rulership over Crude. This aspect also benefits service organizations, hospital and charities.

But I also warned that Saturn changing direction (stationing direct)may create volatility in the market. Saturn changing directions in the market has in the past coincided with market reversals.


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