Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Winter Solstice, 2013

Chart for Washington, D.C. USA
The first day of winter in the Northern hemisphere
*It is the Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere
Winter Solstice - 2013 December 21, 2013
 12:11 P.M. EST Washington, D.C.
article by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

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The energy of the Winter Solstice Chart provides the background from which the next three months work within.

Well, the world didn't come to end when the Myan Calendar ended last December 21, and here we are now, near the end of 2013, at yet another winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. (It is the Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere).

And, following the New Moon in Sagittarius, (to my surprise!) it appeared that the Grinch just might steal Christmas! But stocks finally experienced a Santa Claus rally this week. And now as we head toward the end of 2013, the Capricorn New Moon and New Year 2014, I wish all who celebrate the holidays a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And Happy Solstice!

In the chart above, the 2013 Capricorn ingress for Washington D.C., the Sun is in the ninth house conjunct the Capricorn mid-heaven. Whenever a planet is conjunct an angle it has considerably more strength and influence, and because it straddles the cusp of two houses it influences issues represented by both houses.

The Solstice Sun conjunct the mid-heaven from the ninth house should bode very well for the Government, and the President in particular, however, one must take into consideration the condition of the Sun in Capricorn's ruler, Saturn.   

Saturn is square the Leo Moon from the eighth house.
This aspect diminishes the positive influence the Sun might have in either house, although there is opportunity for good-will indicated by the sextile to the Sun from Neptune in the twelfth house.

Aries is rising and the chart's ruler, Mars, is found in the seventh house in Libra.  Both by sign and by house, Mars is not in good condition to assert his energy naturally this winter season.  Libra and the seventh house are opposite the sign of Aries and its natural house (the 1st house) which makes Mars less inclined to act decisively with a single-minded focus that makes Mars energy is known for and is so effective when acting positively.
Additionally, Mars is adversely aspected by an opposition to Uranus from the first house - This is a problematic placement for the Aries Mars! Unfortunate, difficult, and even explosively dangerous situations can arise when Mars energy is challenged by Uranus.   H.S. Green states in his book, Mundane Astrology: The Astrology of Nations and States."the sign occupied by Mars may show where the trouble comes from."  In this case it would be trouble with U.S. diplomatic relationships.

Upcoming Astrological Events of the Season

Dec 21 (Saturday) VENUS Retrograde, SUN into Capricorn
Dec 24 MERCURY into Capricorn
Dec 25 (market closed for Christmas) MARS Opposition URANUS,
Dec 29 (Sunday), SUN Square URANUS, MERCURY Square URANUS
Dec 30 MARS Square PLUTO
Dec 31 MERCURY Conjunction PLUTO , MERCURY Square MARS

Jan 01 Capricorn New Moon, SUN Conjunction PLUTO
Jan 02 SUN Square MARS
Jan 08 MARS Square JUPITER
Jan 11 (Saturday) MERCURY into Aquarius
Jan 15 Full Moon
Jan 16 VENUS Square MARS
Jan 19 (Sunday) SUN into Aquarius
Jan 30 Aquarius New Moon
Jan 31 VENUS Direct , JUPITER Opposition PLUTO, MERCURY into Pisces

To read the article in full with discussion of Astrological Events and chart analysis, and upcoming astrological events for February and March click here The Winter Solstice - 2013
All the best for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!~ Marley
Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

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