Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Idiot & The Moon, Forecast 2014

The Idiot & The Moon, Forecast 2014, by Randall Ashbourne

Randall Ashbourne's goal for all traders is to increase profitability while protecting capital  - and again he goes out of his way to help us all do exactly that in his eBook, Forecast 2014.

If you have been following the weekend Eye of Ra reports you already know by now that Randall makes what can be a very dry and difficult subject - Financial Astrology - easy to understand, quite interesting, and sometimes amusing!

With a witty and wry sense of humor, Randall never holds back, giving us his experienced professional opinion on how the markets are performing.
Regardless where the planets are, or what the planets are "doing", we have a step-by-step, page by page, directory of what we need to know in order to make money each month. 

I've described his book, The Idiot and The Moon as absolutely brilliant, and his latest book, The Idiot and The Moon, Forecast 2014 is the perfect companion for using The Idiot trading technique.
In Forecast 2014, you will learn
  • The broad astrological themes in play for the year ahead
  • Key dates in order to identify short-term trend changes
  • How the Bradley Model performed during 2013, and the major and minor turn dates for 2014
  • How Moon Trading performed for various international indices during 2013, and the dates for lunar phase trading in 2014
  • How The Idiot...the central character of The Idiot and The Moon has performed in the past.

"It's never too late to realise The Idiot may be the best stock advisor we'll ever meet." R. Ashbourne
Forecast 2014 chapters include
  • 2014 ... and let slip the dogs of war
  • Jupiter Square Uranus ... and the danger of déjà vu
  • Mars ... the mover of markets
  • The Bradley Model - major and minor trend change dates for 2014
  • The Moods of the Moon - Lunar phase trading performance during 2013
  • Month by Month - monthly astrological transits in time map form
  • Technical conditions and planetary price targets
Randall's analysis is simple, yet succinct - helping us understand complicated analysis while describing a very colorful world of markets where "Old Gods Rule". 
Click to Purchase Randall Ashbourne's eBook, The Idiot &; The Moon, FORECAST 2014- This e-Book is password protected. It can be printed and also read on your computer or an electronic reading device that is capable of reading password protected PDF files.

A note to our members at  Randall's World At large reports from years past are still in our archives; if you care to check them out you will be impressed with how his style of writing makes difficult and dry subjects easy to understand and fun to read.  I am thrilled to have Randall as my associate.
Marlene Pfeifle , CAP, NCGR I
Click to Purchase Randall Ashbourne's eBook, The Idiot and The Moon - This e-Book is password and print protected. It is published in the popular PDF format, and you can download it for reading on your computer. You will be able to highlight key sections or add "sticky notes". You can also copy the file into your iTunes library, which will allow reading on your iPad or similar device.


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