Saturday, September 19, 2009


                                                  Is another shoe about to drop? 
Folks are feeling nervous.
Could the economy roll over again? Everything seems to be in reverse. For all the talk about transparency something seems set to ambush the economy. 
Certain stuff costs more even in the big box stores.
Treasury Bonds?
A low yield could discourage domestic and foreign buyers. 
Commercial Real Estate?
Property values diminish when commercial real estate can't find tenants. 

Where do financial astrologers look for the answer?  

The symbol for the North Node looks something like the horseshoe on the left. 
The symbol for the South Node looks something like the horseshoe on the right.  

The Sign of the Transiting Nodes gives a Clue.

The sign for the current transiting nodes is where the next eclipses will fall.  2010 has the The North Node in Capricorn and the eclipse will be January 15th at 25 degrees Capricorn. The South Node in Cancer indicates that on July 11th there will be an eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer.

An Eclipse Changes Circumstance and Point of  View.

The Cancer and Capricorn Nodes have a tendency to reduce the price of real estate, your house, your office and your shopping center.  For various reasons these investments become unattractive.  In the early 70's it was stagflation and in the early '80's it was high interest rates. In the '90's it was over supply of commercial real estate and the in the 2000's the supply of houses. This time it appears office space is not required for new business, foreclosures threaten shopping centers as retail goes online, and owners of condominiums succumb to inflating assessments.

The July 22, 2009 eclipse at 29 Cancer was very close to USA Mercury, the Federal Reserve Neptune and the Dow Venus. The January 2010 eclipse will be very close to the USA Pluto and Venus in the chart for Gold. Charts available in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.

July 22, 2009 Eclipse
An eclipse to the USA 8th house Mercury means that we have to rethink taxes and insurance. Higher taxes means lower revenues for the IRS. Increase the numbers paying for health insurance and lower the cost of premiums.  Everyone has a point of view and the argument will continue for several years. 
An eclipse to the Federal Reserve 1st house Neptune makes its interest rates the focus of attention and the need to earn money by raising them.  It needs to find creative imaginative ways to generate income and raise the value of the currency it creates.
An eclipse to the Dow Venus means that the guardian angel for the Index is on vacation and although she left after fortifying the stocks in the Dow, if they misbehave she is not around to scold them and get the stocks back on their proper price track. Volatile prices reign.

January 15, 2010 Eclipse
An eclipse to the USA's 2nd house Pluto means that the old ways to earn money no longer exist and folks need to divest themselves of their material possessions and find new ways to earn money. (Forewarned)
An eclipse to the Venus of Gold means that the guardian angel for gold is on vacation and although she left with the price at its best possible level she can not guard it from volatile price swings.

Eclipses Create Volatility and Uncertainty.
When you are checking all the possible stocks to add to your portfolio it is a good idea to look at the sign of the nodes in the Incorporation and IPO chart of the company.  Then check the sign for the current transiting nodes.  Will they come close to any planets in either chart?  If so it is a good idea to go onto the next company in your idea box. 

An eclipse falling in your personal horoscope has a specific meaning. Check my articleEconomic Implications of the Eclipse in Your Personal Chart .


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