Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Birth Chart for the USA Dollar

Ben Franklin's picture on the $100 dollar bill
Pluto and the USA 4th of July Chart
Let's start with my favorite dollar the one with Ben Franklin's picture. He is so handsome.

There was a rumor around the ISAR conference in Chicago that the 100 dollar bill might give us a clue to the exact time of day when the Declaration was signed.

On the reverse side is a picture of Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. It takes good magnifying glass to see the time the engraver used on the clock. Unfortunately the hour and the minute hand are the same length. Magnified the clock could say 2:20, 4:10 or maybe even 5:10. Another tactic, let's look at the tree shadows on the engraving. Not much help. Oh dear, a closer look reveals snow on the roof. Must not be an exact rendering of Independence Hall on the 4th of July.

The time on the Sibley USA 4th of July chart is 5:10 pm which is the time I use to discuss the various mundane trends in the United States. Transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct the ascendant of that chart on 9/11/01. I believe Pluto is absolutely excellent at timing a rectification. The chart has Pluto in the second house of earned income and therefore the dollar.

Pluto and the USA Dollar chart
According an article from USA Today numismatic historical records traced the first actual dollar coin produced to Oct.15, 1794. Rumor is that the engraver took his commission right away and spent it at the local grocery store. Transiting Pluto hasn't given us an exact time, yet. We will use 9:00 a.m. but first we must check the date.

Is it an accurate chart?

Using the chart and the banking panic September 15, 2008 characterized by the fall of Lehman Brothers, transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct Jupiter of the first dollar chart which is 28 degrees Sagittarius. When Pluto was conjunct the Moon of this chart we had the Great Depression. When he transited back and forth across the dollar's Libra Sun, we had the hyper inflation of the late 1970's.

What's Happening Now to the USA Dollar?

Transiting Neptune is conjunct the Pluto of the dollar's chart, and remember Neptune is also conjunct the Moon of the USA chart. According the the research of Grace Morris Neptune is the planet representing interest rates, and they mirror the rate of inflation. Usually rampant inflation occurs when Neptune transits a fire sign. The Dollar has both money planets Venus and Jupiter in the fire sign Sagittarius. Neptune transits during the 1970's were rather difficult for the value of the dollar.

OK, Neptune is in Aquarius, an air sign, how can we have inflation? Easy Transiting Neptune and his expansive buddy transiting Jupiter are making a conjunction to the Pluto of the dollar. (Jupiter rules the fire sign Sagittarius) They move right along to make a conjunction with the USA Moon. Jupiter moves ahead to Pisces in January 2010. And Neptune is left behind to continue moving back and forth over the last few degrees of Aquarius. Neptune has every intention of confusing the power of the dollar and creating confusion for the USA public until 2012 when Neptune moves into his favorite sign Pisces.

What's an Investor To Do?
Buy The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 4 where you will find charts for various commodities, the Dollar, the Euro, silver and gold.

Then find the best time to buy gold, silver, and basic metals. Equities and undeveloped land can also be a hedge against inflation.


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