Sunday, November 8, 2009

Euro vs Dollar

Folks have been asking me about the Dollar and the Euro and what will happen to either one when traded on the open market.  Currency traders make money in factions of a cent and the discussion below gives you the general trend for each currency.  Travelers need to know how the currency they earn stacks up against the currency they need to use in another country. 

Traders: The general trend for the Euro is increasing value until mid January and then get out of the trade.  The general trend for the Dollar is also up but do not buy any contracts expiring in July.  
Travelers: Pay for your trip as much as possible in the currency you earn. Have fun!  The best souvenirs are great photos.

The Euro's birthday is January 1, 1999 at 12:00 am. Frankfort Germany. The chart for the Dollar's birthday is October 15, 1974 9:00 am? Philadelphia, Pa.  Each currency is trying to win the Black Gold medal. Charts and discussions are available in The Textbook for Financial Astrology

The week of November 8 the Euro has the advantage with Saturn trine Neptune followed by Jupiter trine Mars. The markets imagine that they see a fair and equitable structure backing the Euro. They see a great deal of energy backing the currency and the possibility that it will be the preferred paper for exchange of natural resources.  

Venus makes a conjunction to the Dollar's Neptune.  The dollar has earned some imaginary value through exports of the creative new component parts for electronic gear. Neptune has been  conjunct the dollar's Pluto since 2008. This very long transit assists the increasing power of computing industry still in early development. Therefore the dollar has supplied the leverage that mitigates the immediate needs for energy sources.

From the New Moon to the Full Moon December 1st the Euro stabilizes and keeps its value as the European banks refill their reserves.  Although Uranus will station close to the Euro's Jupiter it will only have the effect of forcing the computer maintenance workers to put in endless hours of repairs, refurbishing and installing machinery at the Euro's central bank buildings.

The Dollar takes advantage of the quiet and begins to increase its positions. Jupiter is trine the Dollar's Sun expanding its influence as a valuable paper for trade.  This aspect is followed by the exact conjunction of Neptune to Pluto the export platform that has kept the Dollar's underlying value above 70 cents.  Mid December Jupiter makes a conjunction to the Dollar's Pluto and the real trade value of the Dollar is favorably assessed.  Jupiter sextiles the Dollar's Jupiter and the Dollar's reputation continues to improve until January 11th when Jupiter makes a square to the Dollar's Saturn.  

Accounting tensions concerning fair trade come to the attention of traders. These tensions resolve with Jupiter sextile the Dollar's Mars, opposes Uranus and trines Neptune and Mercury.  Until February 26, 2010 it appears that the dollar puts up a good battle against the other currencies based on its inner strength and the value of exports sold in dollars.

Mid December the Euro has Saturn conjunct its ascendant keeping it close to home while Pluto square the Ascendant continues to force the Euro to think about its trading power.  Jupiter and Neptune trine the Euro's Moon helps the public realize that the Euro is a valuable currency to exchange for material resources, especially computing devises used for commerce.
The Euro recognizes its trading power in commerce when on January 13 Pluto makes a conjunction with the 4th house cusp. However, the eclipse is conjunct the Euro's Venus and its value could plummet quickly.

The results of this skirmish:  Dollar 2, Euro 3.  The Euro has an excellent defense but the Dollar's experienced traders are keeping an otherwise weak offense working with extreme dexterity. The battle will heat up in the Summer when the Dollar's Moon is hit by an eclipse.


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