Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Relationship Question

On the blog I will share the answers to questions asked by a young student.  Huge volumes have been written on each of her questions. 

 First question: How can one predict the nature of a relationship using astrology?

There are a number of ways depending on the type of relationship under investigation. People like each other for a number of reasons that you can identify quickly by putting together the horoscopes. Often you will find Sun signs next to each other get along very well. For example: an Aquarius likes Pisces folks and Capricorn folks.  Moon signs have to match by element for folks to have affection for each other. A person with a Moon in Gemini will adore a person with a Moon in Libra. 

But in order to have a real sexual attraction with someone that lasts for more than a week Mars and Venus for each horoscope have to match by element.  If someone has a Mars in Aries and they meet a person with a Venus in Sagittarius they will find an attraction.  Will it go beyond 'you are cute'?  Only if the Suns and the Moons also get along and then their Mercury's actually say "Hi."  
Now there is something called soul mates. This is indicated by the sign of the North and South Node.  If all of the above come together and the nodes are in the same sign you have a relationship that could become anything from a business partnership, best friends, or a marriage.  

You often find best friends are about the same age meaning that their nodes are in the same sign, If their Suns are next door or in the same element and their Moons are also in the same element then you have a long term friendship. 

Relationships also work in financial astrology
I belong to an Apple users club that started in July 2007.  Its Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Mercury of Apples IPO (the date they offered their stock for sale).  The club also has Mars conjunct the Jupiter of the date Apple Computer was incorporated. One member of the club was hired to design applications for the I phone during the past year.

My stock club has the Sun in Cancer. We reluctantly sold our stock in Barnes and Noble which had a Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer. We made an excellent profit at the time.  It was hard for the group to sell it because we loved their stores. However, Amazon was a threat and we decided to invest in their company. We won't have any trouble selling Amazon since its Incorporation and IPO do not have any Cancer planets.


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