Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sample of online chat with student

I'm posting a few lines from "H's" class on August 9, 2010 to give you an opportunity to see how an online chat room class works. When committing the time and money to a new idea sometimes it helps to see a portion of an actual class in Financial Astrology.
I believe in applying the topics covered by the lesson to the current financial news.

Below is a sample of a small part of Lesson 4

KayeS: we are being hoodwinked big time an we have been for the past 3 years while Neptune has been hovering around our Moon
H: hoodwinked.
H: ok. got it.
KayeS: I think everyone is feeling it
H: news like this fromo HP was such a huge surprise
H: there have to be many more shoes that drop at looser organizations
H: you hint at that in your blog
KayeS: today Nestles revealed that fellows hired by Mars shut down their most profitable line and I didn't finish reading the story
KayeS: corporate espionage
H: so we can expectmore strange revelatory news
KayeS: yes but watch your own stuff also
KayeS: Chris had a mystery charge on his phone bill that he would never have caught it he had auto bill pay
H: our contractorhas suddenly gotten a bit slippery aqfter nearly a year of being great
H: interesting.
KayeS: Yes and I think we are in for another 12 months and this country is going to be livid about a lot of slippery folks
H: so how do you translate a transit like that into a price swing in the stock?
KayeS: The Neptune opposed Moon
KayeS: is basically a red flag and then you look at the transits to the IPO
H: it seems a neptune transit of any kind is a red flag, no?
KayeS: Yes it is when you are looking at a corporate chart and HPQ is a real easy one to guess the price is going to be a problem
KayeS: from January through April 27 Jupiter makes one great aspect after another
H: because ne[tune has hit five planets while transiting aquarius?
KayeS: the in the IPO Neptune is conjunct Uranus not good and the Saturn makes 10 aspects in a row from Sept throug March
KayeS: right and Neptune loves slipping and sliding and deception
KayeS: HPQ should have a great year in 2012
KayeS: No Neptune transits and a string of Jupiter transits
KayeS: The company will get their act together and Miss triple Virgo is probably the heroine but in the meantime its not a good buy
KayeS: for the upside
KayeS: and it is too tricky for a short option
H: ...checking out the chart...you mean saturn will trine all those planets in gemini?
KayeS: right and they are going to squeeze every penny
KayeS: self-righteously
H: so for a short option, neptune isn't good either, I guess--you need a clearer signal that the price will go down, huh?
KayeS: It will be in interesting stock to track Neptune will fuzz up the option
H: right. so for a short do you look for clean saturn transits, or uranus if the company looks precarious?
KayeS: when you put your money down it is a good idea to avoid Neptune transits of any kind to the IPO chart as well as the Inc chart
KayeS: Right saturn is slow so you would need to give it some time on the option for day trading you need another planet or two
H: what do you look for? maybe a mercury transit (bad news reports breaking??) or mars (something with the workforce??)
KayeS: Mars is a bit slow also but you are right about Mercury and the day trader who uses astrology has to keep a sharp eye out for the Moon
KayeS: That is why we put the calendar on our blog for the Moon transits
H: the moon = the fickle market??
KayeS: Moon means always changing never name a company or a horse after the Moon Friday was a perfect day to illustrate a moon transit and it was on our blog

Before your first class we meet for a practice lesson.


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