Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nodes of the Dow

Sometimes it is fun to quote yourself. Winter Solstice 2009 I wrote an article for the NCGR Journal "The Nodes and Financial Astrology" pg. 30

My original research for the article appears in The Textbook for Financial Astrology IV. Here is a portion of the article I wrote after four of my colleagues sent E mails explaining to me that my research article should be in the next edition of the Journal.

Financial Astrology Gibberish

Will the Index continue to march back to its former highs? The Neptune Jupiter Chiron trio returns to their conjunction with the Index North Node as of December 10, 2009. Too much of a good thing and the index reverses?

Oct 9, 2007 was a reversal date and the market fell 10% only to return up 8% then on Dec. 10 the market reversed to go down 52% on March 9, 2009. the Dec 10th North node was within a degree and a half of a nodal return.

An aside to the study was twice nodal returns indicated a market up 10%. An interesting statistic however there were three nodal returns where there was no effect. The nodal return on January 1, 2008 did not mark a reversal date and the market continued its downward trend. Venus had just passed the South Node which it does once a year, but the Nodes were moving to a nodal return that would be exact January 1, 2008 and the Feb eclipse would was 17 Aquarius. The Dow average plummeted 12% . The March 2, 2008 trouble was in the wind but the Nodal return was still in effect . The Dow began its precipitous fall. May 2, 2008 from 13,000 to March 3, 2009 at 6600 or over 60%.

The nodal return was four degrees from exact and transiting Saturn was within 3 degrees of the Index South Node. The July eclipse would fall on Jupiter so a reversal seemed unlikely. The fall of Lehman Brothers on Sept 15,2008 and no aspects appeared to be available to break the fall. The January 28, 2009 eclipse would be opposed Jupiter a possible break.

The low happened on March 3, 2009 and the South node made a conjunction to Jupiter on April 20, 2009. The first ‘V’ was in and the Dow would move up 25% in the weeks that followed.

Second "V" in the Dow?

Will there be a second ‘V’ ? The next eclipse in January 15 at 25 Capricorn and it is followed by an eclipse on July 11 at 20 Cancer. There are a lot of transits in between to cause trouble for the Dow, but enough to cause a significant reversal of trend?

Oh let’s just speculate that all is quiet on the Dow until the Nodes move to Sagittarius and Gemini in 2011 and the next eclipse is 11 degrees Gemini June 1,2011 is conjunct the Sun Pluto conjunction of the Dow index. On that eclipse Uranus will also be conjunct the Index Mars. Within a month of the aspect expect a reversal of trend and make your stops secure.

Conclusion: The dates provided by Smith Barney are the actual dates for highs and lows in the Index. The dates I have mentioned under Gibberish might not fit their exact criteria, but they are close enough for nodal work. The Dow Index does not always set the tone of the market and there are numerous factors that influence its rise and fall. However the transiting nodes and eclipses have a pretty good track record.


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