Saturday, November 6, 2010

QE2 & the Federal Reserve

Show Down at the G 20 in Seoul

The Federal Reserve and the Dollar are in for a rough few months ahead as the world's economic leaders voice their disapproval of the quantitative easing of the Dollar by the Federal Reserve.
Chinese officials are not to pleased with the Federal Reserves policy of QE 2. The Financial Times article details the comments of the Chinese officials as well as other members of the G20.

The Astrologers task is to discover from the charts for the Federal Reserve if this policy will work or will it spark a currency war. Will it perform as promised? Will it make USA goods abroad cheaper, and therefore increase domestic employment.

No War
Mars represents employment and the July 11, 2012 solar eclipse was conjunct the Fed's Mars and the need for concern was real. But Mars becomes fairly lazy when eclipsed. Employees of the Fed and actually the whole country turned into monetary couch potatoes. No one was thinking and the Fed employees were just recycling old ideas that didn't work the first time. It certainly was too much like work to find other measures to move the USA economy.

The North Node is applying to the Fed Sun which along with Jupiter moving over the MC could signal a good decision will emerge around January 1, 2011. In addition the South Node will be conjunct the Fed's Pluto which would mean their power is easily recovered. It appears that Federal Reserve will succeed in spite of themselves. All of the hand wringing by critics will become a humorous anecdote.

The USA Economy?
A tremendous number of folks will find their unemployment benefits expire on January 1, 2011. The Republican House of Representatives will suggest "tough love" . It is amazing how quickly the economy improves when folks decide to work for wages.

When I set up the chart I thought I would also be a critic of the QE2 policy and I was positive that the Federal Reserve would make the mess even worse. However it appears that by mid-February we will decide that the policy was not awful. I'm surprised by the chart, now someone is going to tell me to use the November 16,1914 chart when the Federal Reserve opened its doors for business. Actually that chart has the South Node conjunct its Pluto Saturn conjunction. Same reading but the Fed will not get credit for taking a remarkably correct action.


  1. This was a refreshing point of view.

    But why do you take the solar eclipse conjunct to the natal Mars as positive? Could it mean that the realities of economic warfare have been overlooked?

    Jupiter on the MC means expansion in the world... not necessarily a good thing. Pluto on the south node... easy power... but by taking the low road.

    Sun on North node (opposite Pluto).... seems that the Federal Reserve is going to be under a lot of pressure... Sun representing life force... if it leans towards Pluto on the SN then doesn't it go against its life force? It's life force being, essentially, the mandate that it has been given by the US government... or to put it another way, against the interests of the American people (and the people of the world).

  2. A.H. Agreed the federal Reserve is under pressure but the North Node is on the Sun which means the Universe is feeding the Fed and giving it strength. The South Node on Pluto means it is releasing its power and often it means shooting yourself in the foot. Could be that Congressman Paul and friends get their way since this is a rather long transit. The Fed could get some new rules to live by.
    However Jupiter to the MC means expansion and a solar eclipse to Mars means lazy. I think the Feds are being lazy.

  3. Did you look at the China chart between now and next next summer?

  4. Yes China is a Libra and its Neptune is conjunct the USA Saturn. Neither country understands the other. Anyway they have been having structure problems and it will continue throughout 2011.

  5. What the USA saturn needs to become aware of and integrate is what China's neptune forces into consciousness through evasion and underhanded maneuverings that are ultimately destined to corrode and loosen the US view/hold on "reality" in order for our entire social supportive structure to reintegrate at a higher level of functioning. Sounds like good stuff, although the shake-out phase of this may be painful.

  6. 'try this thought' The 10 year war between Jupiter and Saturn (textbook 4)Neptune comes to the aid of his brother Jupiter.OR creativity and ingenuity is always the key to overcoming any problem.Jupiter will oppose Saturn March 26,2011 and Neptune moves to Pisces April 4th.Could be an interesting battle. Remember Jupiter wins. Reality be hanged.


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