Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold, Euro, Dollar

Time to look at these charts again.
May 20, 2010 I posted a blog with the astrological charts for the Euro, the Dollar, and Gold. Now that 6 months have passed financial astrologers are still stuck on the same topic. The Euro has returned to +$1.35, the Federal Reserve has returned to its quantitative easing, and gold has surged to +$1350 per troy ounce.

As to transits there is very little stopping gold from moving up in price especially with the Sun moving from the MC to the Asc. Of course this transit is shown in the seasonal rise of gold prices during the holiday season. Saturn squares Mercury and itself during December thus keeping speculation rather tame but Jupiter is making aspects to every planet as it moves into Aries. Feb 2012 is the deadline for goldbugs when they will have to make sure firm stops are in place. There are a lot of nuances in between where traders can jump in and out of gold with a chance for profits.

Problems with the Euro in November are the result of Jupiter square the Euro Moon along with Mars adding energy to the changes while he makes a conjunction to Pluto and Mercury. Mars and the Euro just do not like each other and every time Mars is conjunct one of the Euro's planets the Euro becomes nervous and loses a few cents. However the Euro and Jupiter get along just fine. The Euro likes a good Jupiter transit. Therefore the Euro will solve the problems of the public's perception that members are not able to pay the interest on loans made to the banks of member countries.
Jupiter was sextile Neptune through out August, the sextile Venus and square the Moon through October and in December it will be sextile Venus. Transiting Saturn square the Sun in trine Uranus has kept the price in a narrow range. Jupiter makes a string of positive aspects to the Euro planets through the first 6 months of 2011.

Neptune is finally leaving the conjunction to the USA Pluto and therefore the dollar may revive its status as a reserve currency. QE2 occurred Nov 10 with Venus conjunct its Sun and Mars conjunct its Venus therefore the concern that the markets are flooded with excess dollars. Jupiter transits January-July 2011 seem to show an increase in the value of the dollar. This increase may very well be connected to the price of oil since Neptune is sextile Jupiter and Mars throughout this period of time. Natural gas and other green energy products may reduce the price of oil and therefore increase the value of the dollar.

I think that after the January 4th solar eclipse the Dollar will hold its value through June. Lower oil prices will contribute to its value. The Euro will remain stable with their Central Bank slowly increasing the amount of Euro's available. Gold prices will move up slowly and remain below $1500 per ounce. You may disagree by posting a comment. Also check The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 4 for Silver and commodities.


  1. Wondering if you saw the documentary on 60 Minutes, Dec. 19th called States Day of Reckoning. It talks about many states and municipalities which are in financial crisis. They cannot pay their debts. The end result was that the states are 4 or 5 months away from a major run on the American dollar. Illinois has sold its state buildings and leasing them back; others are cashing in their pensions to pay state employees, California is nearly bankrupt. Hope you have a chance to see the program by logging on to cbs news website and watching it. Its about 8 min. Look forward to hearing your comments.

  2. One way out of the revenue problem that the states have is to pay attention to other states that do not have a problem. In other words cut back, lower taxes, and dispose of extra taxes. The dollar won't have a lot of problems in the near future according to this chart. Read the solstice predictions I don't see the gloom and doom of 60 minutes but then I'm not trying to sell a TV show to folks who prefer to play computer games.


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