Monday, February 21, 2011

Researching the Equinox by Ursula

Hi Kaye,

I have been practicing on a lot of different things, still think I got a long way to go, but ever since our discussion with Ted about the hypothetical planet Lilith, I have been looking at this planet. I wanted to run this past you to see if you think there might be something in it or if I am way of track.
I checked a few times when our index started going down and Lilith and the Sun seems to be in hard aspect many of these times. Also I got the book that Pat Hardy mentioned "the key to speculation on the New York Stock exchange" and checked out some of those degrees. Sometimes the degrees were on important parts, sometimes not.
I also googled critical degrees to read up more info about them.
Many of the technical indicators are showing a turn in the market so I started looking when and why.
This is what I am finding and wondering if the trend won't change around this time. Jupiter and Uranus no longer conjunct. would love your opinion.
14 march - Lilith 29 Pisces (29 deg = weakest point)
20 March Lilith conj Sun in Pisces at 29 degrees, I also read about a Moon Wobble (major environmental damage) when the Sun forms a T square to Nodes, this happen today as well. This is also the day of the Spring equinox, but it is on a Sunday.
The Moon will be at 29Virgo opposing these planets. (Moon in either Pisces or Virgo, can cause disasters that effect the stock market - same book).
21 March - Sun Uranus 0 deg Aries
26 March - Mars squaring Nodes = high volumes - selling.
Either a change in trend or a major decline for a few days. I have only looked at Lilith and what was around it not really any other planets.
Maybe I'm looking at unimportant things? What is your take?

My Take:
Lilith is an important astrological point and very little research has been devoted to the study.
My take is that the signs of change at this Equinox abound. The Super Full Moon on the 19th heralds a tremendous amount of earth changes. The Sun conjunct Uranus says capitalize on your ability to think out of the box. Uranus returning to Aries ignites the inventive spirit of everyone. There is so much to say about the 2011 Spring Equinox that my Spring Equinox article will only be able to cover about 1/10 of the changes we are about to experience. However, the markets anticipate change ahead of the exact aspects, therefore be aware of the favored sectors, watch for bubbles, and keep your stops firmly in place.
The Aries Point is important in every chart. You all are invited to share your astrological observations. OK? This equinox is a big deal.

Keep well,

Ursula has been an Astrological Investing student for the past year. She is a trader living in South Africa. She had just enough knowledge of Astrology to see that there was a relationship between ups and downs in the markets and sky patterns she knew from her study of Astrology. She ordered the Textbooks, printed the monthly calendar (be sure to print March) and a few weeks later signed up for classes.


  1. THanks Kaye for sharing this very interesting post about the major changing in the earth that are coming in March. If Ursula reads this, I am curious to know which technical indicators she sees that show a turn in the markets suggesting the market may be turning down?

  2. kaye, marlene and Ursula
    i read your articles regularly when you post it. i am not an investor but a retired person living on fixed income but like to visit your site and read and see how things are shaping up in this astrological world. i know it works and so sorry to say that but this article mentions about disaster and a horrific event has taken place in Japan. Do you think this has any significance or are we to witness some more in coming weeks or days??? please comment at your leisure. thanks as always,


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