Friday, June 10, 2011

Void of Course Moon


Students at Astrological Investing have a Textbook but also have a calendar. They use the one we place on the blog around the 20th of each month for the month ahead. You will notice there are three, one for Australia's time zone, one for London and one for New York.

The Calendar Game
Sometimes we play a game with the calendars attempting to predict the week ahead for the market in their time zone. We look at the aspects of the Moon to each planet as well as the aspects of the planets to each other. In a few months the students become very astute at predicting the daily ups and downs of each market. We consider it an up day if the index averages go up more that 4/10ths of a percent and a down day if the index averages go down more than 4/10ths of a percent. All other days are called even.

Nothing Will Happen on a VOC Moon?

Wrong! The Textbook lessons are arranged according to the frequency of planetary phenomena changes. Lesson 1 Book 1 is The Void of Course Moon. Years and years of astrologers experience has determined: Moon void of course is not good for starting a business because nothing will happen. The question then becomes is that also true for the markets? Answer: NO

Long VOC Moons Summer 2011

During the summer of 2011 there will be a number of long void of course Moons during trading hours. The dates you need to highlight on your calendar are June 22, July 6,8,12,15,29, Aug. 2,10,15&16, and Aug 25. The reason there are so many is that Neptune is at zero degrees Pisces and the other outer planets are in early degrees of their sign. Yellow highlight pens are excellent for marking this phenomena after you print your calendar page.

In the article for the summer solstice 2011 I suggested that these long VOC Moon's would predict a volatile market and indeed they do. However, it seems statistically they also predict a higher market index at the end of the trading day. During the past 110 trading days starting with January 2, 2011 the moon was VOC 18 days during trading hours on the NYSE. According to my statistics I found 14 VOC Moon days when the Dow average was up, two days the average was down, and 2 days the average moved only a few points.

Join us in the Calendar Game.

Print the calendar and mark it with up and down arrows. At the end of the month count up your score. Twenty is perfect, Fifteen, try again next month, Ten you need to sign up for lesssons.


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