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Solar Returns

Solar Returns for a Business
Believe it or not you can actually calculate a solar return for a company. It is very difficult to find an accurate incorporation time for older companies or those Incorporated is most states. However Delaware puts a time stamp on the incorporation papers as soon as they arrive in their offices. The time stamped means that the company described in the papers is an official entity at exactly the time stamped. 

Amazon's Solar Return
A Solar Return is calculated for the exact time the Sun returns to the degree, minutes, and seconds on the birthday of the company in this case.
Let's start by looking at Amazon's Solar return and maybe we can determine how the company will progress in the world of business during the year ahead. 

     1st We look at the house where the Sun appears. The fourth house has to do with home or real estate.
     Amazon is looking for new places to locate their warehouses. 
     2nd We look at the house where Jupiter appears. Oh my Jupiter has lots of friends in the third house.
     Since Amazon is in the book, education and communications business, this is a year where Amazon will be very successful with this line of its merchandise. 
     3rd We look for Saturn and where they will have problems. Saturn is in the Eighth house and that means taxes. Amazon is currently engaged in a dispute concerning sales tax collections in California.

That was easy. The current headlines almost wrote the predictions for Amazon's year ahead. 

Now let's take a look at Disney's reincorporation chart. 

     1st The Sun appears in the tenth house which represents the top executives in the company. The executives will work hard and bring honor to the company. Venus is also in the tenth and one might speculate that a female executive will also bring honor to the company. 
     2nd We look at Jupiter and it appears in the seventh house. Their Public Relations department will be very successful promoting new Disney films and products. 
     3rd Saturn in the first house of the Solar Return they will have a lot of work to do keeping the family friendly image that describes the products sold by the company.

I chose companies with a July birthday so you could see that their solar return has already begun to affect their business. As they move through the year they will use the energy of the planets in the various houses of their Solar Return. If you work for a company or own some of their shares, you might construct a solar return and see where they will shine (Sun), work hard (Jupiter), and run into problems (Saturn).
Astrologicalinvesting exclusively offers a small paperback book,  Easy Predictions with Solar Returns. It is designed for personal horoscopes. However if you look through the planets in houses as I did above then think about how would that interpretation apply to a company, you might just be able to anticipate their business in the year ahead. 

An Initial Public Offering predicts price. The Textbooks for Financial Astrology have charts for those dates. Find the Solar Return button on your computer and give it a try.  Maybe Jupiter in the second, fifth, eighth, or eleventh will predict an increased price at the end of the year along with higher dividends.
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