Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goldman Sachs Red Flags

Notice GOLDMAN SACHS being associated with the Greek debt crisis.
How and when did Europe's crisis originate? Pat Hardy posted the following quote on Facebook. I thought you might find the charts of Goldman Sachs very interesting since the Incorporation chart clearly demonstrates one of the seven Red Flags I discuss in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 2 that investors need to check before putting cash into an equity.

"Let's start back in 2001, when 17 European countries scrapped their national currencies and replaced them with the euro. The new "eurozone" bloc permitted some of its economically weaker members to borrow money more cheaply than they 'd been able to do previously, because they benefited from the higher credit ratings of the region's stronger economies.
As a result, many European countries, including Greece and Ireland, began to take on debt. (In Greece's case, by the way, this effort was aided by Goldman Sachs, which, for a fee, came up with a clever way to allow Greece to disguise the extent of its borrowing). By early 2010, investors began to worry that those two countries, and also Portugal, might not be able to repay their obligations.
Details of the financial meltdowns have varied from country to country. In Greece, the problem was a culture of tax evasion, combined with excessive public spending. (As Michael Lewis of Vanity Fair wrote recently, to get around pay restraints in the calendar year, "the Greek government simply paid employees a 13th and even 14th monthly salary--months that didn't exist.") "

Two Red Flags Warn Investors
The astrology of Goldman's loss of value to shareholders begins with Neptune opposed Mercury in their Incorporation chart March 10 2009. I refer to the aspect as "Teller of Tall Tales" or exaggerating the truth. The GS stock price was $99. Their IPO chart had an excellent string of favorable Jupiter sextile itself and trine Venus and investors brought up the value of the stock. The aspect reappeared on Aug 24, 2009 ($164), and again January 11, 2010($165). Throughout 2010 and early 2011 the Incorporation and IPO charts continued their string of favorable Jupiter aspects leading to the IPO Jupiter return April 17 2011.($155) However in the Incorporation chart Pluto opposed Moon February 20, 2011 suggesting the investing public is concerned about the honesty of management reports. This aspect repeats May 29, 2011 ($135) and again December 20, 2011. (now $92)

November 2011 Solar Eclipse
Goldman Sachs, Pluto is at 5 degrees Sagittarius and the Nov. 25, 2011 will be at 2 Sag. Very close and asking the company to rethink its projection to the world. Also Uranus will be sextile its Neptune which will help them think through their PR at the moment but it is going to be very difficult for GS to escape their past transgressions as the Ides of March 2012 find Neptune moves to conjunct their South Node.
Both Incorporation and IPO charts have a huge variety of aspects throughout 2012 suggesting some price improvement after Uranus passes the Mid-heaven initiating radical changes in the structure and management of the company. For further timing on this stock, note the Inc. Mars and the IPO Sun.

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