Friday, June 21, 2013

The Summer Solstice, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice chart for Washington D.C., 1:04 am EDT, by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP (read the article in full)

Significant Astrological Events of the Season
Significant Astrological Events of the Season
June 21 Summer Solstice,(Northern Hemisphere)
SUN into Cancer 1:04 am EDT
June 25 JUPITER into Cancer
June 26 MERCURY Retrograde at 23° 6' Cancer
July 01 VENUS Square SATURN, SUN Opposition PLUTO
July 08 New Moon, Venus trine Uranus, SATURN Direct 4° 49' Scorpio
July 17 GRAND TRINE between JUPITER, SATURN, and NEPTUNE; URANUS Retrograde 12° 31' Aries
MERCURY Direct at 13° 21' Cancer
July 22 FULL MOON, MARS Conjunction JUPITER, SUN into Leo,
VENUS into Virgo
July 26 VENUS Sextile SATURN, VENUS Opposition NEPTUNE
July 27 (Saturday) SUN Square SATURN, MARS Opposition PLUTO
July 31 MARS Square URANUS
August 07 JUPITER Opposition PLUTO
August 21 JUPITER Square URANUS
August 24 (Saturday) VENUS Square PLUTO
August 26 VENUS Opposition URANUS, SUN Opposition NEPTUNE
August 27 VENUS Square JUPITER, MARS into Leo
September 09 MARS Square SATURN
September 11 VENUS into Scorpio
September 18 VENUS Conjunction SATURN, VENUS Sextile PLUTO
September 20 PLUTO Direct 8 59' Capricorn
September 22 Autumnal Equinox, SUN into Libra

*In addition to significant planetary aspects above, is a Bradley Model Major Trend Change Date June 22 which occurs the day before the Full Moon in Capricorn (discussed in Randall Ashbourne's Forecast 2013)

Now let us look at the chart as the framework in which the transiting planetary aspects of the season act and discuss the aspects..
Click For Chart Analysis with discussion of Astrological Events by Marlene Pfeifle,CAP

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