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Oh, but we ain't seen nuttin' yet!

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning April 14, 2014 
 Volatile, isn't it? Downright Spooky. We've been discussing for quite some time now the special danger posed by this month.

And what we've seen so far is only the orchestra warming up. This week we enter a two-week timeframe when the energies involved in a rare Cardinal Grand Square start hitting maximum tempo.

It starts on Monday - Euro-American market time - when Mercury adds its weight.

Tuesday brings another boost with a lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra.

Thursday could be very interesting as Venus trines Jupiter with the Moon going into Sagittarius, a brief period when either extreme optimism, or extreme pessimism, will take hold. We've chatted before about the tendency for markets to make wide-range days with the Moon in Sadge.

And the following week, Mars, the mover of markets, adds maximum drive.

A lot of the astrological background is in the recent Archives and I see no point in rehashing the same-old, same-old. Instead, we will try to deal with the specific price levels on various indices.

Before we do, allow me to waffle a tad more about astrological "expectations". I know ... I nag about this like an irritating Virgo witch. Tough titties.

Astrology is complicated. Very complicated. To be able to predict, with accuracy, what is likely to happen, one needs an accurate "birth" chart.

 One can make generalised predictions ... but the reality is they're often about as useful as the Sun sign horoscopes in a tabloid. But to make specific predictions, one needs a birth chart ... and then one needs to sit for hours actually studying the intimate details of that particular chart.

There is a form of shortcut we can use for financial markets ... because we can calculate the EXACT price levels which will have an impact IF price hits those levels on the EXACT day of the transits.

And that's what we'll look at this weekend.

 Firstly, though, we'll return to a chart we've looked at quite a few times during the past couple of months ... the primary planetary prices affecting Pollyanna, the SP500.

 We've been discussing the heavy resistance provided by the Pluto level priced at $1876. Polly has now dropped through the $1824 Neptune level and is close to the first of two Uranus lines. On Monday, Mercury will conjunct Uranus. It could bounce from $1811 ... or continue dropping to $1788.

Now let's take a look at all the price levels which could be very important to this idex over the next couple of weeks as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto set-off this explosion of Cardinal energy.

Apart from this Monday/Tuesday, the most important dates are the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday of the following week. Decisive closes through these price levels on those days will probably determine the future of the trend.

We also need to watch for bounces within a dollar or two of these exact price levels.

Because Pluto is involved in the Cardinal Grand Square, the future of gold is also at stake. As we know, the Sun and Pluto are gold's "natural" planetary rulers and have an important impact on trend direction.

That'll be even more important over the next few weeks.

The next few charts show the relevant price levels for, in order, the ASX200, the German DAX, London's FTSE and India's Nifty.

Now, that's probably the best I can do in terms of "prediction". I've been "expecting" this timeframe to bring in a long-term High. There are other astrologers who expect it to bring in a Low.

Yada-yada/blah-blah. Forget the expectations and remember this ... No contact, no impact. You have the dates, you have the price levels for various indices.

Watch for bounces from, rejections from, or closes through those levels on those days.

Oops. One more thing. I need to create a 2nd Quarter Archives page. In the meantime, (if you are reading this on the astrologicalinvesting blog) you can access last week's Eye by scrolling down.

Randall Ashbourne

Safe trading - RA
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