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Gold ... pressure building for a fast move

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning May 26,  2014 

 We'll concentrate this weekend on having another look at the short, medium and long-term charts for gold.

Mars is now back in direct motion and we have just passed the third hit of the sweet spot trine involving Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio.

It didn't take long for the Marshun themes to reveal themselves. Russia and China concluded a deal which will slowly alter the balance of power, economically and militarily, on a global scale.

And in Thailand, the generals finally got fed-up with the political mayhem and staged yet another coup. Thai coups d'etat tend to be relatively well-mannered. I was living in Hua Hin at the time of the previous coup and my next-door neighbour happened to be the guy who got tossed ... Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thaksin kept a very nice villa in the holiday resort, used largely I think so he could change clothes before being driven a few kilometres down the road for an audience with the King, who has made the summer palace his home for many years.

Hua Hin is surrounded by military bases and on the day of that coup, senior officers literally went door-knocking through the town, reassuring foreigners in particular there was no need to be concerned.

Astrologically, there are only a couple of significant events this week - both of them on Wednesday, New York time. We get the Gemini New Moon on the same day as a Sun square to Neptune. It's also the day Venus shifts from Aries into her primary home sign, Taurus.

We looked last weekend at price targets for the SP500 in relation to this weekend's Jupiter-Saturn trine. The Pollyanna index fell short of hitting the nearest target, despite a fairly strong performance for the week.

Since American markets will be closed on Monday, I'm not sure those particular planetary lines will now have the same degree of strength to either turn or accelerate the trend.

There are two relevant price targets, for Polly, for the Sun square Neptune aspect - $1912 and $1867. A fairly precise touch of either, followed very quickly by a change of direction, would suggest an intermediate change of trend is starting.

But, closing decisively through either of the levels - on the day of the aspect - would tend to accelerate the move.

However, it's time we took another close look at the price of gold and its potential impact on gold and silver stocks, many of which seem to have overdone their move to the downside. We'll start with a couple of daily charts.

My Sun-Pluto chart is first. Most of you will be familiar with this. After bouncing off the $1273 Pluto level, price regained a rising primary Sun line. However, for the past couple of weeks it has been on a slow slide down a falling secondary Sun line.

A Bi-BB chart, with Fibonacci Retracement levels, is next. What is interesting is that the gold price appears to have been in a consolidation phase on top of the 50% Rx level. On top of, rather than below, is a sign of strength. The Big Bird oscillator on the chart above and the fast MACD on the Bi-BB chart both hint there is reason to be optimistic about that strength.

So, too, does weekly Big Bird on our next chart. For the moment, it has not breached the trendline. Given the height of the peak Big Bird put in when price made its most recent high in mid-March, I think we could be reasonably sure price will make a higher high on its next move northwards ... probably into the mid-1400s as a minimum.

Our next chart is gold's long-range Sun-Pluto planetary pricing, with only the wide-scale primary lines shown. While price has lost contact with the rising primary Sun line on the daily and weekly charts, the monthly bar is still trying to cling to the rally angle.

It's probably worthwhile now to take a close look at the charts of the various miners, looking specifically for those with a slow build-up of positive divergence in the daily and weekly oscillators.

That's a wrap for this weekend. Before I go, one quick word about my home index, the ASX200. Yes, the old bat ran into trouble yet again at the Saturn barrier on her Weekly Planet charts. Check the chart I published last weekend and amend the prices by about $5 or so for the week ahead.

Randall AshbourneSafe trading - RA

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