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No Eye ... and almost no I

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning May 5,  2014
This time a week ago I was in a hospital emergency department seldom more than a few racing heartbeats from death.

A whole team of doctors battled continually for hours to stop my heart from exploding, or my lungs from imploding.

I had meant to take my phone to the bedroom that Friday night. I didn't ... and struggled for almost an hour to make it the 15 feet back to my desk when I realised I needed an ambulance urgently.

For the next few hours I was in and out of the emergency resuscitation unit, constantly surrounded by doctors wearing worried looks and asking me just how far I wanted them to go to revive me if my heart stopped or my lungs did.

"If my heart stops, whack it with whatever you've got ... it's strong enough to take it. If my lungs stop, do nothing."

The prospect of "life" hooked to a breathing machine made the choice ... uncomplicated.

To the two officers of the Stirling Ambulance, the entire ED team at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and the nurses and doctors of Ward S2, please accept my, quite literally, undying gratitude. You saved my life.

So, that's why I wasn't around last weekend, waffling on about markets. At other times from now on, I'll be taking further breaks from weekly reports.

The fact is, folks, there's not much to gain in raging against the dying of the light. Priorities change according to the stage of Life you're currently in ... and there are quite a few of considerably more interest to me than writing about Spooky Stuff or answering emails.

But, but ... we might as well do a bit of that now, since I'm here anyway, eh?

I'll deal with my home market, the ASX, first. A few weeks ago I showed the key levels to watch on the ASX 200 (as well as other indices) as the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto Cardinal Grand Square became exact.

Those price levels for Auntie were 5536 or 5263. As we can see on the chart below, the old bat made a precise hit on target and right on time and has been backing away since, despite Wall Street's attempts to continue levitating. In fact, the highest Close was at 5536.10. Ten cents off. Tsk*Tsk.

The implications are that the Australian market is likely to face continuing weakness. It's not absolutely certain, simply because the index ended the week maintaining a tenuous grip on an important technical level ... the 618 Fibonacci Rx level of the post-2009 recovery.

There are two other very important signals from the above chart we must take into consideration. The rally has long fallen outside the main tynes of the rising pitchfork, but continues to respond to the Fibonacci extensions of the fork. This is in stark contrast to the main Wall Street index, the SP500, which we'll look at in a few minutes.

Note also the continuing deterioration in the state of the three main Canaries. The green Fast Bird and the medium Red Bird are negatively stacked against the blue Big Bird, which is also starting to display negative divergence.

The key here is whether the index can maintain its position above that Fibonacci Rx level in the early 5400s. Should the weakness continue, Auntie's Weekly Planets chart probably gives the best guide to the targets likely to provide Support or Resistance.

Now, let's turn our attention to Pollyanna, the SP500. Big Picture first. Just do a quick eyeball of the next chart so you can see how price continues to cling to the middle tyne of the rally pitchfork.

It's a lot stronger than the Australian index. That's probably because we spend our money on a universal healthcare system, rather than allowing the Reserve Bank to spend umpteen billion dollars a month making thieving bankers even richer. Different priorities.

And now that we have the broad overview, we can take a closer look at that chart, where it's easier to see Polly's tenacious grip on that rising central tyne of the fork as price sashays either side of the line like Saturday night dancers at the Belle Star.

We should note that the weekly Big Bird is looking as if he, too, might end up in the emergency resuscitation unit before long.

Still, in terms of primary planet prices, Polly also maintains a grip on the topside of a key, long-range level at 1876. The Fat Lady is still singing.

If there is any hint which way stocks are likely to go in the short-term, it may be in gold's Friday performance. It regained in a day the previous four days' worth of losses.

In terms of the weekly chart, we now have two bars standing tall on their tails after retests of the 1273 horizontal Pluto support as price tries valiantly to cling to the rising Sun line.

Also favouring some muted and cautious optimism about gold's rise is the fact that its Big Bird oscillator maintains a position on the northern side of a rising trendline.

Astrologically, the heavy weather takes a break for most of the coming week. The next major aspect doesn't occur until next weekend when the Sun opposes Saturn.

After that, though, Venus in Aries will do the whole Grand Square routine again.

If I have the time and energy next weekend, I'll try to catch you up with a few of the Euro/Asian indices and we'll look at some price targets for the Venus aspects.

Thank you to those who wrote asking if I was alright after my non-appearance online last weekend. I am ... now. Sort of. I mentioned recently that one needs an accurate birth chart to try to determine if Big Things Happening Out There will have an impact on a particular entity.

Silly old bugger that I am, I managed to totally ignore the fact that the recent Lunar Eclipse Full Moon triggered the angles of my birth chart, that the Solar Eclipse was conjunct my natal Midheaven and that two of the main players in the configuration were stuffing around with the 6th (health) and 12th (hospitalisation).

Luckily, I guess, my natal Jupiter stands permanent guard at the door of my 12th, a guardian angel position, and the transiting FatBoy was happily romping, exalted in Cancer, through my 12th and approaching the Ascendant.

And as much as an unaspected, 5th House Sagittarian Sun guy just loves the FatBoy and regards him as a pal, I gotta tell yuh, Jupie ... I've gotta love those ambos, docs and nurses even more!

Randall Ashbourne

Safe trading - RA
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