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Venus & Jupiter ... the Lion's love-in

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning August 11,  2014 

 A few weeks ago, in "Storm warnings in space", I indicated the astrological weather patterns were making a dramatic change and could generate a superstorm.

There's a good chance we'll see a lull in the storm over the next week, with Venus changing signs to Leo on Tuesday and heading for her annual conjunction with Jupiter.

In the symbolism of the Old Gods, these two are the "benefics". It's the Prince and the Showgirl heading for a kissy-smoochy love-in ... in the, uhm, theatrical sign of Leo.

Leo loves to be adored. Venus is adorable. Ask her. And Jupie ... well, he's head honcho. So, just plug Katy Perry's "Roar" into your iPod and wait out the paw-nography.

That conjunction takes place on Monday week, August 18. I suppose that amount of bliss will take a little while to come down, but it shouldn't be too long.

Because the Monday after that one, the 24th, Mars will conjunct Saturn and Venus will move to square both of them. And remember, this is not diplomatic Libran Mars ... it's fight-to-the-death Scorpio Mars.

So, let's start this weekend by looking at the past track record of the key aspects ... Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mars conjunct Saturn. In the chart below, the annual Venus-Jupiter love-ins are the blue bars; the two-yearly Mars-Saturn conjunctions are the red bars.

At least Pollyanna, the SP500, tends to rise consistently into the Venus-Jupiter aspect ... even, take note, during the Bear market from 2007 to 2009. The Mars-Saturn conjunctions aren't quite as reliable in providing strong evidence of price reversals.

I said last weekend that we should see some relief from the pressure last week. It worked for Wall Street and some other markets, but as we see increasingly now, it was far from universal.

Still, as a general indication, I'd expect Venus-Jupiter to provide a lull in this overall storm and will be interested to see just what sort of bounceback rally the Leo love-in can generate.

Before we go to Spooky Stuff planetary price charts, I thought we might return to the simple technical charts. Mercury changes signs to Virgo this coming week, so turning the "mind" to the techie side of things is really quite appropriate.

We'll start with the Dow Jones Industrials again ... and my apologies that this is now getting a little "busy". Okay, this was the one which issued the warning shot a couple of weeks ago with a break of the blue uptrend line. The January drop chomped up $1247 and last weekend the current decline had eaten $714.

I also said last weekend that the depth of the Big Bird oscillator's dive indicated the price drop had further to go. By Thursday's low, the DJI decline had reached $817.

We also took a look at the Dow's weekly chart, marked with a three-line blue uptrend channel and three orange horizontal Support and/or Resistance levels. So ... this is what happened. We got both the further price drop and the expected relief from the pressure, with the Dow still trying to stay on top of the top level of horizontal support in its weekly charts.

It will be very interesting to see if the usually positive price performance going into the Venus-Jupiter conjunctions can get the DJI back inside its uptrend channel. And that probably also now applies to the Pollyanna index. What's interesting about these two is the relative weakness of the Dow.

Note that in the earlier chart, it declined below the 382 Fibonacci Rx level, while the SP500 turned above that marker and recovered to the 236 FiboRx level on Friday.

I'll come back to Polly's planets in a moment, but there is another technical chart we need to have a look at first. I've chatted with you about the dive in the DAX and its dramatic retreat from its Pluto price high.

The German index might be double-bottoming at the level of the March Low, marked with the short, orange horizontal below. But. More to this story.

Have a look at Big Bird. Price might be same-same as March, but our long-range Canary has fallen off his perch and is gasping horribly for non-toxic air. It's a clear warning sign that the "storm" I talked about a few weeks ago hasn't blown over the horizon just yet.

Okay, enough with the techie twaddle ... let's get back to The Vacuous Troll's planetary prices. You know ... the serious stuff. Okay, last week I had the declining Mars price line at $1944 and Pollyanna's high for the week was $1942.92.

I'd have thought she should be able to climb above Mars in the coming week, and if she does, we need to watch how she handles the $1958 Node price line.

Now to my home market, the ASX. We do now have some fairly severe damage. The index has badly lost the Saturn price line, which was at 5530 for last week. It now becomes Resistance. Again.

The weekly Big Bird oscillator has also dived into unhappy mode. That sprint northwards to the 5629 Neptune level is now beginning to look more like a false break rather than a dinky-di breakout.

Safe trading - RA

Randall Ashbourne (Disclaimer: This article is not advice or a recommendation to trade stocks; it is merely educational material.)
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