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Desperately seeking harmony

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning September 29  2014 
 The Sun has changed signs to Libra and early this coming week he'll be joined by the sign's ruling Queen, Venus.

Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, diplomacy and fairness. Yeah. That's what the Librans love to tell you. They're good at public relations ... in so many ways.

The glyph for Libra is a set of scales. And they're a bit like a broken clock that's right twice a day.

Because, dear reader, we all know scales are in balance only when they're empty! So, Life in the Libran lane is a constant back-and-forth as it seeks balance, equality and harmony ... actually only achieving it for short periods of time until the next little breeze upsets the delicate balancing act.

It's a see-saw, tilting first this way ... then that way. What does it mean for stock markets ... and money, since Venus also has specific rulership of money?

It means anything which swung too far that way is about to start swinging back the other way! Awww ... yuh thought it was gonna be nice?

Nuh. Afraid not. It's just going to exacerbate the volatility we've been discussing for the past few weekends.

We've now had the first hit of the Fire trine ... Jupiter in Leo trined to Uranus in Aries. And in many markets, the "obstacles" collapsed.

The ASX200 and the FTSE are a couple of examples. Here's the FTSE update from last week. The chart has "lost" the marked prices, but you can look them up in last weekend's edition, via the Archives.

London just collapsed through the 6734 and 6703 markers from last week ... but did find at least temporary support at the listed 6615 price, making a Friday low at 6615.10. The ASX200 collapsed down through the 5415 and 5385 markers, but stopped dropping a few dollars short of the marked 5294 level, with a weekly low of 5309.80.

Germany and Amsterdam declined into close hits of the Jupiter/Uranus price crossing and held. Here's the DAX chart updated.

And it was a ditto for greenback gold, which made a spike down to a rising Mars price and closed the week on top of FatBoy and the Frootloop.

Now look, I'm bored with waffling on about Old Gods and the current aspects. We discussed it at length over the past couple of weekends. Just remember the Mars trines to Uranus and Jupiter have yet to become exact, so we're still in the period when the boundaries are likely to fail.

Let's have a look at what Pollyanna's see-saw looks like. The SP500 is still roughly in the middle of the Bullish price channel it has been riding since around this time in 2011. The Big Bird oscillator is tilting the other way, but is still holding above the Bullish +100 level.

Daily price bars continue to range within the Nodal bounaries at $1960 and $2000. Friday's bounce took the price back in contact with a rising, light green Sun line and a falling, dark green Venus line.

Blah, blah, blah. Time for a bit of favoritism and I'll deal now with my home market. Firstly, the danger ...

Auntie, the ASX200, has fallen off its uptrend line. We still have two days of trading to finish before this bar cements itself, but it's not looking good. The Canaries have been stacked in negative mode for months and the last price peak came in with a significantly lower peak in the Big Bird (the blue line oscillator).

Red Bird (medium-term) and Green Bird (fast) have fallen off their perch ... badly. We have clear warning signs the Australian stock market may be rolling over from vaguely Bullish to distinctly Bearish.

Auntie's Weekly Planets chart is below and the weekly Big Bird has gone into a death dive. Despite the fact we're now in the statistically negative period between New Moon and Full Moon, it is possible that the Sun/Venus entry into Libra may try to swing the scales back in the other direction.

However, at this stage, it's looking more likely to be a corrective bounce, rather than a resumption of the Bull.

Overall, as with the other indices, we are in the hands of the three fiery Old Gods making a Grand Trine with each other and need to watch carefully and stay nimble for the next couple of weeks.

Safe trading - RA

Randall Ashbourne (Disclaimer: This article is not advice or a recommendation to trade stocks; it is merely educational material.)
Copyright: Randall Ashbourne - 2011-2014

Astrological Investing's associate, Randall Ashbourne, author of the eBook, The Idiot and The Moon, and The Idiot and the Moon, Forecast 2014, writes a free weekly column titled, The Eye of Ra on his web site in  which he explains the potential impact of astrological aspects and the current state of technical conditions. Ashbourne's charts are revealing illustrations of exactly what has occurred in the market and the probability of what to expect.

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