Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Austin Astrologers Retreat with Chris Brennan

Texas Retreat at the Margaret Austin sponsored by the Austin Astrologers Feb. 27 through March 1 featuring lectures by Chris Brennan. He is absolutely an excellent teacher. The topic was the ancient predictive methods of Hellenistic Astrology. An extra treat came with Maria Mateus's explanation of the constellations bright and glorious in the Texas night time skies. The Crescent Moon conjunct Venus added drama to the sky show.

I believe that the ancient astrologers such as Vettius Valens had to be fast and accurate to survive. We know the best customers of the ancient astrologers were sea captains sailing the perilous Mediterranean. Therefore I'm always searching for business astrology clues as I read the translations. I have found scattered throughout the ancient literature some of aphorisms that work with today's corporate charts. This was especially true concerning the place of a planet's Joy. I've found a few other interesting bits and pieces in the writings and I knew a bit of active listening to Chris would add to my list of ancient truisms.

Chris understands the ancient writings and therefore very able at explaining the discoveries of Project Hindsight.

What did I learn this time?

There is an interesting technique that may be applied to individual stocks. Annual Profections determine the time lord of the year. It is a very quick technique. Using the ascendant plus the age of the company enables you to calculate the planet that will dominate the company chart during the year. Example: Intel was 20 years old on March 1. It has Taurus rising and is ruled by Venus, In its 20th year its time lord is Capricorn or Saturn. In the Intel Incorporation chart Saturn is opposed to the Sun suggesting management changes throughout the year.

Using the planet that is lord of the year you can quickly examine the condition of the planet in the companies chart. It is a quick study to check all of these Profections with the Company charts. 39 year old Wal Mart has Sagittarius rising and the current lord of the year is Pisces or Jupiter. In my Textbook for Financial Astrology I include the Incorporation charts for the Dow 30.

March 1st came in like a Lion even in Texas, and we gazed at Leo rising above the eastern horizon with Aries just above the western horizon. The fierce windy cold weather was on the attack. Aries will rise in the east March 31.

Oh, the food was absolutely excellent. Melanie has a superior knack at herding astrologers. (similar to herding cats).
I had a great time.
Kaye Shinker

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  1. It was nice meeting you Kaye, and it's always a pleasure meeting someone who uses Astrology different than others I've met (referring to your financial bent vs consultative).


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