Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keep your $ safe

Venus Retrograde continues through April 17th.
Venus according to financial astrology represents earned income and when she is retrograde she is busy researching all sorts of new ideas as to how to increase the supply of earned income. For example: the Japanese curious to know why cars were not selling engaged some researchers to find out why young people did not choose to spend $8100 per year in taxes and insurance just for the convenience of owning a car.
Venus retrograde is pushing everyone to rethink their budgets. People are discussing ways to add to their earned income, ways to spend their income judiciously and ways to profit from the resources they have available. Hopefully they are all taking notes and discovering hidden gems within their own environment.
Venus retrograde is also helping folks understand where they are throwing money and resources into a black hole. Whether it is an environmental problem or just wasted pennies around the house. Paper towels, plastic containers, leftovers are essentially trash waiting to happen. Small changes in habits and household routines eliminate the wasted money. People are also learning about using time and energy efficiently and trying evaluate ways to economize.
Individuals should take a look at the placement of Venus in their chart to obtain further information. For Example:Venus in the ninth might spend the retrograde period exploring the internet looking for ways to earn money sharing their knowledge. Click here to read my article on Money in Your chart
All economies are engaged in quite a bit of introspection into the elements of what is a wealthy nation. Hopefully by April 17th we will have enough answers to begin working on projects that accomplish the task.


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