Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aries Fiscal Cents

Aries is getting clobbered by the Venus retrograde. And to make matters worse it is during the solar return for Aries which means they have to squeeze every penny twice until their next birthday. About half of the Pisces Sun Sign have the same problem including me therefore empathy is available.
Until April 17 each Sun Sign is suffering with Venus Retrograde. Venus in Aries finds all sorts of reasons to be depressed, tired, anxious, and miserable. In financial astrology Venus represents earned income and what the government doesn't take off the top, new excise taxes and higher insurance premiums will. You may ask questions by writing a comment

Aries New Moon begins March 24, 2009
Fiscal Cents predictions begin with the New Moon.

Happy Solar Return to Everyone born in the sign of Aries.
Venus turned retrograde in Aries on March 9 making life very challenging for Aries. It will turn direct on April 17. If you are born between March 8th and April 17 then Venus retrograde will appear in your Solar Return. This means that during the year ahead you will have to work twice as hard to earn your money. However the house placement of Venus retrograde in your Solar Return will be very important. Easy Predictions with Solar Returns gives excellent delineations to guide you through the year. Every Sun Sign should be extra cognizant of the need to save the receipts for every item purchased. Basically Venus transiting the sign Aries is always a challenge. Each Sun Sign has to expend every bit of extra energy just to get started on a project.
On the web site you will find the article that delineates the house position of your natal Venus, Money in Your Chart, be sure to read it.

Aries: Venus is in Aries for a long time this year, therefore take advantage of every opportunity to earn money. Keep your cash out of your sight preferably in a bank. You have once again been pushed into a leadership position. This would be a good month to take a few classes then teach your employees everything you learned.
Follow the link for Fiscal Cents predictions for all the Sun Signs.
We suggest that you also read your Rising Sign as well as your Sun Sign.


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