Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturn vs Uranus: Duel of the Decades

Ancient bards explained the origins of the universe with fantastic tales. Uranus was lord of the universe and with his sister/wife they gave birth to the Titans. Saturn was among the Titans and he wrested control by castrating Uranus. He cast the testicles into the universe and the result according to the myth is Venus. But wait a minute, what happened to the other ball? Could it be that Saturn's pitching arm was not as strong as the mythologists suggest and the other ball is Titan, one of Saturn's moons.

The space probe Cassini is sending all sorts of information about Titan. Astronomical speculation is rampant about the age of Titan as well as the similarity of its atmosphere to Venus.

Stephen Smith reports on the Electric Universe website

"The principle tenets of Electric Universe theory is that the Solar System has been the scene of catastrophic encounters between charged planetary bodies at sometime in the recent past. Electric fields interacting with gigantic clouds of plasma caused major disruptions both in orbital arrangements and geological stability among the planets and moons. Indeed, many new objects may have been added to the mix in the form of cometary bodies scaling down in size from something as big as Venus to particles small enough to make up Saturn's rings."

It appears that science is slowly catching up with mythology. The moral lesson of myths has always been obvious. I believe if each myth is examined closely there is an astronomical lesson, an astrological lesson and even an economic lesson. I summarize several myths and their relationship to economics in the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book Four.

The synodic cycle for Saturn and Uranus is approximately 40 years. At the conjunction the two get together as in the early 1990's and at the opposition they start dueling. We have four more sets in this duel to go. Two are scheduled for September. The helio duel happens the first week of September and the Geo duel around the Equinox. It should be exciting.


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