Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dow Jones Shuffle

Only 30 Blue Chip Cards Allowed in the Deck.

Did the energy of the planets zap these companies that were too big to fail? Maybe poor little demoted Pluto stacked the deck. If you have The Textbook for Financial Astrology you might check all of the charts for the Dow and see if Pluto is ready to zap yet another fine old established Blue Chip company that is to big to fail.

"t" Pluto, Uranus, and Mars did a fine job of destroying AIG.
I use a "t" for as a symbol for a transiting planet.

For General Motors Incorporation chart it is t Mars conjunct Jupiter, t Pluto opposed natal Pluto, the t South Node conjunct Saturn and an approaching Nodal return. The same is true for GM's IPO which was issued only two months after its incorporation. Last year when GM's hole was so deep it couldn't climb out Pluto was conjunct GM's IPO Sun and Uranus was conjunct Chiron. (Chiron seems to be important in company charts)
Citigroup's Incorporation chart has t Pluto conjunct Uranus and Saturn. The IPO chart has the t North Node conjunct Neptune. They could survive but not until they spin off a few divisions.

Here is your new data. Any astrological ideas why these companies replaced the former giants of the DOW ?

Travelers (TVR), Incorporation Mar 5 1853 12:00 pm LMT St. Paul Mn, IPO Feb 27 2007 9:30 am EST NYNY

Cisco Systems(CSCO), Incorporation Dec. 10 1984 12:00 pm PST Sacramento Ca. IPO Feb 16 1990 9:30 am EST NYNY.
Remember last fall when AIG was replaced by Kraft (KFT) , Incorporation Dec 7 2000 at 5:00 pm Delaware and the IPO is June 13 2001 9:45 am EDT NYNY
The announcement Monday June 1st of the changes to the 30 stocks that make up the best-known barometer of Wall Street comes as GM enters bankruptcy protection, a move that was widely expected.
Dow Jones said in a statement that Travelers the property and casualty insurer and one-time division of Citigroup would replace its former parent. Cisco, which makes computer networking gear, is filling the hole left by GM after 83 years as part of the Dow.
Kraft replaced AIG in 2008.

The actual changes will be in effect June 8, 2009.
Data courtesy of Michael Munkasey's Comapany Data


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