Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Forecasts a Recession?

Notice the Length of the Mannequin's Skirts.

A Wall Street aphorism states: 'Long skirts for women predict economic hard times.'
During the past few months I have noticed that many women have decided to cover their legs with longer slacks and long skirts. Are designers trying to create a martket? Is this truly a Bear market? Are the girls cold?
A deep recession can force designers for retail dress shops to promote a new fashion that will attract customers. Thrifty shoppers will insist on getting the best value for their dollar therefore asking for more fabric. A deep solar minimum where the Sun has been spotless for 90% of the time can be associated with global cooling.
The Summer Solstice predicts a volatile stock market that has a chance of moving up, but September has a rash of tough aspects suggesting a number of bubbles are ready to burst sending other market sectors into another tailspin.

Optimistic Markets during the Summer Months

June, July and August should find the market averages gradually increasing in price and volume as people begin to feel confident that the economy has reached a plateau. Pay close attention to your personal purchases. Quality and guarantees are your primary concern.

Most industries have exhausted their inventories and those of you looking for employment may find temporary jobs as these companies begin to return to last years production schedules.

Housing will continue to be a problem because demographics do not support an increase in supply. The same demographics do not support new car purchases. The baby boomlet is almost 18. They will not buy a new car for several years and they are likely to pay cash for all purchases. They have heard the old Johnny Cash song lyrics "I owe my soul to the company store" and substituted the words credit card and have learned a lesson from their parents.

It is a Quiet and Joyous Summer. 

The emphasis is on working on your own projects and playing with friends. Take advantage of every sunny day and get your massive dose of Vitamin D. Find some friends and take a walk, dig up the weeds in your garden, or hang out at the beach. Keep your entertainment expenses as low as possible. Throughout the past year I have advised you all in Fiscal Cents, “Save your money in a piggy bank or a savings account. “ Summer should help you find a way to invest your cash in projects that will benefit your own bottom line.

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse takes place July 22 and will be visible over China as well as the Ring of Fire. "The weather of that day will stay that way" is the Aphorism for the solar eclipse. In Cancer, the eclipse forecasts a time when people in the region will focus on home and family. Folks in this region will take extra time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn tend to put an emphasis on dramatic change in home, family and small business. Small businesses may develop a new name, "Micro Business", meaning that they sell products beyond their local area, but have few if any employees.

Mercury will be retrograde from September 7-29. No outer planets change signs.

September will be rough

The aspect that is ready to upset the economy, turn it inside out and run backwards is once again the Saturn Uranus opposition. Traders should have stops firmly in place before pressing the button to buy anything.

Heliocentric opposition of Saturn and Uranus will be in effect as these planets move into an exact opposition September 2, 2009, and the geocentric opposition September 15,2009.

The Summer Solstice continues at astrologicalinvesting.com


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