Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Internet

Big Four Zero For the Internet

It has been forty years since Leonard Kleinrock sent his first message "LO" the word was supposed to be LOG, but the computer sending the message crashed. Mercury was applying to a square with Mars that would be exact in a few hours. The second time Kleinrock's team logged on they sent digital data packets between computers.  By the end of 1969 two other U.S. universities were added to the network.  The National Science Foundation added a series of super computers expanding the network into the late 1980's and opening the online community to even more scientists.  

Timing using the Solar Arc Method or Prediction.

We will look at the next six aspects the Moon will make to the planets in this chart. It is a pretty cool technique I learned from Christine Arens a long time ago. It works on all sorts of event charts, but we will demonstrate it here. I describe it in detail in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.

The Moon(public) is void of course and its next aspect after changing signs was a sextile to Saturn and then a square to Uranus. A challenging opportunity to do some really difficult work with electronic stuff.  The moon will have to transit seven degrees before it makes an aspect to any planet. This means it would be seven months, or seven years before the invention was known outside the small community of scientists.  
The internet's life remained rather quiet for the next 10 years. Its job was exchanging data between scientists at various Universities. The Moon traveled 10 degrees to make a square to Venus.  Five more years and information about the E mail system the scientists used leaked.  The Moon was square Jupiter. The secret was out and a lot of you scientests knew how the system worked.  No one could put their finger in the dyke and during the next five years the public was make aware first of the E mail systems and the the "dot-com" industry boomed.  The Moon was square  Mercury and opposed Mars. 
The last two aspects made by the Moon was a sextile to Pluto opportunities emerged like the Phoenix, and then the trine to creative Neptune.  Everyone could think of a wonderful creative use for the internet.  Folks could write notes to their relatives, sell products, buy books,  and exchange vast resevoirs of information. The internet crossed every ocean and Moore's Law ruled the world.


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