Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jupiter in Pisces

Dow Down Three Days in a Row
Every time Jupiter changes signs the market looses its focus. I mentioned this in the Winter Solstice 2009 article and the Capricorn New Moon Newsletter.  Market watchers have found every excuse in the world for the market going down.  They blame earthquakes, unemployment, banks, foreclosures and national and international debt.  

Sorry folks it's just Jupiter changing signs and traders sitting on their cash trying to figure which sector will be in play next.  Jupiter in Pisces means there will be an abundant supply of oil, drugs, shoes, and chemicals.  It is a long list of industries. The companies in these businesses that are well managed and able to divest themselves of over supply will make it through and their stock price will hold with the market. Many will lose because oversupply will destroy their margin and profit.  

Sixth House Emphasis is Employment
There is a glimmer of hope since Jupiter, Moon and Neptune are in the 6th house which suggests employment will expand in selected areas.  Hopefully this is a sign that the number of unemployed will decrease during the next few months. Watch the weekly claims numbers.

Employment areas where Jupiter plans to find some new jobs for folks. They are uniform services,  creative arts especially films, and volunteer public service.  Consider emergency services, volunteer coordinator, film distribution as some possible places to look for employment.  Most jobs will be short term, however, it might be just enough to give you a chance to clean up some of your bills.

Sectors for Investors to Consider
Investors need to look at the suggested sectors where short supply will dominate the economic picture.  Sectors ruled by Gemini include vehicles, telephones, and early education materials.  Sectors ruled by Sagittarius are international travel, higher education, and publishing.  All of these areas were hit by the internet tsunami and companies are reshuffling.  New players will emerge and worthy of investing a few bucks.
You can read about Jupiter square investment theory in the Textbooks for Financial Astrology.  


  1. Excellent! Have added a link on my blog. Cosmic aka Linda Reid

  2. Very interesting way of looking at things. Jupiter's transit through Pisces is very fast, it will be in Aries in just a few short months, then back and forth between the two for a while. I must go look for oil, drugs, chemicals and shoes to invest in!

  3. Note that the sectors represented by Aries will be ready for investors. In my Textbook for Financial Astrology I explain this phenomena. I will also post an article on the topic with the Spring Equinox predictions.


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