Friday, January 1, 2010

OPEC: Oil UP Oil down

The chart for OPEC The Organizations of Petroleum Exporting States is from Nicholas Campion's Book of World Horoscopes.  

It has proven to be a fairly accurate chart for predicting the price of oil. You can watch the transiting planets as they move in cycles around the zodiac or you can pick an event chart such as the one above for OPEC.

Here my procedure. 
Using this commodities site I find the date the price was at a high and then the date it was at a low.  I place the planets Jupiter-Pluto around the chart and their direction during the year. If they make a conjunction, square or an opposition during the year I note the date it happens and then find the price on that date.   

Example using the OPEC chart to follow the price of oil. 
Oil was at its all time high $141 per barrel the month following Jupiter trine the OPEC Sun July 11, 2008. The next aspect to follow was Saturn conjunct Pluto when the price begins to fall. Saturn then makes two conjunctions to OPEC's Sun (Dec 15, 2008 and Jan. 16, 2009).  The price of oil fell to $32 on Dec 19, 2008.  It remained on its low for about two months and then began an upward climb doubling  by June 15, 2009 to $68.  During those six months Jupiter made favorable aspects to Mercury, Venus, Mars and itself.  Aug 20, 2009 Saturn returned to a conjunction with the OPEC Sun then squared Jupiter and Mars to find a price range of $60-70. Then Jupiter opposed Uranus made a sextile to itself and made a trine to Mars pushing the price up t0 $80.  

Follow the progress of transiting Jupiter through the next few months as it moves to an opposition with Pluto, trines Neptune and the Moon and makes a sextile to Saturn.  After the date each aspect is exact then look at the one that follows and you should be able to anticipate whether the price will go up or down.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology contains a number of charts for stocks and commodities. I think it is really a fun way to watch the oil market knowing the price of gasoline will follow. The dollar is also a factor in the price of oil.  Scroll down for the Dollar's chart.

The price of gas has become something of a sport for me.  
I know that about two weeks after the spot price for oil drops a few dollars then the price of gas at the pump will be down a few cents. In early 2008 when gasoline moved past$3 per gallon I learned to carefully consolidate my trips. I know my exact route when I go into town (80 miles round trip). I track the price of oil to have an idea of whether to fill up at the pump or just spend $20.  My Virgo rising is very self-critical especially if I miss a lower price of even two cents a week later.


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