Monday, February 15, 2010

EURO is Stressed Out

Wow the Euro is under pressure.  Financial Astrologers use the chart above as an indication of what is happening with the Euro. At first glance it appears to be a slow infusion of printing press generated inflation of the currency. 

First challenge to the Euro is transiting Saturn conjunct the ascendant until August 21, 2010 with transiting Jupiter opposed on the descendant.  The following stress aspect is Saturn square the Sun.  The best thing about tough Saturn aspects is that they tend to send the accountants to work and insist that the accountants finish the job.

Currently Jupiter square the Euro's Pluto is telling the European bankers to be very accurate in their assessment of the valuation of the currency.  Fortunately Jupiter is sextile the Euro's Sun. Therefore they could actually sit down and determine how many barrels of oil or ounces of gold a Euro should buy. The hope will be that the Saturn trine Neptune will help them tell the truth and explain exactly how they intend to solve the problem of failing state treasuries without diminishing the value of the currency.  There is hope that carefully executed plans will take advantage of this opportunity to assure creditors the Greeks etc. will not default. However, the sextile suggests that the plan is a bandaid and Far East creditors will be unhappy when they translate the provisions of the plan.  

April 22, 2010 has Jupiter conjunct Jupiter says the printing presses could be the immediate solution and inflation of the currency is advertised as a one time solution (Jupiter square Mercury). Basically the public decides to accept the solution after a few weeks of adamant discussions.  

Pluto on the IC during the entire summer forces the Euro to clean house. Paying energy bills with Euro's will be a major topic of discussion. Divesting the various governments of their padded payrolls will probably be a long task that is finalized in September 2011. (Saturn conjunct Mars)  Divesting the Euro banks of their directors and management (Saturn square Sun) will make headlines. It is easier to fire management and most will be scheduled to leave their offices by mid-October 2010.

The Euro's chart begins to improve with Jupiter trine the Sun in August 2011 and hopefully the final trine (March 2012) will find the administrators of the Euro will have worked to maintain the currency.  It will be difficult but they will have conquered the biggest problem of public confidence with Saturn trine the Moon and a public ready to allow the Euro to grow up during its first Saturn opposition.

On the bulletin board I discussed the current perils of the Dow.  My Textbooks for Financial Astrology contain charts that are relevant to our current financial crisis. A scary project is wandering through all of them circling planets at 9-10 Cardinal.
Previous discussions of the Euro and the Dollar can be found on this blog.  You can use the search box to make finding them a fairly easy task.


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