Saturday, March 27, 2010

King Dollar ?

King is a Tough Position to Play.
When you are on the top everyone knows which way to aim their arrows. In this case it is almost prosaic. The dollar has Jupiter at 28 degrees in its ruling sign Sagittarius. Artists love to paint the symbolism of the sign. Half horse and half man drawing a bow with an arrow aimed at the sky. See Llewellyn 2010 wall calendar page for December 2010.

The Astrological Problem
The problem is transiting Saturn opposed transiting Uranus both squaring the Dollar's Jupiter on April 26, 2010. When planets are opposed to each other they can see each other but they can't hear the words the other speaks. Structures (Saturn) can see dramatic change (Uranus) but the structures cannot understand why Uranus insists on changing the neat and tidy way things are at this moment. Both are squaring the Dollar's Jupiter and challenging his dominance. Arrows are aimed from both directions at Jupiter.

November 4, 2008 the opposition of Saturn to Uranus was at 18 Virgo/Pisces (bail out the banks), February 5, 2009 the opposition was a 20 Virgo/Pisces (bail out the autos) and September 15, 2009 the opposition was at 24 Virgo/ Pisces (unemployment). April 26, 2010 is opposition #4 with #5 July 26, 2010 on the Aries point sometimes called the World Axis. Up to this point the opposition seems to have stirred the world of politics and the world of economics with the exposure of scandalous behavior of financial experts concerning the creation of unsustainable debt.

Debt Crisis
Neptune and Jupiter made a conjunction on the Dollar's Pluto December 21, 2009. Discussions concerning the mounting debt of the taxpayer have flourished. Every financial guru has lectured endlessly on the topic with circles and arrows that look like a football coach's play book. Financial reporters have worn out the zero key on their keyboard trying to explain the actual amount of indebtedness to the public. (Neptune=debt, Jupiter=expansion, Pluto=trillions of dollars) Textbook for Financial Astrology Lesson 5 Book 2.

Dollar Squared
The Dollar's new problem is squares. The opposition is applying to a square with Jupiter earned income. Jupiter represents money gathered in stacks. Example your monthly income. The Dollar is challenged to gather enough momentum to maintain its stacks. Jupiter in Sagittarius has plenty of arrows in his quiver but only one in his bow. He has to aim with precision at either the old structures or the disruptive constantly changing ones. Should he aim at Europe or Asia, the banks or technology, exports or imports.

Neptune conjunct the USA Moon
The opposition is challenging Jupiter's power, his energy and his ability to expand. The square is forcing the action. Simultaneously transiting Neptune is applying to a conjunction with the USA Aquarius Moon. Continued expansion of debt is the topic of the blog-a-sphere. Will Jupiter live to fight another day? HMMM. Saturn opposed Uranus will square the Dollar's Mars July 26,2010 two weeks following the eclipse to the Dollar's Moon. Looks like all out economic war during the summer with opposite sides aiming at the Dollar's value.

War of the Titans
In mythology there is the 10 year war of the Titans where finally Jupiter defeats Saturn. Neptune gave his brother Jupiter a hand in the battle. Neptune the planet of deception is conjunct the Moon of the USA chart, maybe the USA public will be deceived by the financial Titans and yet again willingly add to their debt. They could also take the challenge of the square and fight the Titans with the courage of Jupiter. However, Mercury is Retrograde and deception is rampant. Joseph Campbell tells the story in The Masks of the Gods or you can Google it for a rough outline of the tale.

? Whether to play the Dollar long or short. Answer: Don't play Mercury is retrograde. There are three inflation hedges; precious metals, vacant land, and stocks. However you might consider purchasing sterling silver place settings (check the hallmark ; ). Classes via online chat available beginning March 29, 2010.

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