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Heliocentric chart for the Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010
From the Sun's point of view this is the arrangement of the solar system. Note: the planets applying to squares, also the circle with the plus sign in the center is the position of the earth and the moon.

Astrologers are Scared Skinny.

Astrologers are looking at every chart for the next few months and there is no good news out there. Planets are swarming all over the early cardinal degrees forming squares and oppositions.
We cannot find another time when the planets have formed so many squares and oppositions in this short of a time frame. Some think maybe 1,000 years ago, others 10,000 years ago and of course they know once every 25,000+ years every aspect is repeated because of the precession of the equinox. The heliocentric chart for the Lunar Eclipse is very dramatic as it shows the earth/moon conjunct Pluto.

Speaking about the April 1986 Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto and the Chernobyl nuclear accident; financial astrologer, Arch Crawford explains: "Pluto “rules” nuclear power, debt, interest rates, and the use of force, say the astrologers. Maybe June 26 is the de facto start of the Cardinal Climax. On August 1, give or take a week, we’ll have the most five-planet alignments in perhaps thousands of years. Known as the “Cardinal Climax,” this is the meanest, nastiest, most challenging and most transformational of any planetary phenomena in all of written history!"

Here We Go
June 6-8 and here comes the first major conjunction Jupiter and Uranus soon to be followed by oppositions and squares and all sorts of major mischief from Saturn. The phenomena line up is incredible. The battle is zone is early cardinal suggesting something new born is about to arrive in the lives of everyone. It is supposed to be painful, but at the same time extremely exciting.
June 5th has a video of the first salvo in the battle where Jupiter is wounded by an asteroid. The second photo of the Sun demonstrates what appears to be the second salvo in the solar system battle. During the next few days we will experience the Sun's pain as the solar wind stream from these coronal holes flows in the direction of earth.

Question? What does this mean for the economy?
The usual indicators seem to say nothing.
History of the Dow states that it predicts the economy by six months. Therefore if we look back at the general trend of the Dow six months ago or December 2009 we see of the economic indicators generally moving up then down in February, then up again and now down and all within the 10,000-11,000 range. The conclusion would be that it stagnates.
The history of unemployment says that it is a lagging indicator. The percent of unemployed hasn't changed in 18 months. The conclusion would be that it stagnates.
The history of inflation is that interest rates spike. Nothing has really moved in that market for several years.

Question? What is going on?
It looks like currency. It is fiat money. It looks like central banks whose printing presses are spitting out nonredeemable paper. It looks like debts at every level of the world economy. No one is able to pay.

Back to the Sun
Solar flares have a tendency to break things electrical. Intense flares even melt copper. Previous experience indicates that when planets swarm they tend to set up conditions conducive to generating solar flares. Flares love to zap radio communications, kill satellites and melt electric wires. The activity could wipe out your computer, and mine as well as the world's merchants.
My article Sunspot Explosion 2010 in the Llewellyn 2010 Sun Sign annual explains the mythology and the history of previous solar events.

Are we ready for a breakthrough?

6/5/10 Listening to Coast to Coast and Katherine Austin Fitz discussed the economy in a 5 minute sound bite that concluded with the "bigger the breakdown the bigger the breakthrough"


  1. scroll down for charts and information concerning various world currencies

  2. I bought some silver when it was around $7.25 and wondering if its too late to sell (past June 20th); that I should hang on till the fall or the next trend upward when Sun in Virgo? Didn't buy much but I'm thinking if I took a profit now would I be able to buy back into the commodity given the possibility of a run on all the currencies in the world. If that happened I guess we'd need our value and exchanges occurring by using metals? Thank you for any advice you can give me.

  3. This is NOT investment advise, just saying what I've done and why.

    I sold my gold stocks and silver stocks, taking profits last Friday. (missed selling at Mondays high, and I should have held on with with stop losses set in place - hindsight is always 20-20. However I wasn't willing to take anymore risks on my trades and 'm pleased with what I made.)

    I think we'll see some upwards movement. The risk is that if the market collapses it will pull EVERYTHING down with it, including the metals.

    Cash is a good position right now, put in some stop limits. That is what I'm doing.

    There will be buying opportunites if you stop out. There always are.

  4. Marley is right there are always buying opportunities. When you study a commodity and set buy and sell dates and prices then you are a smart trader. Bad traders outfox themselves.


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