Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel's Commando raid

According to Nicholas Campion's Book of World Horoscopes Israel's birth date is May 14,1948 4:32 pm Tel AvivPalestine's proclamation of Independence was issued November 5, 1988 at 12:40 am GMT in Algiers but is relocated to Jerusalem.
Is the boarding of a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza by Israeli commando's a precursor to all out war in the Middle East?

The difficult aspect appears to be transiting Pluto opposed Israel's natal Venus exact and transiting Mars conjunct Israel's natal Mars. The Pluto aspect is rare and the Mars aspect occurs about every two and one half years. Israel is in big trouble with world opinion. This affair will also be very expensive.

Transiting Neptune's station is applying to an opposition with Israel's natal Mars therefore it appears that this is the beginning of problems along its coastline. The expenses involved will escalate throughout the summer as Jupiter trines the midheaven of Israel and squares itself again in September.

The chart for Palestine, Nov 15 1988 is set for the time Yasser Arafat proclaimed the independence of Palestine. This chart is a bit more indicative of the current situation with Mars at one degree Aries and square Saturn at zero degrees Capricorn. The chart seems to be catching the militant antagonism of both parties. During the past few days transiting Jupiter was square Palestine's natal Uranus Saturn and MC and both Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct Mars. These conjunctions will return in August and September along with Saturn conjunct the ascendant and opposed the natal Mars of Palestine.

A plethora of the aspects during the next three months predict a long hot summer for everyone. These same aspects predict difficult armed conflict for Palestine. Check your country's horoscope. Oh, history predicts: A banking crisis is usually followed by armed conflict.

aside: The wind keeps blowing over one page of my copy of Campion's book. I finally gave in and looked at the chart for Pakistan whose August 15, 1957 chart is a political twin with India. Therefore both have Mars at zero Cancer. The transiting Jupiter Uranus conjunction will square their Mars. It is literally too hot in India and many folks are perishing from the heat.


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