Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dow Index: Happy Solar Return

Happy Solar Return to the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Think of the symbol for Aquarius. Think about the graph for Dow. Starting with 2005 its graph is starting to look almost the same as the Aquarius Symbol.
It could have something to do with Neptune transiting Aquarius and making a conjunction to the Dow's natal North Node "Groups of people that tend to shape us for the good and bad luck in life" Easy Predictions with Solar Returns.

The interesting transit that is very obvious in this chart is the Jupiter station at 3 degrees Aries from July 11, 2010- August 8, 2010 then return the second week in February. It will be conjunct the Dow's Mars square Pluto and opposed the Saturn/Mars conjunction. Jupiter tends to make me very optimistic and there are times when I know that everything is working together for the best. I know that Jupiter in Aries will bring to our attention a tremendous number of new ways to make the wheel go around. I know the world economy is going through a tremendous paradigm shift. Magnificent inventions are in the pipe line and if you travel around the countryside you will see solar panels operating traffic signs or on roof tops, and windmills in cornfields. Jupiter infuses Mars with a lot of energy. Sometimes too much energy will pour into the Index and it could become accident prone as it did when the Flash Crash occurred May 6 when Neptune was conjunct its North Node.

Dow is in for a wild roller coaster ride this summer.

In my Textbook for Financial Astrology 4, I illustrate how the May 26, 1896 Dow chart seems to more accurately reflect the ups and downs of the markets than the first Dow Index published July 3, 1884. Transiting Neptune as well as the Dow's natal Neptune with a planetary conjunction in the chart usually indicates a market reversal.
Example: After July 23, 2002 the Dow moved up more than 10% At that point in time the transiting North Node was conjunct natal Neptune Transiting Saturn was conjunct Mercury. Transiting Mercury was conjunct Jupiter and transiting Uranus was conjunct the North Node. It was the beginning of a long bull market. September 2007, transiting Saturn followed by Venus made a conjunction to the Dow's South Node initiating the 20+% down trend for the averages. The averages fell almost 60% until April 2009 when Pluto made a square to the Dow's Mars which it continues to square throughout 2010 and 2011.

But what about 2010 and 2011?

Let's see if we can read the Dow's Solar Return chart and predict its year ahead. Today the average is close at 9,974 and the Dow seems to like that number.

Neptune falls in the first house. We can expect controversial changes in the mix of companies selected to be in the Dow 30. Jupiter and Uranus in the second suggest wild swings throughout the year ahead as money navigates to Blue Chips dividend paying stocks. Mercury in the third, a lot of discussion and publicity concerning the stocks that are part of the Index. Sun in the fourth, the Dow examines their criteria for inclusion of a company in the index. Venus in the fifth says that the Dow wants everyone to know its value and that it isn't afraid to take a risk now and then. Mars in the seventh, the companies in the Dow add to their value with a number of mergers as well as spin offs. Saturn in the eighth means these same companies have no idea what to do about the restrictions imposed by tax laws. Solar Return Moon in the ninth and natal Moon in the tenth suggests changes in the image as well as dissemination of knowledge concerning all the companies in the Dow Index. Pluto in the eleventh, the index is severely criticized for all the changes made by the editors at the Wall Street Journal.

Thank you Karen Anderson for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate the honor.
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