Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jupiter and Fashion colors

Jupiter's Sign Predicts Fashion's Favored Colors

It will be easy to notice this year as Jupiter bounces back and forth between Pisces and Aries. Jupiter transiting Pisces and the public prefers turquoise and Jupiter transits Aries and everyone prefers Red. Turquoise and red are either one or the other colors that are very difficult to combine. To make matters worse Jupiter retrogrades back to Pisces just in time for back to school shopping while Mercury is retrograde. The kids will grow out of the shades of red clothes purchased in August before they will even consider wearing them. Thrifty moms will wait for Mercury direct September 12.

An interesting statistic is that we only wear about 20% of the clothes we own. I know it is true in my closet. Jupiter transited Aquarius and there hangs my lovely dark lavender dress. In February I had to don huge turquoise scarf to wear the dark gray evening dress I bought when Jupiter was in Capricorn.

If I thought about it I could arrange my closet in 12 sections one for each sign of the zodiac.

Jupiter's transit of Aries Red
Jupiter's transit of Taurus Copper/Orange
Jupiter's transit of Gemini Green
Jupiter's transit of Cancer White
Jupiter's transit of Leo Yellow/Gold
Jupiter's transit of Virgo Brown/Tan
Jupiter's transit of Libra Blue
Jupiter's transit of Scorpio Purple
Jupiter's transit of Sagittarius Lavender
Jupiter's transit of Capricorn Black/Gray
Jupiter's transit of Aquarius Marine Blue
Jupiter's transit of Pisces Turquoise

Saturn and colors

Think of the artists pallet and how they mix various colors together to create their masterpiece. Check the sign Saturn is transiting and mix it ever so slightly with the dominate color of the sign for Jupiter's transit.

Example: Jupiter in Pisces mixed with Saturn in Virgo (so last year) or turquoise with a touch of tan and you have the darker shades of turquoise. Jupiter in Aries red mixed with Saturn in Virgo tan and you have the darker shade red. Jupiter in Aries red mixed with Saturn in Virgo blue and you have a dark rose.

You can disagree with my color choices. It's OK.

Inside Astrological Investing

Full Moon is a signal for me to write my predictions for the New Moon. I e-mail my essay to Marlene and she corrects errors and offers her ideas to incorporate into the forecast. About a week before the New Moon she sends the final forecast to subscribers along with various announcements. On the New Moon she posts them on our website and our Facebook page and various astrology newsletters publish them. Sometimes the predictions are very applicable to my neighborhood.

This prediction was a bit too close to home...The name of the small night spot dedicated to Cajun crafts, music and dancing was NuNu's. It burnt to the ground on the day of the Eclipse. It was 3 miles from my home and a place where I visited a few times with my grandson.

     "Uranus in the 5th house
     Disasters in places of entertainment make headlines. The commodities markets are near their highs and taking profits is a good idea. Wet weather is a challenge to crops, and metals are taking some time off celebrating new highs."


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