Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturn returns to Libra July 21, 2010

Hey Libra! Ready or Not Here Comes Saturn

July 21, 2010 Saturn returns to Libra. The challenges are changing and changing dramatically. We had a five month preview Oct. 30, 2009 - April 7, 2010. During that period of time the tech world introduced a number of new inventions and brought down the prices of some of our favorite techy toys. Thousands of other inventions stood in line at the patent office awaiting approval. I understand that it is a very long line.

The challenge of Saturn in Libra is to level the playing field. He starts will bulldozers, then hitches the land plane to tractors, and finally the power rake followed by seeds for new grass. It is quite an operation. Saturn believes if you make rules and laws the playing field will be level because everyone will follow the rules.

The things ruled by Libra are listed in the Textbook for Financial Astrology. For example: Public relations mutual funds, mergers, partnerships. Saturn here will spot light each one demanding new rules and laws. The new media is forcing change in Public Relations. Financial Reform is forcing changes on brokerage houses that sell mutual funds. Huge cash reserves in tech companies is changing the conditions of mergers and acquisitions. Folks expect to be treated with fairness and therefore partnerships are changing.

Think about how you feel about employment, sanitation, health care, or even the library. Saturn just changed all the rules concerning the areas of the economy ruled by Virgo. It will take a while for Virgo to adjust to the new rules but it will happen during Jupiter's transit of Pisces September 9 through January 22, 2011.

The excitement takes place during the next three weeks. Saturn opposes Uranus on July 26, 2010. So far this opposition has been the prognosticator of disaster. (latest is oil spill) But this time both planets are in Cardinal signs. Cardinal means fast, furious, enterprising, crisis that inspires new ideas, impatient to act. Saturn will slow the thinking of Libra's natural reaction to care what others think and therefore create new ideas. Uranus will impatiently demand enterprise. What sector of the economy will feel this energy? Every sector but particularly emergency services.

On August 16 a bit of sanity could return. Just don't count on Jupiter opposed Saturn to solve the crisis by throwing Money at the problem because the the opposition is again in cardinal signs at 2 Aries/Libra. The only solution is creative enterprising energy. My astrological guess is the problem has to do with power generation.

Saturn's ingress into Libra is the culmination of each generation's information Renaissance. Saturn's ingress into Libra allows new inventions and great ideas to move into the public domain. And simultaneously all sorts of new IPO's, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, legal issues and a huge problem with the currency. See the full article Saturn's Libra Ingress.


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