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Before Winter and Summer Solstice and the Spring and Fall Equinox I write an article that will be a general overview for the next three months of the economy. Often the events I forecast occur before the event is detailed in the news. You will read about an event several weeks later. For example: The Fall equinox 2010 below, Corporate and government managers left their jobs in droves however they did not formally leave until the beginning of the New Year.

Entries from Sept 20, 2010

Moon in the 10th House

Women in high office will suffer the wrath of the public. Many will lose their elections and many will lose their corporate offices. The public insists on a clean house and they will achieve it either in court, at the ballot box, or in the board room.

Jupiter in the 10th House

Men will also suffer from the public outrage. Corporate officers will be dismissed quickly and their golden parachutes may be less golden than in previous years. Financial reporters will have a difficult task keeping track of the changes and pundits will not be able to type fast enough. In a number of cases retirements will occur first. Changes in management is often difficult for the price of an individual stock.

Uranus in the 10th House

At least all of the changes in government and corporate leadership will be sudden and interesting. If you check the lessons in the
you should be able to anticipate these changes. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct and ready to start reorganizing the corporate board rooms and government.

New Moon Forecast

Members receive these about a week before the New Moon. Since statistically the New Moon says it is a time to buy stocks I try to forecast the trends for the month ahead.

Members read the following in the Aquarius New Moon Newsletter. Membership is free so please sign up. Once in a while we have a special announcement but most of our e mails are content rich.

Uranus appears in the 6th House
Technology creates the opportunity for 'wildcat' strikes that surprise authorities.
“Buyer strikes” will organize quickly and as a result become extremely effective.

Fiscal Cents

This is my version of a monthly Sun Sign column for each Zodiac sign. I try to give you suggestions concerning money management that I think you will actually do. If I say open a savings account I check for dates when the Moon is in Taurus. I'm also suggesting that you might have a rainy day ahead and there is nothing like having money in the bank to help out.

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Here is how we pay for our site server, keep our computers up and running as well as a tiny bit for our time and energy.

We sell The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Master of Time, Easy Predictions with Solar Returns, Grace Morris' newsletter with specific stock suggestions, Mike Munkasey's Company Data, and Kaye's classes (tutoring) on Financial Astrology.

We also ask you to push the Amazon link if you are going there. Every commission helps. We will add to our ' E books for sale' selection during 2011 as their authors complete them. We are happy to review and sell books related to Financial Astrology.


This is our library as well as our archive area. The search box is a handy way to get around. We will write about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto making sign changes. Also you will find handy little articles that apply to your own natal chart. The New Moon Newsletter has a link to the Venus in your chart article, but there is also an article about Jupiter and Eclipses to your natal planets.

Stock Clubs

Here you will find a sample By-Laws for a stock club. We encourage you to find a few friends and start your own (5-7 members is enough). It is the quick start way to learn the markets. There are also several articles about stocks my club owned. I am always willing to give advise on starting a club, so if you are interested send me an E mail.

Therefore sign up for membership and stay ahead of the New Moon We are always open to questions. Both of us have been around this study for a long time and we are usually able to answer E mails quickly.


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